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 | Category: Exploits
entry Nov 9 2011, 05:19 PM
Quite some time ago I had the idea to have a stone as a seat for visiting spirits and what not. So I used a ink divination (ink from coal dust and soot mixed with diversionary herbs and resins placed into a scrying bowl) to find the correct stone. Some time later I was walking about and found a stone that matched nicely the one I had seen in my scrying. Bleached smooth coral in the rough shape of a doughnut "L". I was unable to acquire it. So I redid the divination to find a new one, but kept seeing the same stone. I tried looking for where it was but came up with hazy results. Now a good six months after I had given up finding it I am walking around and find it sitting in my neighbors garden. I take it home and am now building an alter around it. I think I should have tried to see the distance between me and the stone. Not sure how it would have played out but it would have told me I was not close enough to it.

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