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 Who is Saint Etic?
post Mar 22 2005, 01:23 PM
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St. Etic is a Egregore created By Qryztufre of OccultForums,

St.Etic's purpose is:

To help you become a better overall magickian by helping one find the best paradigm for the moment as well as the better path for oneself in the long run.

Here is his Bio,

NAME: Saint Etic, the Patron Saint of the Novice Magickian

(A Servitor for Abecedarian Instruction and Neophyte Training in EveryThing Involved with Chaos (magic))

Main Entry: Etic

Pronunciation: 'e-tik
Function: adjective
Etymology: phonetic
: of, relating to, or having linguistic or behavioral characteristics considered without regard to their structural significance --

ST. Etic's preferences:

Color: Purple

Day of the Week: Saturday

Lunar Cycle: Waxing (secondary NEW)

Animal Aspects:

Squirrel - The squirrel encourages you to develop the ability to plan ahead and to anticipate your future needs, to be prepared. To 'Gather' the necessary knowledge to work on your own!

What he should enjoy helping with:

Chaos Magick - Theory & Practice in all aspects

Evocation - at both the novice and more advanced levels

Sigilization - Helping to place the letters in order as well as new ways to empower one.

Servitors - General help with empowerment, creation, etc...

SpellCraft - As Chaos empraces many paths as one he will assist in general spellcraft such as Love and money spells, and the like...


To make his Sigil I formulated the lettering as Such:

Saint Etic (as the Anagram) PLUS Squirrel (<- As a representation of the Gathering aspect)

I deleted all of the Duplicate Letters from each side as well as the Vowels to get


I then placed them into a Sigil that looked rather like a Squirrel itself (Didn't feel like doing just a series of lines *shrug*) to get something that looked a bit like this:



Granted, the one I have on paper looks a lot better then what I could ever do in paint so I apologize fer it's elementary appearance.

Since I've had some luck (or coincidence) I figured I'd share it for further empowerment by you guys should you desire his help. Personally I am not ready to Summon him...but I do plan on continuing the empowerment of his sigil. If he becomes a reality before I am ready so much the better as long as his initial intent is not altered.

A few preferences...

Ultimately I would prefer some type of external powering for him so that he does not drain the neophyte

He should be Nice as well as Understanding of the Novice. Patience should be one of his key virtues, as he'll inevitably be dealing with idiots just getting into the art.

He'd be better off knowing the mass amounts of Knowledge that can be found throughout the net and in the various books that discuss Chaos Magic. While he might not know it all, he should be able to at least help point the practitioner in the correct direction (like me finding that Evocation page). He'll be here to help both the novice and the more advanced so the more info he can assist with the better.

He should be EASILY Evoked. The first few times I try Evocation I don't necessarily think I'll fail I don't think I'll actually do it perfectly...Saint Etic should not mind a flaw or three when summoned.

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post Mar 22 2006, 10:15 AM
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I started out with his basic principle, intent, and sigil design (I'm VERY pleased at how his sigil turned out).

Look closely at the image here:


At anyrate, the base programming he had was that I utilized his sigil on a bookmark while I read various books on Chaos Magic. Each bookmark contained his sigil and the phrase "SAINT ETIC learns about _X_!".

I also have a small image of his sigil hanging on my monitor with the phrase "Saint Etic Learns EVERYTHING!". And it's been there for nearly a year now - which means he's learned a lot from OccultForums (as I never seem to log outta the place (IMG:style_emoticons/default/wink.gif)) I have printed off several documents from the net on aspects of ChM and have written his catch-phrase and sigil on each page.

Generally after each major block of reading I would then also charge the sigil under various techniques - to give power and to help maintain the learning sessions.

Others have used the Bookmark charging method in one way or another as well, but I am not sure to which extent. However, based souly upon my readings he should be fairly competent in the basics of CMT, ChM as well as...
* Sigil creation -- he helped me write a FAQ on it.
* Servitor Creation - I used his sigil the entire time I was researching how to actually bring him about *shrug*
* The basics of Ceremonial Magic -- focusing on Evocation, temple & tool design, and basic ritual
* Color, dream, and candle magicks -- I re-read, read, or skimmed several of these books
* Astral Projection - I've read Monroe & Bruce

He also knows a bit about Cthulhu (I've used his book marks reading a few HPL stories), the Necronomicon, and ancient Sumerian/Babylonian/Akkadian tradition...as well as my own personal paradigm (which I'll not get into here).

Feel free to charge/program his sigil as in a similar fashion - though I do ask that one keep his programming within the scope of actual and applicable magick and to not use him while reading fiction (with the exception of Lovecraft).

For more information feel free to check out his OF thread HERE I reckon one can ask questions either in this thread or over in the Saint Etic Experience (by Daev).

His primary function of course is to help the novice with the basics however he will gladdly assist the adept to brainstorm or to figure out this or that function within his programming.

One final warning though, he does seem to treat his students in a manor that they learn the best from - this does NOT always match what they believe is the best method however. So he may be rather cocky, or he may be very soothing...that call is not mine, but rather your innerself.

Thank you,

//\\(o_o)//\\ The Spiders are Watching //\\{*_*}//\\

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post Jun 17 2010, 09:33 PM
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I shook hands with him while i was outside smoking a cig, it was a trip man.

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