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 A Dance With Pan, Opinions?
post Sep 10 2011, 06:28 PM
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An Adept would be best for answering this question.. I don't do Tarot often at all and this one was highly significant and esoteric beyond any reading I've ever witnessed before.

Just some twenty minutes ago, I did a little Tarot work which left me with some complex and bewildering results, I worked out the obvious nature of this one, but anyways, I performed a little-known method of Divination called "A Dance with Pan", using the Waite deck.I chose to confine it to the Major Arcana, and it happened I was represented inevitably with the King of Swords, which on his throne is inscribed with two crescent moons facing toward eachother, with a butterfly in between. The crescent moons represent separation, and in my case, perplexion, because over the years I before now, because of pride I was perplexed because of my destructive behavior, but by the straight-razor edge of the point of the sword, these crescent moons can become whole again, and brought back into vision. I chose Pan to be the Devil trump because it is most necessary.

The Dance with Pan is a method of Divination, where, having Pan in the deck, after having chosen your Questioner, you crudely, and not too randomly shuffle the deck, using the intuition as a means of guiding the shuffle, then, you open the deck, and search for Pan, once having found Him, you also take the two cards that he is between. You lay these down, and contrast in the manner of Solve et Coagula between the two cards (usually the card in front being coagulation, the one behind solvation).

The idea of my Divination is how I should go about a mystic seclusion to bring my mind back up to shape (I plan on practicing meditation everyday for the next couple years.)

So I laid down my cards, the left card was The Chariot, and to the right of Pan, The Moon. To begin, the slogan of Pan according to the Book of Thoth (by far the best book out today concerning Tarot, as far as I know) is "With thy right eye create all for thyself, and with the left eye accept all that would be created otherwise." And in my case, His presence mainly represents that there are blind forces inhabiting my being, and that there is a secret work about to be undertaken in expelling these, to detach from things indefinable that are hindering my consciousness. The moon is situated at the right, and the right eye is in its proper place for it corresponds to the Moon, and the left eye, the Sun, and the Chariot being representative of the motions of the planets around the Sun without a doubt also has its correct place.

Here's an example I cooked up.


So we have the Chariot on the left side, whose slogan is "Issue of the Vulture, Two in One, Conveyed; this is the Chariot of Power." so we have this corresponding to the left eye, the Sun, Solvation, and its a card of "triumph, authority over authority, memory, lust of destruction, obedience, and intensity in working" and also on this card appears again, two crescent moons, facing the opposite way as the ones depicted in the Knight of Swords card, and also, reissues the idea of duality in its double depiction of the sphinx.

Then on the right, we have the Moon, notorius for bestowing illusion, but also being the solver of illusions (especially not to mention by the authoritarian point of the King of Sword's sword to make his enemies disperse by a single stroke, also concerning this, the Coat of Arms of my Gaelic-rooted last name, McCurdy, there is depicted a crowned sword, a pine tree, a black crow, a green dragon, and a helm) when in its favorable influence, and is the breaker of limitations, and reflector of the Sun. Its slogan is "let the Illusion of the World pass over thee, unheeded, as though goest from the Midnight to the Morning." and her characteristics are the brink of important change, the darkest moment before the dawn, illusion, bewilderment. And also bestows another version of polarity in the form of pillars on either side of the Moon.

So we begin with Illusion, then apply the King of Swords to bring into focus those things broken up, the Airy aspect of the reading, the Questioner, then Pan, the God being the one concerned having aspects of the marriage of Fire and Water, at his right hand, which would pertain to my left eye from my point of view, reveals how the riddle should be solved, by the Moon's force of orbit, Cancer's waves are manifested (Watery but with forsaking power), which breaks down slowly even the hardest rock, and at his left hand and my right eye, the Moon (stagnant Water), the illusion is in focus and it's at the dead of night, yet it's causing Cancer's Cardinal waves to march against the Earth.

This is certainly a good scenery, in Art aspect to start the mystic practice.. But I would like some Adept input for this one, because I can't seem to link it well enough to attribute it to an action I should take, the hard part for me is there are so many correspondances to be made with this one, but as far as I can percieve, my left eye will be my profound enthuiasm and will to become clear-headed again, and by my right eye, I will separate the subtle from the gross, manifest and destroy the things that hinder my consciousness by the point of the sword, and then gather the objects of my passion (Attainment more than anything) into clear view (which then will manifest the towers at either side of the Moon) until it establishes a force of orbit, until the the Waters of Cancer (so my Cup is filled and activated) are aroused, which will chip off the coagulated earthly barriers that prevent me from being free. On the other hand, though, it may be that there wasn't any need to post this after I reflect on it for a while, but I was thrilled just to share the experience... Adepts?

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I hear Khephra's mighty droning from afar,
His mighty wings high upon a northern Star,
"How long must I suffer, how must I pent?"
And I recieved an answer; "conquer all, my beloved brother, God-sent."

"Only then ye be free of your enemies,
Grossly, heavy, ruddy, and brute,
Thou must join us in Mighty Work
So quicken thyself and behold the Absolute."

Brushing myself off, I took up a Garment,
Seven-fold in essence,
Celestial in root.

"I have become reborn, oh God the Author.
I have glimpsed Thy Veins, Thy Marrow, Thy Face,
I have performed Thy Miracle,
I have obtained Thy Red Lion, from the muck of Thy Vase!"

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post Jul 12 2012, 08:59 PM
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Super late reply. But perhaps I can take a whack at it? I wonder if you haven't long since solved this puzzle, but what it says to me is a fairly clear answer. You should lay your sword down, and meditate by the moons light. It could mean exploring your dreams, which would put you more in line with your natural instincts, as well as your subconscious. Pan has always been big on what is hidden in the shadows. This short spread suggests that you were in the process of a transformation which you were rushing. The king of swords is a vigilant man, but even the strongest and intellectually keenest of men need a break. It suggests that you were over thinking when you should have been resting or giving into your instincts.

So what do you think? k

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