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Naive =)

I have been meaning to start a blog sometime or another.
I forget how completely and utterly naive I am.
I just started University and everyone is coming up to me to discuss their well rehearsed radical ideas, and I still have my 12th grade top of modern history skills; America is bad, America very bad.
And although that works for superficial conversations, I really don't know enough to back up myself in lengthy conversations.
And the hippies! I want spiritual enlightenment, but I've just gone to a couple of coven meetings of which I've stopped going to, I own a translated version of the Bhagavad Gita which I doubt I shall read anytime soon, a heap of stones of which I can't identity, a tarot deck and a bunch of notes from when I was 11 and a big thick book on how all religions are connected from which I can only read 10 pages of before I get so so so bored.

I think I might be rather amateur.

Then the psychology lecturer tells me that the type of psychology I want to do isn't even real psychology and really I should just do counselling.
Even though I got the OP to do something rather smart, I'm stuck in a extremely social course where there is no end job.

And I'm exhausted.
And I don't know how to rid this addiction to myspace, no one comments me anyway.

And I wish I was less materialistic and didn't have to think about lookng good all the time. I wish I could go into a regular salon and get a regular eyebrow wax done, instead of going to a brow bar, or going to a normal hairdresser and getting a 20 dollar cut instead of a 110 dollar cut. I wish I didn't walk into Mecca and want every single colour of the Nars range. I wish my lecturer wasn't so gorgeous and married. I wish that the cute dork in my tute likes me and not my best friend because she already has a comprehensive list.


And I especially wish that my sociology tutor doesn't bite my head off tomorrow.
It's only my third week and I've already screwed up.

Oh but I wish for spiritual enlightenment alot still. It's up there, right next to looking sexy in a peach and gold size 2 mini dress by Wayne Cooper.

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