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+ Kinjo -
I have been planning to take a Kedjawen's ritual (tantric mantra japa sadhana) in an attempt to attain Siddhi but have not have the motivation to start the 7 days white fasting yet rolleyes.gif maybe soon... when I'm in the mood to torture myself wacko.gif

I'm interested to hear if anyone here has attain any siddhi? your method/s of attaining it?
I was under the impression that the Siddhi's were the 'aftereffects' of using various meditations towards enlightenment (such as Kundalini yoga) and not something to strive towards. During conciousness enlightenment certain 'abilities' manifest. These are not to be considered 'achievements' but rather signposts on your path. "the Serpent Power" by Avalone (sp?) goes into the various Siddhi's and their meanings when they manifest. Good Luck!

This is a good link for exploring the 9 siddhi ...

The Nine Siddhi

A number of years ago I set out into the spiritual world of wonder and was introduced to the fiery serpent energy (kundalini) etc etc and one of the other 'wonders' revealed to me were the siddhi ...

I once trained and trained ... fasted and fasted .... meditated and meditated sometimes as much as a week on end in a deep state ....

I only ever accomplished one thing ... levitating off the ground whilst in a standing position ONCE for about 2 seconds ... which felt like a lifetime. I was shown it and had it witnessed ... but nothing since!!!

Kinjo mate ... good luck ... I know just how difficult it is and how dedicated you must be to attain even one of these ....!!!

+ Kinjo -
Thanks for the replies.

Attaining siddhi seemed to be a damn hard venture angry_pissed_off_emoticon.gif

It's about 3.00am here and I just finished - well, gave up... one Kejawen ritual (tantra sadhana) which has a 60 seconds mantra to recite and has to be chanted for 313x to attain one specific siddhi. The ritual began with cleansing ritual shower and wearing a cloth of the same color afterward. I simply put on my black tau robe. Then went off to my ritual room and swallow an empowered pill for this specific ritual with water previously steeped into 5 types of flower. The pill acts like a liquid talisman which will dissolve and integrate with my etheric body which designed to help amplify my thoughts and plant the seed of the siddhi.

In the dark with my asana, I then began chanting the mantra mentally with my rudraksha mala.
Blablabla... I have problems with my asana badmood.gif - my feet and muscles began to ache, one mosquito somehow sneak inside - kissing me here and there... whispering in my ears, my dog sometimes crys outside my ritual room missing me and parts of my body aching which seemed like 1000 needles pinned on my legs.

Now, I managed to chant 108 mantras for almost 3 hours straight before the physical, mental pain and the temptations to quit was so terribly great I finally gave up with one self made excuse to try to make it up.

After a couple experiences in trying to achieve this, I think to attain Siddhi, the very first step is to master the asana and able to meditate comfortably for at least 6 hours straight without changing the asana/move. Secondly, a focused mind with a good stamina to keep watching the chants mentally with a steady and continuous beats without mind farts.

On a lighter note. I just received my books from India about mantra & tantra and in it, there're many instructions in attaining various siddhis - minor practical siddhis, not like the big ones you posted Mr. Merlin. And many of the mantras listed there were shorter (maybe 10 seconds, 1000/day to recite - about 2,5 hours of mantra japa daily) and seemed easier to accomplish daily, but requires continued sadhana for 21 days before siddhi achieved.

Well, great things does not happen overnight.
hi, i'm from india and i have more than 500 books(occult) in my computer.
i have many books for sidhis also . i know there are few mantras through them you can get a lot of sidhis but you are right most of them includes fasting for few days. i know many BABA's who has these kind of sidhis but the thing is none of them is computer literate .so, if you want books or mantras i will try and get that mantra for that specific thing. for e.g. i can tell you mantras for unlocking locks without keys,and eating bulbs and tubelight or any kind of glass without harming your body. and trust me i have seen someone eating tubelight after getting that sidhi . i have tons of information about these but can't put everything here .if i have the permission from the seniors from this forum i can put content page of few books here.
+ Kinjo -
Go ahead dennis. I am interested.
if you haven't already incorporated breathing practices into your practice for attaining siddhi Kinjo I would definitely add one or two. Practicing the bellows breath is something I've seen referred to by many authors and can definitely have mind altering affects when practiced for more than 10 minutes. Any pranic breathing would definitely help you learn to focus your mind much better.
Kiwi Kid
Ok well, I had something here, which was lost when our friend came...

