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 Is The Book Of Law Prophecy; Coming True?
post Nov 14 2006, 06:30 AM
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I read a quote from Aleister Crowley yesterday that rang very true, paraphrasing; the earth will have to be covered with blood by a great war before Horus takes his throne (something along those lines).

I am going to go out on a limb and say that the Great War is going to be between China and the United Nations but more closely it will be the Black Brothers vs. The People in order to install a worldwide dictatorship based on fear and PR (propaganda)


This information might be difficult to grasp for some people new to it but the real proof is written down in government documents such as the Global 2000 and PNAC documents, which are easily available for those who do a Google search.

Firstly a bit on politics; it is impossible to separate governments from corporations as even the United States is in dept to the privately owned Federal Reserve by 8 trillion so we can not consider a government without the corporate influence.
This influence is so great that the only real countries at the moment who print and own their own federal currency are Venezuela, Iran and two other countries that has slipped my mind right now…ALL other countries money is being printed by the same people such as the British aristocracy, Rothschild’s, Rockefellers and a tiny group of elites.

This is a very small and simple explanation of the bank fraud they use…A person takes out a loan. The bank gives him numbers (but not money) on his account and the person has to pay back REAL money in return or else the bank will take away all their possessions. This is why Donald Trump is still being given loans despite being billions of dollars in dept, he makes nice buildings for the banks and the banks will loose nothing because they actually gave him nothing…Money out of thin air. This is only a very simple explanation but do your own research into
fractional reserve banking.

The banks can also control how much people get into debt and when they want their false money back…The way they do this is through interest rates. The only difference between economic prosperity and a depression is how much money is in circulation. When the banks allow more money going around, things are good. People buy houses, cars and get into dept and then when the banks have the people in their trap, they raise interest rates and reel in the money…Ask yourself, who sets the interest rates? IT’S A PRIVATE BANK.

The way they have been able to get so powerful is through infiltrating government organisations and then using their wedge in the door to let in other infiltrators and kick out the legitimate members. These groups meet again in secret to be given their orders from the shadow government that has extended its reign almost fully across the globe since 1913. Do you think the real president or Prime Minister want to be open to public ridicule when issuing in all these ridiculous laws? The people call them stupid but they are taking orders and each order is very intelligent, they are imprisoning us.

All the leaders from the Republican, democratic parties in the US, all the leaders of all ‘opposing’ political parties of England and almost every country meets together in secret. They pretend to be on opposite sides but they are all for the same purpose and the media that is supposed to hold them accountable are simply those that cover them up.

The real political parties of the world are:

The Bilderburg Group
The Council of Foreign Relations
The Trilateral Commission

Also many secret societies have been infiltrated by them and are being used to usher in the new world order as George Washington forewarned.

China is no different, ever since the Opium wars when England took over Hong Kong, the Chinese government has been deeply infiltrated, many of the leaders of British run Hong Kong are now in top jobs at the Chinese Government.

Left, Right, Communism, Capitalism are all front to mislead people into a direct that the people think is for them when it’s all part of the one world dictatorship agenda. The evidence of this is clear, the look at the old supporters communism and you will find capitalists. The only thing that is being pushed is high taxes, high immigration and attacks on civil rights. The issues the media makes important such as gay marriage, right to life and separation between church and schools is just a fallacious debate to piss the people off to have an opinion about something that is pretty meaningless. In Britain these issues are mostly about Muslim veils, football and celebrities.

This is a good display of how the idea of false choice works

Look here at the origins of Communism.

Okay back to my point. While this was going on the US has taken away the right to a fair trial for anyone in the US without charge or without even a cause…They can simply black bag you. Olberman is the only person on TV that has covered this…

This seems slightly more important than the stupid right to life debate.

Can you not smell a cover-up?

Okay, I am slightly going off point so I will return again now…
The idea is order out of chaos or to divide and conquer. They will make each of their countries go to war with each other and when enough people have died they will call it off and tell the people that the only way to stop these wars is for a one world government. They used this in World War one, which created the League of Nations but it fell apart so they had World War 2 to properly reinstall it as the EU and then build upon its foundations.

Of course they will only use nukes against the people in strategic places. All out nuclear war will not take place as it will destruct their infrastructure but they will threaten it often.

