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Full Version: A Modern Analysis Of The Kabalion?
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I've read the kabalion a few times and it has been useful in expanding my understanding of esoteric ideas.i believe it was published around 1906,even before the theory of relativity was published but correct me if i'm wrong.It mentioned how at the time scientist's were beginning to discover many of the esoteric idea's expressed in the kabalion.Well seeing as it's been over a hundred years since it's been published and science has come a long way since then is there a good recently published book that explore's modern scientific discoveries and the the idea's of the kabalion?
Are you talking about the KYBALION?

The Hermetic Philosophy etc 1912

If so that is a great book, especially after years of thought and experimentation, many books may be assimilated before hand to aid the tools of understanding, concepts, ideals, and how we correspond personal experience with anothers conveyed message.

There are many old books, yet they seem to be mere guides to aid our capacity to grow if we so choose. Couple some contemporary books, like (beyond Einstein), (science and the akashic field), and to go back( As a man thinketh), maybe throughout all ages, all cultures there has existed an essence that is beyond the superficial differences that alone will stand the test, we all must touch the stove, to Know what it is to be burnt, is that not what we seek, otherwise we may just as well take anothers word as our personal truth, and that may very well be the source of much strife and feeling our way blindly in this sea of vibrations.
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