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 Personal Alphabets, Any experiences and/or advice?
post Oct 7 2010, 03:00 PM
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To start out with, sorry for how wordy this is going to be. First, I'd like to discuss a little about the background and theory of Sacred Personal Alphabets(and I'd like to apologize now for whatever ignorance may make its way into this post), and then I'd like to open up discussion to further questions, testimonies, corrections and/or advice(because I know I need some). With that out of the way, here we go!

I was wanting to start a topic about this for about a week now(though my interest in the subject is far older than that), but was unsure where to post it. Then I noticed it mentioned in this category's description, and felt silly for not realizing this is where it should go. I got the idea from Spare, after all. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/bigwink.gif)

Sacred alphabets, to the best of my understanding, are personally created sets of symbols combined into a primitive language that an individual uses for occult purposes. To the best of my knowledge, Spare himself set the bar with his own 'Alphabet of Desire'.

In my approximation, the symbols that make up a Personal Alphabet should not only represent sounds and words, but (obviously) should have symbolic, occult significance that has been assigned to it by its creator. From this point, a primitive (at least at first) grammar should be used in order to allow the occultist to combine these Symbolic Letters into meaningful, powerful phrases.

Recently(the past year or so), I have been embarking upon a quest to create my own personal alphabet. So far I have a few very basic words and an extremely primitive grammar. However, coming up with more words and grammar are going to be the easy part. I'm more concerned with the inherent nature of how to properly order and combine these Words.

Specifically, the idea that these Words link up with philosophical, spiritual mechanism built into reality. As such, these spiritual mechanisms work in a natural way. In order to create an efficient Sacred Alphabet I must first be able to not only identify these mechanisms in a specific, acute sense(so as to know which sounds and words to link to which idea/spirit), but also to then understand how they work with one another undisturbed(so as to know how to best organize the grammar).

To put it into terms that might seem simpler, let's think about it from a technist point of view. Existence(or at least the parts of Existence that can be seen as Changing) runs off of or is made of certain values(spirit/ideas or words). These values are organized and function via certain protocols(a la the grammar).

Basically, I'm trying to understand the protocols of Existence. I've been using philosophy and spirituality(specifically Hindu ideas) to try and sort out more and more of this, but unfortunately it's quite a demanding task and I'm a busy individual as of late.

With all of that said, if anyone has any experience with Personal Alphabets, please tell us(me) about it! Any corrections/criticisms or anecdotes/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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post Nov 10 2011, 02:56 PM
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I have an ongoing love affair with this topic (smiles)

Attuning awareness on the dynamic flow of contextualizing experiences - discerning principles - abstracting, associating, and referencing them with symbols - then recursively reflecting patterns of their relationships to comprise syntax and grammar - is challenging, but fun!

It also is the key to crafting one's personal magickal paradigm, as well as comprehending the "sacred alphabets" that traditional systems teach.

When correctly comprehended and/or composed, using such magickal languages are powerful tools for facilitating changes in consciousness and awareness. Indeed, careful statements made in such a magickal language can used for spelling out intended effects for efficiently motivating and pragmatically guiding behavior.

And a little consideration about what I just wrote there might lead you to recognize why I consider that process to be the essence of spell casting.

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