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 Sigil Rap Magick
post Jul 27 2018, 04:18 PM
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This is a form of sigil magick I have learned on my own recently. This is considered low magick. The things you learn in this magick will teach you ways to channel your will to control the energies around you. This is modern magick with influences from witchcraft and hermetic magickal arts. Use wisely.

This magick can be done anywhere. No altar nesccasry.

Step 1. Intent/will

During this step we will be creating sigil to proclaim our will to the universe. We will be using most common sigil making method. Described here...

"I will find a great magickal teacher"


Simplify this by cutting out any repeated letters.


Once we have the base letters for the sigil; it is time we make a sigil out of these letters. You will want to brainstorm to create a sigil that somehow encompasses your INTENT/WILL further. For example one can make a happy face with "M" and "C" to show you are happy from gaining a magickal teacher. Magick is entirely personal so be as CREATIVE as you will.

Once this sigil is created we will be circling everything we have wrote on this paper. Make sure anything that was written on the paper for this magick is circled.

Depending on your belief system you will want to circle this in a "INVOKING" manner (WIDDERSHIN)

Step 2. Correspondences
Read "Planetary Magick" By Denning & Phillips
Download App "Planetary Times: Astrology" By thereisonlywe
Have "Soundcloud.com" ready to find the appropriate beat to rap on.

We will correspond this magickal working with Mercury.(Teaching/Studying)

Number: 8
Sounds: Xylophone, Wind Chimes etc.
Day: Wednesday

We will be doing this working on a Wednesday if possible. If not try at the hour of Mercury.

We will be doing what is called a "Color Charge" while we are performing this operation in order to help us invoke the energies. It is important to know the associated color for the planet your INTENT corresponds with.

Step 2. The Working

The piece of paper with your INTENT/WILL will be in front of you(the peice of paper with the sigil and statement of "I will find a great magickal teacher").

a) You are.... a magician...a witch...a human...a God...a son...whatever you are STATE IT. You are.... engulf your self in the universe. Fill yourself with everything there is....Whether your method be the qabalistic cross, the middle pillar or whatever your belief system is. KNOW you are one who does magick.

Imagine yourself. Invoke yourself. Invoke your WILL.

b) Play the instrumental beat.

c)Have somthing orange and stare at it. Feel the beat of the music. Put yourself in a trance. Imagine the orange flowing all inside you and around you. FEEL THE BEAT. once you are at the same ryhtm get ready to rap.

d) "I will find a great magickal teacher" If you are rapping you might say it like " I will find -- a great - magi - magi - magickal teacher" It will depend on the beat.

You will want to repeat this mantra "8" times.

"I will find a great magickal teacher" x8

Fold your paper 8 times

"Mercury" x8 "energies all up on me"

Rip your paper 8 times

BE AS CREATIVE AS YOU CAN BE. you can add anything based on your INTENT/WILL use your intuition.

Continue saying the verses long as you feel it is needed. DO NOT rip or fold until you feel it is time to do so.

e) Once you are done you will need to release these energies into the universe corresponding with the planet of the working. In this case WATER(if your beleif system has taught you AIR then drench in incense and throw in garbage). Now just drench the paper in water and either put it down the disposal or throw it in the garbage.

Sigil Rap Magick. Enjoi

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