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 Seed Syllables In The Eastern Traditions
post Sep 29 2007, 06:52 PM
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I guess a good introduction to my version of Tibetan Tantric is to stay on core. Core to me are always Seed Syllables and the entire universe of concepts wrapped up in the all-powerful Seed Syllables. I threw Mathematics in the header for fun, because there are so many brilliant mathematical minds here (I'm not one of them). So now that I've lured you unfairly, let me just justify that by explaining that -- like the Hebrew alphabet -- the Siddham (my prefered script for Sanskrit words of power) is also highly mathematical and can be explored in the same way. I'm not qualified. I'm a novelist. Words, not numbers (although some would argue they're the same thing!)

Seed Syllables are the equivalent of, say, the mother letters in Hebrew, and you'll see them in my Mandala (the avatar I use) or here it is in larger format:


The five Seed Syllables here, in Tantric Buddhist tradition would represent MIND -- the Universe in other words:


In these five syllables is the Universe. Each direction is represented by dualities, usually symbolically represented male and female. In our tradition we our primary "ritual" tools if we use any would be the Dorje and the Bell (representing Male and Female dualities). So each direction has both dualities, represented by a Buddha (symbolic of many things) as the passive male compassion aspect and a Satki (female Buddha aspect) as the active femine aspect. And then, there's the "fierce" aspect, since Buddhas represent non-fierceness, they also exist as "fierce" manifestations in the Dakini for example (fierce feminine aspects -- in symbolic terms we think of these as "goddesses who dance in our Minds")
The correspondences become important:

In the center "A" stands for
Center or apex of pyramid (depending on your vision)
Vairocana (ultimatley the Cosmic Buddha, even the Adi Buddha is some traditions, especially Japan)
Dharma is Awareness and Wisdom is "the reality of ONENESS"
Sakti Vajradharisvari
Dakini (Wrathful Sakti) Buddha Dakini

The rest of the Mandala represents the four directions (symbolic of the Universe) and of course the wheel (which is sacred to Buddhism). Since Tibet is "on top of the World" the elemental directions we use are quite different from Western tradition.

To the East "HUM" (BLUE) stands for
Aksobhya Buddha
Dharma is Generosity and Wisdom is Nonattachment
Satki Locana
Dakini is Vajradakini
Tool: The almighty dorje or vajra (thunderbolt wand)

To the West "HRIH" (RED) stands for
the famous Amitabha (Amita in Japan -- Budddha of the Western Paradise)
Dharma is Truthfulness and Wisdom is "Plurality of ONENESS"
Sakti Pandara
Dakini Padmadakini
Tool: Lotus Staff or Lotus flower (Lotus is very special traditionally)

To the south "TRAM" (Yellow) stands for
Ratnasambhava Buddha
Dharma is Contentment and Wisdom is Nondiscriminating compassion
Sakti Mamaki
Dakini Ratnadakini
Tool: The Jewel (the Buddha Jewel, or sometimes the three jewels or the flaming jewel on a lotus)

To the North "AH" (GREEN) -- this is my personal direction, Buddha and Satki:
Buddha Amoghasiddhi (traditionally associated with Fearlessness and Magick)
Dharma is Love, Wisdom is "devotion to all beings"
Garuda (a mythical bird/man/horse who feeds on nagas (serpents and evil))
Satki TARA (means STAR, or Saviour, she who protects from the eight dangers)
Dakini Visvadakini
Tool: Double dorje (two intersecting thunderbolts) representing Storm and water and magick (shown below with Amoghasiddhi)


Okay, a long enough intro, but there is much more to this Mandala than my brief intro can convey.

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