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 The Old Magic Of The Monarchy, another random rant
post Feb 27 2012, 04:42 AM
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Now you could call it mature progressive cultural hypnosis, but i suspect the monarchy in my country holds a power that is all of that an much much more.
I like it, i love it.
Dose anyone remember when dianna died? i was quite young when it happened, it was intence, people where crying an wailing in the streets of every village an town i knew of.
I never seen such a large emotional reaction about anything in all my life, it was sureal, it was like a magical bomb going off.
For a few years i thought it might be a conspiracy, that it might have been planned inorder to inprint in the populious some disconected desire,
alas i think it was just a tragic accident that released some of the inate passion for the monarchy.

If a country had been responcible for it the army wouldn't be able to support all the people begging to be recruited, this country would be baying for blood.
Having said that we have always hated the french an they have always hated us, 100 years of war takes a long time to heal so it may be case that some of that french magic interfeared
with our royal protection.

The monarchy of this country has been unbroken for almost a thousand years, given incredible gifts by the best the world has to offer.
They are like super-heros an can be expected to do incredible things on our behalf, got alot of hope for the princes.
I'm quite sure that if William desired he could take control back from parliment in his life, but it would simply be foolish to do so so far as i can tell.

What worrys me atm is that he's currently on a battleship protecting the Falklands,
admitidly, with some of the best protection a man can have, it is however a risk.
where the Argentina manipulated into attacking the warship we would oblitorate their country hands down because of his presence,
i'd go to war
they won't try it.
However, a lot of organisations and countrys can profit massivly from a war like that and i worry that Argentina could be manipulated into making such a terrible mistake.

I'm quite off topic so i'll change it.
Anyone familiar with david ick? he's a conspiricy theorist, he's half-mad im my opinion but makes a very interesting read.
I'd love to think that the royal family shapechange into lizards, because i like that kind of stuff but that's just me, i think they could if they wanted to.
But as with most possible weird things in this world, it's foolish to do so when their is absolutely no need to.
Plus David seems to think the whole world is run by lizards that turn into people, which is ridiculous (IMG:style_emoticons/default/wink.gif)
Personally i believe that David had an inside-out trip on mushrooms where he saw all the world leaders as lizard people because deep down its our lizard-brains that rule our monkey brains.


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post May 5 2012, 08:03 AM
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They have their own brand of magick, no doubt, even Diana said she'd caught them meditating in a dark room once and thought it weird. They basically live surrounded by adage pomp and ceremony, doesn't and has never made them good people though, looking at their past its full of lower basal instincts and actions, want for power and abuse of the population which is why parliament holds power and it will never be given back to the monarchy... its their job to abuse the population and infringe on the natural free rights of humanity now .lol. There'd be an uprising before that and a return to Englands county wars in no long time if ever. Its why the Americans set up their state in the way they did for fear of tyrannical rule, although it was hardly avoided. What intrigues me about people at times is this idea of separation, having had a completely diffrent interaction with the powers that be in the UK and elsewhere it baffles how patriotic people assume that those in power have their interests in mind when they;re guilty of the most inhumane crimes the world has ever seen todate there's this idea of "other" that sticks in peoples minds as though murderous genocidial people who lust after power are somehow considerate at the same time. The amer-indians said it, "if they would do it to us, they'll do it to you". Each to their own of course. Would be interesting to know what system they have or use, although back in the days the monarchy were much more down to earth, would fight in battles alongside people etc... more approachable in other countries also, while there could well be theory behind the whole lizard bit... basically people with their reptilian brain over active clawing their way to the top over the rest of us... I doubt they're actually lizards, many battle field stories would have sprung up if they were .lol

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