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 Rites Of The Necronomicon, A Practical Format for Experiments
Imperial Arts
post Feb 9 2011, 07:56 PM
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Here is a brief selection from the text that might help in separating the difference between what constitutes "the rites of the Necronomicon" as distinct from "rites based on the Necronomicon."

"Necronomicon" here refers to the common paperback "Simon" text, which was for many people (including myself) the first complete occult text available for their inspection. It's cheap, common, well-written, and fascinating. Hopefully this will stimulate discussion on the book and the rites it prescribes.

This is typed from a very brief re-reading of the text, so I may have missed something, but nothing has been added from outside the text. I've omitted the entire Maqlu text, since those spells are supposedly used after something has gone wrong, and the entire Urillia (R'lyeh?) text since those rites are for the "bad guys." What follows is a summary of what you are told to do in order to call spirits according to the Necronomicon.

The Zonei

All seals are supposed to be made while alone, kept in silk colored as shown, and taken out only when the planet is visible. I might be wrong, but I think the "Gates of the Necronomicon" book details the appropriate times in a more user-friendly format, but I haven't read it and am not certain.

Nanna: (30) silver, made during full moon, kept in silver silk
Nebo: (12) make on broad palm leaf, kept in blue silk
Inanna: (15) engrave on copper, wrap in white silk
Shammash: (20) engrave in gold while up high, keep in gold silk
Nergal: (8) engrave on iron, or write on paper in blood, while far away from people
kept in cloth, then wrapped in silk
Marduk: (10) tin or brass, kept in purple silk
Ninib: (4) engraved on lead plate or bowl, kept in black

The Watcher

1. Mark the Necronomicon sigil on a new bowl
2. Lay this between two concentric circles of flour, in the northeast
3. Wear black, with a black cap.
4. Have a sword at hand, with the sign of Bandar on it.
5. Begin at the darkest hour of night.
6. Have no other light.
7. Conjure the Fire God
8. Burn "new bread, pine resin, and the grass Olieribos" in the bowl
9. Say the call there are two, one for the first time, another for subsequent callings
10. Put the sword in the ground and leave it there until the end of the rite
11. Strike the sword to dismiss it, with the words on pg. 73

The Book of Entrance

1. Must leave the Watcher behind.
2. Must go one step at a time.
3. One month of celibacy.
4. During that time, call your patron god at dawn, your goddess at dusk.
5. Wear appropriate clothing, including the seal of the planet
6. Make an altar to face North: deity images, offering bowl, brazier
7. Draw the Gate on the ground, outdoors or without anything overhead

Ritual of the Walking

1. No meat for last week, no food at all for last 3 days.
On final three days of purification, invoke Anu, Enlil, Enki
2. On 13th night of the moon, burn incense to the Fire God and patron deities
3. Make invocations of the Watctowers, light lamps
4. Call the Watcher
5. Hold the seal, whisper the Zonei deity name onto it
6. Walking clockwise the number of the planet, recite the invocation
7. Lay on the ground in the middle of the Gate, looking up

At this point you are supposed to be granted entrance to the gate and given a name or pass-word whereby you are counted as having attained that initiation and are given authority over its powers.

The Book of Calling

1. Perform it far away from people: mountains, seashore
2. Pray to patron deities
3. Offer a round loaf and salt.
4. Say the exorcism on pg. 99
5. Burn the bread in a bronze brazier
6. Scatter the salt 60 times.
7. Make the Mandal of Calling: use flour, barley, lime, rug of silk or "expensive cloth," or drawn with Dagger of Inanna
8. Wear the following:
Crown of Anu
Frontlet of Calling
Amulet of UR (pages 11-13?)
9. Hold a rod of Lapis Lazuli
10. Remove the deity images except that of the Gate
11. Call the Watcher
12. Invoke the Watchtowers
13. Call the spirits

I don't know if there are specific forms used to conjure the spirits given in the book. Maybe I missed them, but such is the part of the process that is clear.

This is my condensed version from the book.
If I made any errors, let me know.
If you've done all this stuff, let us all know!
If you've done something similar, let us know what you changed and why.


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