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 Concerns About Ap, Abnormal Occurrences After A Successful AP
post May 25 2010, 02:54 AM
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Hello. I've recently been reading about AP and attempting it unsuccessfully; it's not the issue however. I've come across stories and situations from people that have actually successfully astral projected and afterwards occurrences that are deemed abnormal and/or strange begin to occur for these people, such as seeing dark shadows or having generally negative things happen to them.

From what I've read, nothing could hurt you in the astral realm, so why is it that these things happen to these people? I'm quite apprehensive to continue attempting astral projection if these occurrences have a possibility of occurring in my life. I simply am not prepared to deal with such things. I do however, wish to make contact with my HS or spiritual guardian(s) and I was told they may be contacted through the astral realm.

I'll appreciate everyone's opinions on the subject, but if someone quite experienced in AP or truly know why these strange occurrences transpire, I will greatly appreciate your explanations.

Thank you.


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post May 30 2010, 03:42 PM
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well stjerne-kropp

i can honestly say that since the first time i astral projected i haven't had "strange occurances" actually i 've been trying to get BACK to doing it. a LOT has happened to me that is abnormal but it's never been from going to the astral plane.

since i was little i could see shadows, and angels and such. i've also been able to feel people's presence and break a person down to their core since i was a child. so it's something i'm used to, though i believe that it's possible for such occurances to happen to people who have never experienced such things being jumped started into the world of the paranormal/abnormal, i think it's more likely to happen to those that it's been happening to all their lives or when they were children thus they are somewhat used to it or will be able to deal with it in a semi-normal controlled way

if you don't remember anything of these events EVER happening to you, i'm sure you'll be alright. if you do, well you blocked them out for a reason and you must seriously contimplate whether or not you want to reopen that door, but it's nothing to worry about. in the astral plane and planes beyond, nothing WANTS to harm you and nothing has a desire to bring anything bad to you, just help in it's own way.

you see the astral plane is a higher vibration than this lowest plane we call the prime material plane, thus everything thing on above planes consciousness is on a higher level, if something did start to happen it could be that your on the wrong path and until you start listening to your spirit guides you will continue to be repremanded much like a parent will smack a child's hand that is doing something they shouldn't be doing.

i hope this has somewhat helped

if you have more questions or want me to go more in depth or anything of the sort don't be a stranger (IMG:style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)

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post May 31 2010, 05:59 PM
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I wouldn't say AP is completely safe. I wouldn't say that *anything* is completely safe. when you drive to work/school tomorrow, that's not completely safe either.

is it 'reasonably safe'? yeah i think so.

if you increase your awareness of metaphysical beings they will increase their awareness of you. this can result in odd experiences, etc.
same goes for improving your energy though, if you do, you make yourself more interesting to other beings, some benign, some not.

Don't try to astral project in a state of fear though. if you succeed that focus on fear will only cause you to arrive at astral locations you might prefer to skip, and/or act as an attractant to unfriendly entities.
To be fair though, that is true without any AP as well though. crowded horror film theaters see their fair share of fear feeding entities.

If you are afraid that fear will be a concern for you in AP (thats a strangely redundant sentence) then i would recommend working on ways to overcome that first.

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