But anyway, I'd recommend as I said before doing some pranayama before, this allows you to not only reach a deeper state, where chanting japa with correct devotion and concentration, but also gives energy, which begins to associate itself with the japa, allowing progress to be more powerful. In particular I'd recommend aum vilom (alternate nostril pranayama) and spinal breathing for at least 5 mins before commencing japa. As mentioned in the post above, bhastrika is also quite good, but I didn't think of it in my first post.

Another recommendation would be to try and sit in siddhasana if possible, or at least, have somethinng pressing against your perinium, this helps prevent apana from leaving, and sends it upwards to feed the internal fire, which should speed progress up even more.

But then, I haven't ever really done japa or anything at all to attain siddhis take what I say with a grain of salt. smile.gif
i'm giving you content of 2 books i have :
tell me which one you want i'll tell you
Dennis12, would you mind revealing the books name(s) and author(s)?
The Table of Contents read something like the tabloids advertised at the back of comic books (no slight intended!) I'd be very curious to find out. Thanks for anything you'd care to impart. wacko.gif
hi bym,
go to and check their e book section

let me know , if you need more information. i'm lucky that you replied for my message . you are the most favorite guy in this forum i always read your replies on every page coz you got experience more than my age.
bym, can you accept me as your disciple ?
i would be glad . according to our tradition (indian) we can't achieve the hights of success without a guru.

Greetings Dennis12!
I'm flattered by your question but, sadly, must decline your offer.
There are those on Forum that have far better grasp/understanding on matters of magic(k) than I. Plus, such undertaking should never be done lightly...on both parties part(s). For me it is a HUGE responsibility and I, frankly, don't think myself as you, this is an important step in your life. You don't know me other than a few posts on this forum. I urge you to look carefully for a teacher/guru. The world is filled with opportunists and just unsavory types waiting for trusting souls to prey upon. I know that it is frustrating for an eager younger person who wishes to be on track with their studies. Alas, I'm not the one you seek. I will, however, be glad to answer when I can but you must promise to look elsewhere for a guru and don't just trust anybody that comes along. It is true that knowledge has a price...but don't throw your money after opportunists in hopes of gaining enlightenment. Enlightenment, albeit spirituality is a very personal thing and is not offered off a shelf. We are now OffTopic! Thanks for the info and be well! laugh.gif
bym, thx for the guidance. i'v worked on few things of magic but i don't know why i never heard about those things here in this forum . so, i keep my mouth shut (i really feel bout that). please tell me what you think about
+ Kinjo -
Stay on topic please.
Thank you Kinjo!
Whilst reading some Kenneth Grant the other day, "The Nightside of Eden", mentions the attaining of specific siddhi's to be gained whilst the magician explores the qlipphotic paths on the 'underside' of the Tree of Life. He refers to these paths as "the Tunnels of Set". The standard siddhi's are hinted at: invisibility, glamour, amassing wealth, bilocation, etc. Note to budding magicians: This is not for beginners nor the faint of heart! Please stick to the more placid methods of yoga, etc.!
What surprises me (and you'd think I'd've learned by now) are all the people who think that contorting ones body and intoning mantra will grant you various abilities that you didn't have before! True, with practice, one will gain the mystic ability of contortionism and the unique power of exploring the resonant capabilities of ones nasal passages! All kidding aside. The 'quick' methods usually lead to frustration and a nagging backache! It is the underlying mental discipline and the resultant enlightenment that bring most of these alternative abilities. It takes hard work!
It was mentioned in another post that certain swamis gain the ability to eat glass. Why? I what end? You'll not gain abit of nutrition from the glass. I must confess that I'm clueless. Granted, the reason alot of us who study magic are for rather mundane reasons that satisfy ones ego. We want to feel special. We want to be powerful.

