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 Alchemy, the road to prefection.
post May 24 2009, 07:27 PM
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Alchemy is one of the most ancient arts,It is the path of prefection,it is known that alchemists,produce Gold from lead by means of the philosopher's stone,Now this process is spiritual in aspect,as the matterial part of it exists but the higher level would be a spiritual one,yes you can make gold but the true meaning of it is you refine your spirit from lead to Gold,because Gold is perfection,the marriage of Sol and Luna,Silver and Gold,Night and day,waking and sleeping,conscious and subconscious,is the alchemical process.

the word Alchemy derived from the ancient name of Khem the ancient name of Egypt or the black land,Many of the alchemical heritage comes from the emerald tablets of hermes,the God Thoth and the cult of thoth,he is the giver of wisdom ,The book of the dead has secret alchemical formulas,but its hidden in a context of allegory ,reading this precious text is a great work of symbolism .
The rosicrucians,had this ancient knowledge and they shared it with those who seek it truely,and that the seeker of truth,Truth shall find him.

The operation of working with the elements,and the refinery of Gold substance to become meridian redness ,the soul of gold then humidity and the constant process of heating and cooling,there are grades of the philosopher's stone which vary till the seventh grade,the seventh grade is dangerously radio active and dangerous,six grade philosopher's stone is the safest and most effective,yet for some its too much ,so when working when elixirs and medicine,i suggest you dont use more than grade one philosophers stone since that can actually be ingested and is the elixir of life,there are litteraly thouthands of ways to make the stone,none work but one.
This formula is revealed to you if you seek it truly with faith and love.

The process of heating an element makes the soul of the element escapes,the process of the cooling and freezing traps the soul of the element.
diamonds are made by carbon elements and high extreme pressure,high extreme tempreture,and Low extreme tempeature.
There are methods to refine the soul of the substance,that is by evaporating,condensing,heating and cooling,water elements are the most telepathic element,it totally reacts to vibration,tempreture,other metals can be used in this process,but the true refining and purification of your spirit is the most seeked truth.to Ascend from lead to gold,on the spiritual level.

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