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Full Version: First Thing We Saw When Skrying
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Many months ago I spent a few days in front of my dark mirror and just began with my basic skrying excercise. My mirror were permanently planted into my wooden solomonic triangle and I simply sit in front of it in my asana then stared at it as if I am looking at the 3D picture. On day 3 after failures (and tired eye balls! wacko.gif ), I saw a squid like creatures with thin long flowing tentacles swimming/flying round within the mirror.

Just a few days ago in a conversation when I shared my skrying vision with someone, he said that I was actually seeing my brain/wave(?) maybe my own thoughts? and he mentioned that with practice, the next thing I'll see is a glowing/sparkling same squids.

I am not sure what to think or say about his opinion. Have any of you experienced the same visions? What else do you usually see when you beginning to skry?
Well, when I first began scrying all I did see was a bunch a unintelligible "smoke" images. I always attributed this to your abilities coming around. Another words, your eye opening and begining to focus and percieve. I've had experiences with scrying where I've had no intentions of doing so. At one point I had been packing for a long trip to see my husband (who at that point was still my fiance). I had taken a break to collect my thoughts and mentally prepare myself for a long bus ride (*shudders* a 20 hour bus ride next to a person with horrid breath who slept with his mouth open wasn't pleasant). This point I had somewhat "dazed out" and began to stare at the carpeting, where I saw two images, one of a man and one of a woman, lay down together. Then as soon as they laid down, the woman sat back up with a child in her arms. Of course this snapped me out of it and made me think "Pregnat...ME?! NAH!" Well, of course, one month later I had become pregnat with my daughter.

I would say your begining stages of scrying are normal. Keep working with it, you're obviously percieving things quicker than normal. Being a little used to the routine of sitting down also helps. When you first sit down to work, you're often embarassed or nervous or just getting the hang of things. After a while you begin to get into a "groove" and loosen up. Of course, seeing things like that the first time are always great, it's getting used to them now in order to see other things.
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