If you practice the honing of your attention span and your innate ability to concentrate and hold an image in your head for over 3 minutes withour error you will be well on your way to mastering much of what is necessary to experience expanded consciousness. Whilst in various stages of trance state when certain mantras are intoned you will find yourself uplifted. It may happen that you are actually 'floating' 4 inches off the ground...but you will not care! You will be awash in the bliss state and nothing so grossly physical will capture your attention!
There are reasons for doing these exercises and meditations...and they usually do not include the ability to fly (or some such). The Siddhi's are frequently used to capture the aspirants attention whilst another hand is picking your pocket! It's like buying the book "How to become a millionaire!" only to find out that you only needed to sell your own book first or work hard and gain from your efforts.
Thanks for allowing my rant. blush2.gif
I have come to believe that greatest siddhi is LOVE. Let me tell you about a devotional song that muslim poet Rasakhan wrote of Sri Krishna :-
' O Krishna, all gods worship you incessantly
And You do not get pleased by them
Yet in exchange for a cupful of buttermilk
You dance to the tune of cowherdesses;
Any number of golden palaces can I discard
In favour of the beautiful bowers ;
I shall throw off all the 8 siddhis & 9 nidhis
In favour of grazing cows in the pastureland of Brindavan.'
Attaining these states of being through intoning mantras and assuming different postures interrests me a lot. Would anyone care to post some of the basics?
I'm not that familiar with this system, but would like to learn more. help.gif
this aligns a little to the chi lesson i will soon start to teach.
I suppose some of you know and some don't that siddhis are considered to be distractions which take you away from the main goal of satori or samadhi. Many people get into these disciplines for the wrong reasons, at least the wrong reasons according to various masters.
This situation involving siddhis and enlightenment reminds me of the situation involving working out to look good, and working out to be healthy.

Declaring that one endeavours toward enlightenment is the “politically correct” statement to make, instead of declaring that one works to receive benefits from siddhis. The same goes with regard to health. Declaring that one endeavours toward health is the “politically correct” statement to make, instead of declaring that one works out to receive benefits from looking good.

I must admit that the vast majority of people I know who primarily workout for health reasons have suffered serious health problems, and who subsequently became Born Again Wellness Disciples. I suspect that the same situation is accurate for people who have suffered serious problems with spiritual presence, and who subsequently converted to some pathway for such development.

Sure, sure – I know a few individuals who were raised in an environment that consistently emphasized, and who maintain their health as part of living their lives. I also know a few individuals who were raised in an environment that consistently emphasized spiritual workouts, and who likewise maintain their spiritual health as part of living their lives.

But in both cases, the number of those individuals who do so have been significantly small.

Far, far more primarily work out to look good. And - I suspect that if there was not such a stigma against admitting it – far more would admit to primarily meditating for cultivating siddhic abilities.
Praxis, I suspect that you are right...people do try/use the meditations for the sole reason of obtaining the siddhis. Unfortunately when the siddhis are gained the aspirant tends to become obsessed with the siddhi affect and not the path toward enlightenment....if that was the supposed goal to begin with. A stagnation then sets in and most, if any, progressive movement is halted. It all depends on which school of thought you ascribe to. To most, though, when asked if you'd rather have the ability to levitate or enter a transcendental bliss state, the answer would be 'levitation, please!'...with no bones about it! LOL! This is why we aren't terribly enlightened as a race, IMHO, of course!
I belonged to a school of Qigong which taught us to ignore any growing psychic abilities as being irrelevant. Anyhow that is how I thought for many years. But I became less comfortable with some aspects of Chinese culture over time. I began to see that Qigong or energy work is actually universal and at one time was probably known in Europe as well. My concepts changed so that I Europeanized or westernized my energy work and evolved into a neo-pagan. At that point I had contact with other neo-pagans who seemed to have a very different attitude than I had. With me, I had meditated daily and over time I happened to develop special abilities and had shamanic and otherworldly experiences. But these were irrelevant to me at the time. However I was meeting with people all the time that weren't interested in the spiritual aspects, but wanted to develop spiritual abilities. I found it rather strange. I suppose that this is why I posted here as I did. My purpose in my spiritual practice is still primarily spiritual. But I am beginning to value these abilities at times. I still have some misgivings though.
Jed Mckenna, I'm 95% that was his name. He has a book out on attaing enlightment.

You can probably find it as a free download on the web with a little googling.

I would suggest giving it a read and seeing if it complements what your already learning.
Goibniu, those are wise words.

Many western people start studying the occult in hopes of ataining such "powers". They attain nothing of spiritual value and feed their egos more and more.
Most give up on occultism completely when they don't seem to learn any tricks fast enough.

I bow to you in respect of your wisdom. laugh.gif
Vagrant Dreamer

I had the oppurtunity a little while ago, after having read the beginning of this thread initially, to speak with a guri. On the subject of Siddhi, she had this to say: That Siddhi are manifestations of spiritual progress, and that giving them the attention of your conscious efforts to advance spiritually is like admiring how fast your car is going while the transmission falls apart under the hood. She never does seem to say anything directly.

