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Posted by: Tanu Gwin Chang Jan 27 2017, 08:12 PM

Hello SMF, I am Tanu Gwin Chang.
I am a pendulum reader, but by no means a physic. What I can do, can be taught to anyone. In fact, I'm currently making a lesson plan to teach the art of pendulum readings.

I sell readings for a fair price at <------------ My shop. Moderators, if this is not allowed please edit the link

Currently, readings are currently $5 for a standard 4 question reading or $1 for a quick answer 4 question reading. (the difference is that the second is literally yes or no. The first is more time consuming and usually gets a sentence or two of multiple meaning and some advice.

HOWEVER, Because I don't expect anyone to pay unless they have proof of my abilities. So I'm offering 10 FREE 4 question readings. (up to a $50 value)

Only one reading per person, please!

Your questions can be phrased however you want, "Should I buy a red or a blue car" is perfectly acceptable.

Example of the two types of readings for those who want to know smile.gif

If you want to know if you should buy a red or a blue car:

The full readings:
Your question: "Should I buy a red or a blue car?"
an example answer "You will be happiest if you buy a blue car"

The quick readings:
You have to split this into two questions:
"should I buy a red car?"
"Should I buy a blue car?"
example answers "1). No 2).Yes"

Also, i rephrase the question several times to ensure that you are getting an accurate reading. The quick readings only get your question asked once, the way you phrased it.

If you are good at phrasing things, then buy the cheaper one. Don't want to worry about it, buy the more expensive one, it's still cheaper than many.

You can ask by replying to the post, or by PMing me. If you reply to the post your reading will be public. If you pm I will only make a post saying that you got a reading.

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