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 Vampires/cryptozoology, An old experience, long-lasting symptoms
Quantum Gloom
post Jun 10 2015, 10:20 AM
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Hey guys, some years ago, about 9 or 10, I had an experience with some friends in a cemetery. I posted about it on here many years ago asking if it could have been some kind of guardian spirit or something like that, but I can't seem to find it on here anymore.

Anyway, I was around 20-21 years old and myself and 2 friends, a male and a female, got an idea to go to an old cemetery with beautiful mausoleums and just general cool-looking architecture, it was about 2:00am and we had never been inside the cemetery before that night. We were walking, guided by only the moon and starlight shining through the tops of the trees surround us. We were walking right down the middle paved path, wide enough for a golf cart, and for whatever reason I looked right over at this creature sitting on a marker no more than 10-15 feet away from us. The marker was a big stone cross with "ARNOLD" engraved on it, and I think the actual members of the family were all buried right behind it, as we discovered upon returning some days later. Anyway, I just turned and looked right at this thing, it was as big as an eagle but its wings were wrapped around it like a giant bat. It had a hooked beak and we do have eagles in the area but they are very rare and i've only seen two in my life living in the area, and none real close nearby there. So we all stopped and I pointed out this thing sitting on the marker, moving it's head around. We just stood and stared at this creature for probably close to 10 minutes. Then we heard something that sounded like lightning hitting right beside us on the pavement, that loud "CRACK" sound you hear in an intense thunderstorm, but we felt it on the pavement, and it felt like it was directly beside me as I was standing on the left side of the 3 of us because I was waking a little ahead and the creature was to the right of the path. We all jumped up on the air, my one friend started running toward the entrance, pulling out his cigarettes, and yelling "WE SHOULDN'T BE HERE" at the same time and myself and my female friend were a little shocked and took off running soon after he did.

After that we would go back there every few nights and just talk to "Arnold" and since we were all night owls it became somewhat regular. We never saw or heard anything after that first night we were there, but we sure wanted to.

Now I'm 30 years old and I have photosensitivity in my eyes, meaning I pretty much always have to wear sunglasses outside or my eyes get all puffy and painful. I also haven't been able to sleep at night for years, but as soon as the sun started coming up I instantly felt exhausted and had to go to sleep. I went to the doctor, he diagnosed me with Insomnia, and I've been on Lunesta and Trazadone presciptions for sleeping. After continued increasing of dosage I thought I might just try giving up sleeping at night, so for the past 7 years I've been working midnights and sleep perfectly fine. This is kind of silly, I have really pale skin and get sun burned incredibly easily, but that is nothing I haven't been experiencing my whole life.

Are vampires real? I don't know what I saw that night but I've been nocturnal and incredibly sensitive to the sun ever since. I feel pretty stupid even saying this to be honest with you, but I've seen people online that believe in real vampires but I've never really read anything I thought was very credible as far as experiences with them.

Could my experience with the bat-eagle creature in the cemetery nearly a decade ago have anything to do with the photosensitivity and insomnia (thought I believe I'm nocturnal) that I have experienced ever since? Was it a vampire, hybrid, guardian spirit, demon, etc.? I've wondered ever day since that happened what it was.

Thank you for any help and guidance you can give me.

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