But, Her advice to me was to simply devote all attention to the mastery of the body through asana, then the mastery of the mind through shavasana. She said no more of the Siddhi, but afterwards her student, who was nice enough to introduce me, found it necessary to explain that all of the Siddhi are the manifested, gross benefits of the subtle states of mind within, which occur naturally when we devote ourselves to mastery over the body and mind.

Since then, I have manifested two siddhi, and only when I was not even thinking about it - in fact, they took me by surprise all together. However, I find that the further towards mastery you can push your attention, and the farther away from the intended results you can push it, the more quickly will it manifest itself. Then, once you have attained it the first time, it is like being able to see in a room that was previously dark - you still are only just familiar with it, but in time you could walk into it with your eyes closed and it is just as familiar.

So, my own advice, is to pick an Asana to begin with, perhaps one appropriate for the Siddhi you do wish to attain eventually, and devote yourself entirely towards mastering that Asana/Mantra combination, and your mind with it, for no other reason than to achieve that mastery. When Siddhi manifest, you will certainly know, and the less you expect it, the more likely it will be.

+ Kinjo -
Thanks Vagrant Dreamer, that was an excellent advice! i_triangle.gif
Just a point to note..
When you are doing certain sadhnas for e.g to make a demon manifest which will follow your orders (called the Pisach saddhna)... There are certain things to keep in mind is that if you get your result (the demon appears before you somplete your ritual) then this does not mean you have been successful.. Sometimes some entitied may manifest before you attain siddhi so that if you stop y our sadhna, the entity wont be on your control and will leave you and your sadhna unfruitful..
If a sadhna requirs you to do a mantra 1000 times do the 1000 times.. if its 125000 times , do it to completion... if a sadhana tells that after reciting a mantra for 11 rounds (11*108) then take your stuff and put in a cross road at midnight, its only after you do the whole thing that you attain siddhi and not before even if the spirit you wanted to contact appears before////

Regards Mystick

You could only use some tips so as to reduce the number of times by take into considerations the diffrent "facilities that nature gives" Doing a mantra before a guru who give you a diksha can make one chant of the mantra worth 1000 or more... I dont have the exact number of times this is multiplied to but its depending on how powerful your guru is and things like doing it on eclipse period etc....
QUOTE(dennis12 @ Dec 12 2005, 04:26 PM) *
i'm giving you content of 2 books i have :
tell me which one you want i'll tell you


I am a newbie in here, can i ask you good selves for a copy of the books you have. i went of site but now they dont sell individual books, and all 12 books has to be bought together.

Can you please email me the copy of the 2 books book.gif you have.

I'm just a litle curious. Does anyone know how one might go about attaining kamachari? I've found a few references to this siddhi, but nothing actually useful.

I'm aware of the spiritual implications of such a question, but I'm a bit utilitarian these days.
Long time no see...?
Well, you, of all people, should realize that the siddhi's are not just something we can chemically produce or 'inspire' by physical techniques, etc. They require the aspirant to practice with both physical and mental exercises.

Kamachari is basically teleportation. The above link gives a quick look at the siddhi's and the traditional route to their attainment.
Being a pragmatist I would love to be able to quickly shortcut to the good stuff, LOL!, but, alas, it doesn't work that way. If you can find a cooperative yogi, then he/she may be able to astrally manipulate your energy fields...but this route can be dangerous for obvious reasons.
Good luck, and good to hear from you again! laugh.gif
Silly me for not checking back on this sooner - I was expecting a delayed response not one within a few hours. 13.gif Yes, it has been a while, hasn't it?

Since kamachari is also described as "moving to where one desires", I was half expecting the obvious answer that attaining some level of enlightenment helps you to be satisfied with exactly where you are; something I've found to be ironically true but frustratingly impractical.

Unfortunately I don't believe myself lucky enough to have a yogi readily available for such an endeavour, hence why I thought I'd ask... a few people here have demonstrated that they do have such guidance - and I was hoping some might be able to be passed along.

But if what it says about "binding Vayu" is correct, I may already be working along the right path,,, although without any pointers I'm still a bit in the dark.
Earth Star
Maybe this could help someone attain siddhis. It basically says so. But it's kinda confusing. Anyway look for the section that says Khagdamala Stotram. It talks about worshiping the outer enclosure of the sri yantra and absorbing the siddhis... or something. If anyone firgures it out please inform me about it. Here's the link

What do u think about use some drugs or herbs to raise kundalini and attain all siddhis (major and minor)?