The idea of this way is to kill as many people as possible so that they can control the survivors and use them as slaves. The elites don’t need millions of slave, they just need a couple hundred thousand and have already expressed their will to kill millions of us through documents like global 2000
written by Henry Kissinger:

The UN like the EU is a non elected government that wants more and more power right now they are a very very soft dictatorship…They are trying to strengthen it secretly or quietly but I’m sure most people know that the idea is to merge all the unions, i.e. African Union, North American Union, European Union and the Asian Union into one and have a one which is currently known as the UN.

This New World Order has been described by Bush, Hitler, Gorbachev and many others. It is printed on the $1 bill ‘New world order is complete’ signifying it’s coup in America as the Federal Reserve took over money printing capacities in 1913.

Here’s a short speech by Bush talking about the conspiracy…

If you don’t believe that the US will give up it’s sovereignty to merge with Mexico and Canada then your already slightly behind, they are doing it…

A lot of this can go back to JFK even though he was very corrupt, he was nothing compared to the people that have followed him. He like Abraham Lincoln decided to try and destroy the Federal Reserve but died quite shortly afterwards…In fact Kennedy tried to break up the CIA after he saw a plan to kill his own people on his own soil to blame the Cuban government as an excuse to invade. This newly released official government document proves it.

Operation Northwoods

Here is a good documentary that discredits the official story of what happened in November 1963 and also exposes George HW Bush as in the plot.

This is the precursor to all wars, attack yourself and blame your enemy because your own people won’t attack the other unless they thought they were under threat themselves just like Hitler when he burnt down the Reichstag.

Have a look at this film that documents the commonly used of attacking yourself and blaming your enemy called false flag operations…

The guy predicted the attack on the twin towers a few months before 9/11 saying that it will be a false flag attack, you can see the prediction here…

The same guy made this film spent over $100,000 on it and then on the first day it was finished put it on Video Google for free because he feels the information is too important.

Anyway, I am telling you this because my theory is that it coincides with chapter three of the book of law. I want your opinion on it.

Nothing about this information is secret, they enjoy telling us but they hide it in small sections of papers or in an official document they think no one will read and it is only when you put it all together when you can see what is going on…

These people are so sick it’s unbelievable but like Hitler said ‘People are more willing to believe a huge lie and a small one because they couldn’t possibly conceive your lying.’ Check this out…
How the corporate fascists trying to instigate their population agenda and make money off it.
Just think about AIDS…How come homosexuals and Africans suddenly contract HIV at exactly the same time?

This conspiracy is so huge that I can only give you a few pointers and you’ll have to research it properly to find what’s really going on. There are plenty of hit peaces and straw men arguments out there, there are also many agents trying to stir up anti-Semitism to discredit people that know this information so please use your discernment wisely.

I think that their plan in a nutshell is to overstretch the US in its military in the Middle East. China waltzes in the back door and the only way to help America is for the UN to turn into a full blown one world military (not the gay little peace keepers they have now). Then when enough people have died China will retreat and merge with the UN and then it’s done.

The main leaders of the anti new world order groups are mostly Christian so their knowledge on secret societies are a bit biased saying they are all Satanists ect, don’t let that put you off. Do your research.

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post Nov 14 2006, 07:24 AM
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the parallel strands of space-time run like a rope

our strand that we are in is only one of many, many others

it is quite possible to move between stands or even create a new strand

i death walked this earth before in other, older strands and i'll do it again

i simply won't stay here to be subjugated, just as i am not controlled now

my words may be censored from time to time, but the seeds have been planted

to walk off this chessboard where great forces fight for control of humanity

awake to the knowledge of your other selves out there, become conscious of them

all the me's in all the parallel strands, coming together as one reunited soul

and the dark and the light are so pissed they can't believe it

that some of their subjects would dare to be gray

we are the new conspiracy, the 'consciousness conspiracy'

the 'spanner in the works' counterforce against their imposed reality

wake up and smell the chaos


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post Dec 16 2006, 03:30 AM
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If there is a paradigm occuring that is full of death and destruction, rather then attract more chaos with our fear and anger, we can focus our energy on a new paradigm of compassion. Live in a way that reflects that ideal and allow your actions to influence the attitudes and actions of others.

*sips coffee and watches the cosmic game of chess from a comfy chair nearby*


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