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I procrastinate.
In fact, I procrastinate so bad, that sometimes I think I may be a masochist. Because I certainly love ruining my own chances of a good night's sleep and passing with flying colours.

I obsess.
I have newfound obsessions in anime and Yaoi and dedicate most of my time roaming forums or looking through hundreds of fanfictions to fuel this obsession.

I don't belong in that Coven.
I don't identify with my local coven, I have been there and done that, and we don't share the same views. I am naive. I don't know how things work. I need someone to teach me.

I never know the right words.
I lack the ability to communicate properly with certain friends I have not seen in a long time. I say the wrong things.

I find studying extremely difficult.
Because I just can't do it, I don't get it and I'm tired. I don't know why I'm at University, I look into the future and see where I want to be, but I feel as though I have to suffer through the present to get there?

I am disorganised.
My life is completey random. I have weddings, holidays, assessments, parties everywhere. I barely know when anything is.

I am lazy.
Hand in hand with procrastination. I just cannot bring myself to physically do anything.

I have over 2000 words to right in several hours.

I am screwed.

Spirituality is not something that fits into my life right now. How do I make time? Why does time seem to drone on and on when I don't need it and when I do, it's never there.

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