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 A Chaos Exorcism: Boot To The Head
post Feb 17 2010, 01:14 AM
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This is a proposed framework for a Chaos exorcism ritual, inspired by this and subsequent related sketches from The Frantics. I haven't actually tried this myself yet, but I can't see any reason why it wouldn't work. I'd be interested to hear anyone's results with it.

The scenario:-

A case such as this, or anything similar where a spirit is really being obnoxious and needs to be removed.

Needed materials:-

- Whatever you usually wear for ritual work.
- A suitably heavy pair of boots. Hiking boots or thick soled Doc Martens would work, but the best would be steel-toed work boots, the kind used on construction sites.
- Post-it notes, or any kind of temporary sticker to be placed on the boots, for context-specific sigilisation. This working is designed to be adaptable, with at least part of the power source for it, designed to come from the opposite element to that of the spirit needing to be cast out. So for a dark energy spirit, use solar; for LHP types who want to get rid of something solar, you'd use darkness, natch. Likewise, for getting rid of a fire elemental, you'd use a water or air correspondent planet glyph, etc.


Enter the room, wearing whatever clothing, and the boots. As well as context-specific glyph(s), the boots will have a single, constant sigil as well, which should be in the simple outline of a boot shape. Nothing too detailed, so you don't need to be an artist in order to draw it.

Perform the Middle Pillar, and then the Bornless, or whatever you use to invoke your Godform of choice. The idea is to pull in the absolute maximum amount of juice you can, for this. Banish if the spirit is not already present. If it isn't and you need to, summon it and then give the following address.

"O thou vile, unclean, and most fearsome Spirit! Thou hast defiled this house, and terrorised the family living within! Thou hast rendered the house's children unable to get a good night's sleep! For this, thy judgement has passed, and thy penalty has been decreed...

If you feel it necessary, do the Middle Pillar again, or whatever you normally do to raise additional energy. When you feel that you have sufficient energy within yourself, breathe in deeply. As you exhale sharply, kick one foot with as much force as is comfortable into the air, while yelling loudly again, "BOOT TO THE HEAD!" If you wish, imagine that your own kinetic energy from the force of the kick is adding to the sum total, as well.

How this works:- As energy, spirits cannot, of course, be destroyed. The idea here, however, is literally to cause the spirit to explode with the energetic impact of the kick, such that it is *disrupted.*

What this means is that the cohesion binding the individual fragments (molecules, or the acorporeal equivalent thereof, if you like) of the spirit together are fractured, such that the spirit ceases to be a coherent, sentient or active being, and simply is reverted back to a mass of incoherent, mindless or non-sentient energy. In that sense, it is the same as burning the sigil of a servitor, when you wish to destroy it. You are disrupting the bonds of the spirit, and forcing it to return to simply being part of the ambient background energy of astral space. It is not designed to be used merely with servitors, however, but also with ghosts and wild spirits of all kinds, providing you think you can generate enough energy to disrupt the spirit in question.

Magical Evocation. All the fun of train surfing, without having to leave the house.

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