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Full Version: Choosing a secure password
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Choosing a secure password

Many of you will have experienced what it is like to have a favourite forum hacked and the loss of posts that you have taken time over and the general uncertainty and disruption while everything is fixed.

With this in mind, please think about how you choose your passwords.

General guidelines:

1 Never use the same password for any other thing that you log into

2 Do not pick obvious words like names of family or occult related names for forums like these

3 Use a mix of letters and numbers

4 Make them at least 8 characters long

5 Change your password periodically

6 Don't send your password over the internet

7 DON'T tell anyone else your password

Other tips are to misspell chosen words or mix several words together that only make sense to you
Good posting, oh and its wise to also use caps.

a good tegnique is to use the following:

Take the first letter of every word in this sentence:

5 cats where running in Gods 12 acre yard tearing things into 7 pieces.

the pass:

Sugh a password is easy to remember, easy to come up with, but it has great strength against hacks. You can make up your own and have a password that is well defended against hacks.

Also, i don't think it is necesary for a normal user to take different passwords on each forum. becouse a normal users account if compromised cannot do any real damage to the forums.
However, an admin or moderator should never use his moderator password on another forum.
It is even good practise for an admin to never use his admin account unless he has to do administrative work. it should be more than enough to have moderator priviliges to do the day te day work.

Passwords on forums like these are sent in plain text format over the internet, they are not encrypted so they can possibly be sniffed out!
When an admins account is compromised in this way, the hacker has complete control over the forums!
Not logging in as admin every day diminishes the chance of that happening greatly.

Another option is to move these forums over to https, then it is impossible to sniff out paswords, since they are sent over a secure ssl tunnel. If the server supports this option. However other attacks are still possible.
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Thank you for adding your expertise to this A Smoking Fox smile.gif
Well i can give u a link where a lot about hacking & stuff is given.....

This is a site where a mag called WNM is available for download... read that mag, it has lots of info on hacking.... the url is is down now for server maintanence, but will be up in 5 hours max.

The mag is my friends, & i work on the Gadgets article for that mag...
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