It says that it takes just a few days with herbs

Posts 17 and 23, Pure Wisdom.
I don't think you *need* a guru. If you did, then where did the first guru come from? that said, it certainly couldn't hurt.

I think siddhis are something that bystanders focus on much more than the one attaining it. A siddhi is more of a side effect. I don't think you can approach it's attainment if the 'side effect' is your goal.
I have found myself displaying a few traits which might be called siddhis by some, but all of them were just side effects of my more focused goal of spiritual evolution.
I once moved a tea cup about 3 or 4 centermeters across the table in front of my farther and mother while we were at a restaurant. this was when I was practicing trataka a hell of alot and practicing the psi wheel for telekinesis. later my farther said in a jokingly way that it was like moving something by staring at it with your eyes. this is a key to it I think. and I have made something become transparent because of mirror scying but this of course can nothing because I was the only one to witness it.

Levitation I have never done but I love to fly during sleep. it has a really cool feeling like being weightlessness I do enjoy it very much. kind of like floating.

But this really is not something I openly brag about with non magick people even after the telekinesis incident I kept it to myself.
Do you think that there are only a set number of siddhis? like the nine main, the eight primary, the ten secondary, etc?

Or do you view it as more just any ability which outwardly appears to be 'superhuman' and is the result of spiritual development?
According to written texts there are eight but I think that with every human being comes infinite shades of 'gray'...
I'm not sure of just a exhaustive search has been done, after all, these are 'side effects' and this, by nature, must be
as varied as the people manifesting them. I've also noted that the minor chakras are complicet with siddhi-like manifestations, like if there was an energy blockage in the heart chakra, you may find that the energy is shunted to the hands, etc. and those energy centers, once activated can result in different 'side effects'. This can be borne out of the use of certain vegetable and/or mineral 'drugs' that mimic the arousal of the fire snake and its resultant siddhi's. Jus' a thought...IMHO!
well, in different sources, there are alternate lists of siddhis, with anywhere from 5 to 10 siddhis listed. and they don't all overlap or match up. Which makes me kinda think that any ability which could be generally considered to be 'supernatural' or at least 'superhuman', which is the result of spiritual development, might be considered a siddhi... its a thought anyway laugh.gif
You make an excellent point!
I tend to view the Siddhis as more or less inherent psionic abilities that become activated during meditations and spiritual workings.
There have been a number of Siddhis that do 'overlap' when viewed in this context...but whatever works for you! I've observed Siddhi manifestation within a passive observant during a ritual pathworking. So much for being 'passive'...but this could also be argued that what was manifested was not an actual Siddhi at all. There are so many contradictory histories in the Hindu/Tantric/Buddhist/etc. writings about this that it is hard to pin down. Having an Inner Source certainly will help you on straightening out some of the crap and politics that appear rife within these systems. If you have some new info about the Siddhis I'm very open to reading/listening about them. On a shamanic level I've experienced them at times with and without plant allies. I'd much prefer the non-drug approach as it tends to be more reliable to ones senses.
If you have some new info about the Siddhis I'm very open to reading/listening about them.

hmm, well for example there is the siddhi regarding not needing food or drink for several days, without discomfort.
Honestly that more sounds more like an act of willpower than a supernatural talent, but the 'without discomfort' bit might differentiate it from simple willpower.

An ability which is a little bit like that, which I use 'intermittently', is to skip sleep for abnormally large periods of time (say 48-72 hours or so), without feeling sleepy or tired. There is a gradual drop-off in mental acuity though, and eventually this will become severe enough to demand sleep, but I don't feel any overt need for rest. In other words, I can stay up all night, and feel like dancing on the ceiling the next day (figuratively) instead of being a zombie. This is just due to really excessive personal energy levels. Actually such high levels seem to prevent sleep to an 'unwanted' degree, unless periodically discharged.

Somewhat related to that, is that I can (usually) sort of jump-start REM sleep phase before being fully unconscious. So basically I start dreaming, intentionally, a few minutes or seconds before I'm all the way unconscious. This results in getting the required REM portion of sleep out of the way very quickly (you only need a couple hours of it). So I can continue for prolonged periods (longest i've tried is about 8 weeks) with just 3-4 hours of sleep per 24 hour period, without noteworthy discomfort. But even then the body does eventually get to feeling worn down, and needs a day or two of longer rest.

