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 Process Issue
post Oct 6 2010, 12:31 AM
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Hi, I've recently been attempting astral projection. I first had to rid myself of any fear based ideas of the realm; fear in general of not knowing what's there. This isn't my problem.

I've tried several times and read so much about the process of projecting, but my attempts have failed. I actually feel now that I'm incapable of achieving the projection, which I never really thought I would even consider.

When I attempt this, I'm usually lying on my bed, and trying to relax. A question about that:
- When relaxing, how do I know when my body has essentially "shut down" as if it were asleep?
(I get quite relaxed but I don't know if I should just continue trying to relax deeper, or just stop.)

After relaxing, I try to drift off to sleep, but not really. From what I understand, I have to reach a state called hypnagogic, and then try a projection technique. Every time I do this, I fall asleep. I have been able to realize my surroundings though after some heavy day dreaming which tells me I'm almost drifting off to sleep. I thought that time was appropriate to wait for in order to try a technique.

- I've heard that after relaxing, you have to clear the mind of all thoughts, such as in meditation. Then listen to that high pitched sound until you reach a vibratory state. Is this a proper way to project, and if so, is it a guaranteed method for actual projection? (I don't really want to be listening to that sound for 20 minutes only to find myself still lying on the bed.)

I would love it if an experienced (or somebody who has successfully done it) can describe to me in detail, what process their minds and bodies go through before they project. That would perhaps assist me greatly, and I'd greatly appreciate it.


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post Oct 7 2010, 06:56 PM
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the ways ive done it are far less philosophical or good for me. some correlations with when i full body projected:

i was very physically tired
sometimes i was really stressed out or i had been in front of a screen too long
i had a pressing though and repeated phrase in my head, usually it was to get something done or 'what time is it?!" or to get TO something (or someone)
before i pulled out i could see through my eyelids, in other words my third eye was open and sometimes i felt a vibration in my chest
when i pulled out of my body, quite a few times any emotions that were too strong would push me back in but if i lost my intent i lost consciousness and slipped into dreaming
sometimes if i repeated the intent through out the day, put it away, and than brought it back up frequently i could remind myself while i was asleep
sometimes i heard someone knocking on a door, or crying, or talking and the projection became investigatory

my methods are sloppy but somehow weirdly consistent...on second thought maybe your way is better. gentle is probably best lol.

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