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Posted by: Enumbisag28 Jul 2 2015, 04:29 PM

I am of the understanding that the Disciples of Enki group and the forum are now defunct. Edunpanna has made several attempts to keep me out of those groups because everyone assumed I was underage. They denied me elder status too after I walked the Enki Gate. I was 18 then. Not 15. The Yahoo account I was using was made right before I entered High School. My dimensional magick I stumbled upon was revealed to me by Father Enki as being "Cities of the Skies". It is basically secondary gate-walking for revisiting the gates through secondary routes instead of the Simonicon method, should the Mage need help from the ZONEI after entering their realm through astral projection and without the Watcher. Anyway, since I was kicked out for a misunderstanding. Anyone wishing to learn about Occult traditions related to the Simonicon, as well as gate-walking, please join the two following groups:

Prophets Of Enki

Simon Necronomicon + Prophets Occult Forum

Anyone interested in worshipping the Elder Ones from a Simonicon/Lovecraftian angle is most welcomed here. Our members welcome Astrologers, Wiccans, Cabbalists, Medieval Practical Alchemists, Taoists, Gnostic Christians, and Essene Jews.

For those who are wondering why I studied the texts of the Ancient Ones it is because the Elder Gods wanted me to spy on the Ancient Ones and their followers so they could be defeated by the Elder Gods. I do however appreciate the blogging of Warlock Asylum on Papers In The Attic because he helped me understand some of the things I was shown regarding the Simonicon as I am a solitary practitioner who lives in the Bible Belt. Thank you all for being understanding. Matthew if you want to join and be a moderator in both the group and the forum it would be highly appreciated. You are a wise mage and powerful wizard and having you as a moderator would also help the people who have left the defunct group and forum, providing them with guidance. You would also be Assistant High Priest if you so wish it.


(The Elders! The Earth Guardians!)

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