It's handy as a time saver, and I abuse it pretty frequently. more days than not I'm going on less than 4 hours sleep. And you really wouldn't guess it by my energy levels. Just last night I napped for about 2.5 hours, and I feel fine.

I find that one of the major functions of sleep is to replenish personal energy levels. If you replace that function, then you're left with a somewhat incomplete need for sleep. the brain still needs about 2 hours of REM sleep to reshuffle short term memory tidbits into long term memory. It usually takes a few hours of sleep before you enter into REM sleep, but it can occur almost instantly as well. It's fairly variable. And the body & brain both need a 'refractory period' to reset themselves chemically. And the body itself needs a certain amount of sedate relaxation (but not necessarily "sleep") each day.

Of course everyone needs different amounts of sleep. But I used to need 7-8 hours of sleep to function decently, and over a period of less than a year I shifted from that, to needing only 3-4 hours of sleep, or no sleep at all for a day or two.

I can think of other siddhi-like abilities which I seem to have manifested on ocassion, but none with the ease & regularity of the above example.

Have always been of the opinion that Siddhis, gained in any practice, are distractions... exit doors dimly illuminated for the ego as it were. All too many magicians fall for it bellowing their sucess from atop of some vantage point forgetting its just another place from which to hop off or fall from.

Power for powers sake. Still in the mode of survival, something we're all attempting to escape from.
yeah, anything that takes your eyes off the prize...

I don't understand how siddhis like teleportation, time travel or physical objects materialization can be done only through concentration.
well, in theory, if one's consciousness was infinite or approaching a more infinite state instead of it's normal finite state, then 'concentration' might take on a radically different scope and context.

but to be honest, I don't quite see how one could do those things through only concentration either... which could mean that they're "silly" or it could just mean that i haven't figured that bit out yet wink.gif
when i was a youth of around 7 years old i was staying the night at my grandparents house, which at the time was something i loved doing. when it was time for bed i didnt want to go to sleep because i wanted to be awake with my grandparents and uncle. i found myself in the bed in the spare bedroom for an hour unable to fall asleep. it was about 10:30 and this thought arose in my mind to simply to blink to make the time go by til morning, so i blinked and then it was about three hours later. i blinked again and a couple more hours passed. i blinked around 5 or 6 times, each time the duration of time that passed being less than the previous until finally the sun was rising. it was literally like a few seconds passed in the duration of a full nights sleep that didnt happen. what makes this even more interesting is that my grandpa was a watch repair man, and the spare bedroom i was sleeping in was the room where he worked, so there were all kinds of gadgets and watches everywhere as if the spirit of time was there in the room with me. several experiences of this nature have occured in my life but this was the only time it was willed {and so spontaneosly at that} i dont remeber if i read that folding time was actually a siddhi {though it might have been listed} but of course bi-location is and this is at least reflective of that ability.

i see the attaining of enlightenment and the attaining of abilities almost synonomously. one doesnt need to be seen as far superiour to the other. it all depends on the ultimate motive. although certain abilities peak my interest, in all honesty i myself would take an enduring state of bliss and wisdom over the ability to levitate

in the clear light

i would like to apologize a minute, i thought the discussion was over on page one and didnt realize there was a page two and so i was kind of behind the discussion and may have interupted.

as for my mentioning of attaining abilities being almost synonomous with enlightenment was that in truth both experiences can potentially be as ego gratifying as the other only each type of gratification being at a different 'velocity' shall we say.

Kath is very right in mentioning that when one approaches an infinite state of consciousness that concentration can become a whole different thing. part of this is becoming for me about full realization of being inside the "divine mind" its like ones focus merges almost visibly with a larger framework or streta of awareness. from this point the experience of being outside ones ego while still percieving through it is attained and the universe itself is sharing the concentration.

oddly enough it has been just recently where i felt the inkling to try and use this abilty of changing the contours of time by will. nothing like what i described in the above post has happened {though that isnt really what im trying to do}. the method im working with is one of absorbing the fact that i am my own experience of time and either austerley savoring with a clear mind every breath, thought, movement, ect...ect... to make it go slow, or clearing the mind and ignoring everything thats passing within and without to speed it up. im also quite certain {by way of certain other experiences in my past} that developing a working relationship with the earths two primary luminaries that much vaster types of time warping are possible.

I read that Lsd helps to ones mind to remove mental blocks and improve concentration. Some people take this entheogen to attain siddhis.
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