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I have recently started working with a black (scrying, magic... whatever you choose to call it) mirror. I have gotten some results... but (always a but huh?) they seem kind of strange to me and I am hoping to get better ones.

So far I have seen a man who covered his eyes confused012.gif and a woman who covered the mirror with her hands. Other than these two I have only seen what I guess you could describe as moving landscapes. (Don't ask me on that one, but hey... never a bad thing to look out over a field with trees or the ocean.. so not complaining)

I tried to speak to the man and woman both... the man disapeared and the woman just walked off uninterested. The man never returned, though the woman does occasionally move past as if making a show of ignoring me (though if I am lucky she'll stop to cover the mirror with her hands again) lol

I was hoping for some advice on how to attract anything else to the mirror if there is a way to do that, or atleast to get a response out of the woman.

I'm starting to think it may be time to move onto something else other than the mirror... maybe it's just not something that will work for me, but figured I'd ask for help before moving on to something else. I kind of enjoy the mirror and am hoping I can get better results with a little bit of help/advice.

Thanks in advance to everyone who has any ideas that may help me out.
The man covering his eyes and the woman covering the mirror suggest that they're trying to keep you from seeing something. Perhaps an entity, maybe a guide, is trying to hid something from you.

Maybe you should try to figure out who's doing this, and whether their intentions are in your favor.
Or it could be your subconscious.

Just a thought.
the mirror is often seen as a window into the astral. most likely these things are just astral entities with no particular importance or skill. Perhaps they are even a little interested.

They are good for training your vision and will help you be prepared for serious evocation.
Your banishing skills need to be perfect before you evoke anything, so be sure of that first.
Pointing out that something that isn't magickally related was for a purpose. Not everything has to do with magick. That possibility does exist.

*Just being the faithful advocate*
That is perfectly true, that leads to 2 conclusions on this case.

1: This man is delusional and is seeing things that aren't real.
2: All magick and also the art of skrying is just the subconscious, which is something many people believe.

In the case of the first, well it can be seen as an insult...

In the case of the second my answer is still valid.
It is still a good way to practice skrying techniques. The mechanisms of magick do not change with this view.
Well, not so much delusional I would think. By then mention of his covering of the eyes dealio, it would lead me to a conclusion that there is something the inquirer does not want to see, either sub-consciously or consciously, which leads down to fear. What we don't understand we fear, what we fear we try to get rid of (either through destruction, or pretending it does not exist), and what we can't get rid of, we fear. It's a vicious cycle, yo.

In this case, from my interpretation as a whole, I would say that the man is really a projection of that fear, and the woman (stereotypically a comforter, nurterer) is protecting the inquirer from they do not want to see. In most situations, it would be say "Try and uncover what is bothering you", but then you run into a snag...if it's something you do not want to see, your ambition to uncover it will be greatly reduced.

Such trying times....
Fair enough.

I can see how that could be the case.

That would however, clearly be the second, that all magick is psychology.

What were you thinking when looking into the mirror, what did you expect, what questions did you ask. Perhaps these entities of the mind or of the astral where trying to teach something, perhaps not...

The point remains, further study in banishing techniques and magick in general should help in sorting out this puzzle.
To be honest I was mainly just curious if I would see anything when I started. And as far questions go I've asked nothing other than who they are... figured I'd start simple.

And I guess it could be all in my mind, but then again visualization is a major part of most of these things from what I have heard. So, I guess it is possible that the subconcious thing would be possible. But then again nothing has been bothering me lately that I can think of that my mind would hide from me.

If the woman is a guide trying to hide something from me she is doing well... I am seeing things more clearly and with more detail now, but still nothing new. Same woman and the same fields. Just more vivid and actually with some colors.

As far as dillusional goes... god I hope not smile.gif If I start seeing anything outside of the mirror that shouldn't be there I'll be sure to contact a professional soon as possible wink.gif

Thanks for the possible suggestions as to what it could be, I'll try to figure out if there is anything I'm hiding from myself I guess as well as trying to get a response out of her... after all... if she is a guide maybe she'll let me see eventually, and if she is my subconcious, well... then maybe she'll let me see what's bothering me. After all, either way they know what they are protecting me from, or hiding from me.

Thanks again

(and not easilly offended. And anyways, if you post something about seeing something in a mirror other than what's in the room, and DON'T expect that as a possible thought/response... well... then you may have a problem. lol, and I trully doubt that was what was meant... I have read posts from Dollhouse in here before and think she usually brings up good points)
This might not be a good idea but, did you know you can use walls to see with? If anyone's tried before it's kind of like looking at a magick eye picture to find depth to open up to somewhere else to see.
Ive been wondering... when it's dark are we closer to someones subconcious? During the day there is a lot of what you could call noise or even time in our minds from the day light and all objects around. So when its dark there is much less in the way, which could enable you to be closer to someone's subconcious.

Hope that makes sense,
QUOTE(Coffee @ Oct 5 2006, 10:12 AM) *
Ive been wondering... when it's dark are we closer to someones subconcious? During the day there is a lot of what you could call noise or even time in our minds from the day light and all objects around. So when its dark there is much less in the way, which could enable you to be closer to someone's subconcious.

Hope that makes sense,

Very intresting, i have been wondering about the same thing ... Why are kids afraid of the dark ? why do they claim they see things ? (and yet parents tell them to get their heads out of the clouds) why is it in darkness we truley see/feel ?

i was reading a sufi book, and according to some suffi masters we have more than 1000 hidden gifts or abilities, what ever abilitie you develop or master is just a part of that vast ocean of hidden gifts.

And i was readin about a one of the specific gifts (THE NOCTURNAL SENSE) as they called it, it is somehow similar to what you are asking... but Sorry , I don't remember much details.

Are you just staring blankly into the thing? Define your intent before you start. Perform an actual evocation of some specific entity and instruct them to appear to you by means of the mirror, that way you have some means of determining success.

On a more practical level, I often find that once the vision starts the whole "picture quality" can be improved by closing my eyes. Of course, the nature of the entity you are working with may determine whether you think that is a good idea or not.

Do not pay attention to things that you read giving you the impression that scrying requires some kind of meditative state of relaxation. This is, IMHO, bollocks. It is true that you enter into a trance state, but maintaining the image and working it requires the strictest concentration. It can be both mentally and physically exhausting.
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