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 Manifesto Of The Magickal Order Gra
post Mar 24 2011, 06:14 PM
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Long live the shamanic cultural revolution! Long live the glorious Revolutionary Nahuallis, Long live the sacred Chol’qij calendar! Long live the broad masses of people! It is for our brothers, the proletariat, that I write this Manifesto, so that they may rise up in unison and take down goliath with one stroke. Babylon will crumble, and in its place, in the womb of the old, will be born the new. A new society will spring from the ashes of old and overtake this planet like no other force in the world. Our brothers must arm themselves to the teeth not with weapons but with spiritual knowledge, for the conquest of shamanic power and for the conquest of peoples minds. We must become fishermen of men’s souls.

But to do that we must train, train ourselves in the most arcane and ascetic arts. We must bind ourselves by blood to the occult so that we may bring new knowledge to the people. This knowledge will give them the sharpest weapon with which to attack our oppressors, not with darkness, but with blinding white light. We are the workers of light. Our fight is a fierce but peaceful one. We strive for the transformation of the spirit by the Great Spirit, the Holy Spirit, the great Creator which is Ometeotl, the dual-creator god and the supreme ruler of the universe. To him, we must pray, as well as pray to his messengers, the Great Aztec Powers.

In the name of Tonatiuh, Our Lord the Burning Sun and the true giver of life, I invoke thee too guide us on our path towards revolution. In you we have faith and in your Divine Wisdom we surrender ourselves. We humble ourselves before you, Tonatiuh, and to your brothers and sisters we humbly pray for sustenance, fulfillment, and splendor. But we are fighting a spiritual war, and the only way to transform the outcome of this fight is to train ourselves in the art of magickal power. To accomplish this task, we must first find paradigms that will aid us in transforming our consciousness to the level necessary in order to acquire true shamanic power. Through different practices such as the using the Cholq’ij, shamanic journeying, and setting up a spirit pot or nganga, we will begin to achieve what we’ve been longing for.

In order to create a magickal order of a new type, one that sustains itself on the energy of its members, we must all come together to bind the different traditions into one, which is what we call Palo Mexica. Palo Mexica is the guiding religion and ideology of the GRA and will continue to be a guiding light by which we tread upon the righteous path of liberation. Ours is a liberation of the soul and spirit. Hidden deep within the practices of Palo Mexica are the cures we seek, for with this new and revolutionary ideology we may come to understand ourselves, including our own weaknesses and our strengths.

Palo Mexica is about connecting with Creator on a level comparable to communicating with the highest spirit. You must find your spiritual guides among the Aztec gods and bind yourself to that deity in order to find yourself. The sacred Cholq’ij calendar can guide you in your choosing of a god to worship as your patron. You must learn the rituals of the Revolutionary Nahualli in order to develop yourself in the acquisition of the powers to shapeshift into animals so that your connection with the spirit world will become permanent. You will attain the strengths of your nagual and use its vision to do spiritual development work.

The Revolutionary Nahualli is influenced by the following traditions: Aztec and Maya Shamanism, Palo Mayombe, Santeria, Chaos Magick, and Mexican Curanderismo. These traditions provide a foundation on which we could build this new ideology. We must take from these different trends and practices what is relevant to the practice of Aztec god adoration and working with the lower spirits of the Aztec pantheon in order to defeat our oppressors by our sheer numbers alone. Imagine millions with the knowledge and wisdom of the Revolutionary Nahualli. We must arm their mighty hands with the spiritual power necessary to tackle down the bourgeoisie and the religion of the conquerors.

The GRA is not only a magickal order but also a revolutionary organization with ideals stemming from such influences as the Bolivarian Revolution, Prachanda Path from Nepal, and other radical movements across the planet. We are definatenly socialists, revolutionary nationalists, and believe in the idea of Aztlan. Aztlan means giving the earth back to the people it was stolen from through the Mexican-American War. We are in our spiritual homeland and reserve the right to fight for it with our magickal skill if others depended on it. We are not dogmatic about our ideals and stress a peaceful resolution to society’s ills.

The Great Aztec Powers want this land to be given back to the indigenous people of Mesoamerica. It is our duty to fulfill this task. We will not parish into the night! Our dreams will guide us and will prove prophetic, but I implore to you, rise up and take up arms in the spirit world. Wield your mighty hand. If we develop an advanced magickal consciousness in the proletariat, there’s no stopping us. In order to defeat the forces of evil in the this world, we must make councils and drumming circles in which we could learn and practice magick and shamanism.

We must build Calmemacs as schools of magick shamanism and curanderismo in order to attain a greater understanding of the Divine Wisdom of Ometeotl the Creator. These Calmecacs will be the revolutionary building blocks necessary build revolutionary actions against the bourgeoisie. We will shamanic journey in order to push forward this revolution until we topple institutional ideologies forever. We could create a force so powerful in the spirit world that every spirit on earth will want to work with these Revolutionary Nahuallias.

Palo Mexica encourages the development of new techniques in order to achieve an altered state of consciousness or trance through which you may make the movement of movements towards revolution an even greater reality. You will use your spiritual allies and totems in order to not only heal the afflictions of your fellow men, but also defend yourself from enemies with shields of power that we learn to form as we develop ourselves as nahuallis.

As the world crisis deepens, our faith in the gods still get stronger and overpower our enemies and leave them powerless to our influence. We must create an organized force that is militant enough to follow through our plans of fostering a shamanic cultural revolution that will create an environment conductive for human development by spiritual means. So then there is still hope for man as we make our way toward the New Sun in the year 2012, when the showdown will commence, we will be ready with our collective intelligence and power and we will crush you with everything we’ve got.

The Cholq’ij will connect us more with nature and we will treat the earth, Our Mother, better as it deserves to be treated. For this, we must come to power. But the nature of cultural revolution is different than political or social revolution. A cultural revolution doesn’t have to topple a government or waste its resources on fighting a real war. The cultural revolution is created in the minds of people and what we use is our minds our hearts and our voice. We will be victorious.

--Guardia Roja de Aztlan

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