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 Paranormal Tv Rofl Moments, starting with the criss angel thing
post Nov 11 2007, 03:35 PM
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The White Chaos ~Praecantrix~
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O.K. if you haven't see THIS then you should try to watch it all the way through. Its a clip from phenomenon where this guy like gets possessed and junk (excuse my vernacular I'm exhausted right now). Criss Angel takes offense to it for some reason and challenges the guy. He tells him that he'll give him one million dollars of his own personal money if he can tell him whats in he envelopes. The guy couldn't do it ¬_¬.

Now the questions I'm going ask:

Do you think he's faking it?

Do you think that he really couldn't answer the question because was drained and not in his pretty little circle and possed?

Was that over acting a little over the top for just a possession?
(I've never had stuff all up inside of me but I've seen people that way and never that dramatic)

Was it unfair of Criss to ask him whats inside the envelope when the best he could do to describe the toy car in the box was "metal, rectangular, 4wheels" ?

I honestly thought this guy was full of it because I caught the end of it only but after watching the whole thing I was like "... well if he is fake at least he had enough common sense to google wicca for teens?" Call me old fashioned but I thought salt was supposed to keep the stuff out of you? same with circles? And mister ed or who ever it was just so happened to get passed a salt circle and get all up in you? It just seemed kinda random and slapped together for me? ... or maybe is the lack of sleep and over thinking when my brain couldn't even say "purple" earlier.

I'll edit this after I sleep because sure grammar is the fail. "I type, I swear."

>< I'm so tired I forgot the link >< omg

so sorry.

~Paradox The White Chaos~
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post Nov 11 2007, 09:48 PM
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If you ask me, it is fake.

Now I'm no where near experienced with the world of magick, but I studied drama for four years. That guy should win an award.

If it was by some chance real, then I think he probably didn't want to do it because it wasn't practiced and if he got it wrong then everyone would think he was fake even if he actually did get possessed.

Like I said before, too dramatic. I've heard possessions can be quite violent (movements are similar to that of bad seizures) but that was just too melodramatic IMO.

I think it was perfectly fair for Criss to ask what was in the envolope. He could have described it too. For example if it was a $100 note, he could describe that it had numbers on it or specifically the number 100, it's colour etc. If it was a letter, he could pick up on the fact that it had writing on it or even guess certain words.

I honestly think that because he couldn't act it out in a controlled environment (controlled by him that is), then he didn't want to do it because he wouldn't get results. I do not know if his acting was real or not, but I know that something is strange when he wouldn't accept Criss' challenge.

Why would someone who has the ability to do something not do it? If you have telepathy and can mind read, why wouldn't you do so if it was as simple as saying what colour a person was thinking?

I personally believe that people who go on TV claiming they have the ability have not truelly practiced and trained their skills (if they have them at all). All they are looking at doing is getting a bit of personal glory.

My 2 cents...

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post Nov 12 2007, 02:18 AM
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Taoist Mystic
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QUOTE(Paradox @ Nov 11 2007, 04:35 PM) *
Do you think he's faking it?

Of course, he was faking, yes the acting was over the top, but to his credit- assuming it was not prearranged- "metal, rectangular, 4wheels" is better than my usual pendulum reading, though why the next word out of his mouth was not "car" I don't know.

Call me old fashioned but I thought salt was supposed to keep the stuff out of you? same with circles? And mister ed or who ever it was just so happened to get passed a salt circle and get all up in you? It just seemed kinda random and slapped together for me?

Yes, it seemed he had a bit of everything there, aromatic writing, possession, channeling, even a circle of salt. Blessed salt, magick circles whatever the form- or any thing that was "empowered" to stop things from passing- will keep out most anything. That leads me to think that ether it was just for show or he was faking it. Also, the bit at the beginning about going to another reality was bothersome. But, mostly I dislike how he picked a fight with Criss Angel, I have yet to see an serious occultist who got in a huff over something as small as a challenge. Dgd got my opinion of that whole show with "...people who go on TV claiming they have the ability ... are looking at doing is getting a bit of personal glory."

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post Nov 12 2007, 02:37 AM
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Resident Fool
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Thanks for sharing that…I loved it, truly fun.

Chris Angel is an illusionist, and currently the top dog in a very talented field. However much some of my friends consider him “the real thing” I personally think he is the best in his field. But not “the real thing” he is just good at illusions and showmanship. He has also created a persona that grabs the whole 80s rock star thing.

Now on the whole phenomena character, Jim Callahan, I don’t know him from Jane Doe. And I think I have watched one snippet of the show (commercial to commercial)

Breaking down the circle concept. Circle of salt to keep things out, except those things invited in. This is what he did.

As for all the heavy breathing…I have seen channeling, it was more subtle then that, but potentially more embarrassing, facial expressions are often way off, and topics may come up that the channel would rather not come up.

I have no idea what the guy was doing…the automatic writing while having what seemed like an intense exertion was more into Chris Angels category of “selling it”.

As for people “selling” their gift. There are many reasons to do it. There are a many people who “communicate with the dead” and they seem to do it legitimately, little fanfare, little mysticism.

Chris seemed to smell a fake, and seemed offended, his reaction was correct for him. Good for him, putting his money where his mouth is.

But the subject of “Selling out” I believe really depends how it is done, those with gifts or abilities should share them, but they also need to care for themselves. Charging outright works for some, moving beyond that and some other media outlet allow the mediums more time to themselves and to sometimes help more people.

In the end it all depends on what allows the best. Exploiting others I think is piss poor, I have been to gifted people who I have seen tapped in, and I have seen them get nothing, yet they still give a “reading” or whatever. Is a true reading/channeling worth more then a fake one? How do you know you will always have a true one? There are many moral questions there, how mediums deal with it, I hope is what they feel best.

But my take on Jim Callahan is about the same as Chris Angel, it screamed of fakeness to me.

However no matter what, it does improve the ratings of the show.


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post May 31 2008, 06:44 PM
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first i think callahan might be a bad actor, and a stage magician
second, i think that s exactly how Franz Bardon s public received his performances. Let s remember he was a stage performer also, but quite versed in true magic and hermetism.
third, i think calahan know a little about magic too with the salt circle and so on. i know the salt circle to be very effective.
fourth, i think angel is more knowledgeble in the occuilt than he appears to be. it looked like he put a sigil ward against psi reading on the envelope , if you ask me..

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