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 Haunted Money, Observations on its use
post Apr 22 2014, 09:04 AM
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I ran across the idea of Haunted money sometime a go. Here is the break down of how it works via Lucky Mojo.

SUCCESS sigil.
'SUCCESS' -> 'SCCSS' -> '$¢¢$$' make it symmetrical->$$¢¢$$. Write sigil diagonally in every corner of each bill. Underneath the name of the US Treasurer, write your own full name. Mark the bills with Money Drawing Sachet Powder and finger nail imprints then dab with money draw oil. If you spend it wisely, it will go out into the world and hunt up more money to come your way.

I did about $700 done up this way for my business and found I never used it. It was cash. I used credit or debit or sometime checks but never cash. I had the idea to fund my business bank account with it though. Perhaps that is good enough. I am thinking that the icon of physical dollar is interchangeable with any other dollar. I am using the sigil to access the energy linked to every dollar rather then confining the sigils effects to the physical bill. Marking more bills is the same as more attempts to access the energy of the dollar and direct it my way.

I think that some formality involving physical money is useful, as it seems the act of spending it sets this spell apart from other money drawing type magick. I have had a thought about money as sort of a egregore. Sigils on the money allow interaction with the "dollar" as a spirit of the "physical dollar." The nature of this egregore demands it is used in a particular way. In this case "wisely" to make you more money.

This is consistent with principals of capitalism; e.g. use money to make more money. Interest, investing, and banking in general revolve around piling money together and using it. You have to use it or inflation and rising cost of living will devalue the moneys purchasing "power". Money needs you to spend it or it looses power. So putting the marked bills in a bank account represent an intent to work with the money in a way that is consistent with its nature. Mixing marked and unmarked money in an account muddles the intent. The egregore has no clear way to know if each particular purchase is "wise".

You can't spend it on just anything, only on something that will increase its power through things like interest, a business or via the stock market. This simple sigil is more complex than it appears. Its a interaction with an egregore where in you, as a magician, use the egregore in a way that is consistent with its nature. In so doing there is more egregore available for you. Working with the spirit of money in this way allows you to have a dedicated ally moving money in your favor.

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This inner light appears to be outside and to illumine external objects.

-Sage Vasishtha

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post Apr 24 2014, 10:01 AM
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That's a cool idea. I'm also experimenting with money magic at the moment. Dave Lee in his book 'Chaotopia' has some great ideas on the topic, well worth reading. He writes about money as talismans and a few possible methods to go about increasing wealth. Two examples he gave that really caught my eye was thinking of money as a spirit in the shamanic sense, and then going on a kind of vision quest to travel to the money realm and meet the money spirit. The other involves Hoodoo spirits that one makes a deal with to increase wealth in exchange for energy.

Life is profound.

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