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Full Version: How Do I Summon A Spirit Entity, Or Demon
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I was wondering if anyone could give some instructions on how to summon a spirit or demon, I know a little bit but any input would be great, thanks
I guess I'll say it before any other forum member sais it. The website, and the forums have all the information you need, if you look. There are a million users (not really, you get my point), who come and ask how to summon demons. I'm sure you'll find everytihing you need reading previous topics, and articles on the site.

.::Sempre Bene::..::Chris::.
-Fiat Lux
Thanks, I'll do a more thourough search, I guess I missed it bounce.gif
A general rule of thumb when wanting to summon or invoke is to start small. Learn to deal with less intimidating entities. Then work your way up. You will enjoy the experience more and there will be much less risk.
Dear 'Chorozon,'

You are in no way prepared to begin such serious work at the moment. I now know and understand from experience that to prepare for such an exalted ritual in Ceremonial Magic is simply foolish at this stage and will merit you nothing. It takes years and years of prepratory work FIRST. No one here will tell you this because MOST are new agers looking for 'quick fixes and instant gratification' to solve all of their life's problems--and obviously, nothing gets solved. If you are SERIOUS, I think Old System Magic would work best for you. Read Ceremonial Magic and the Power of Evocation by Joseph C. Lisiewski as soon as possible and visit his website 8th Matrix Press and get out of this miasma of 'starting with less intimidating entities and working your way up.' This is nothing short of dangerous and could cause you physical, psychological, and spiritual damage--as I have seen happen on this very website with those who have contacted me for help--it is no joke--these individuals got into MAJOR trouble. When I was younger, I visited this site all the time and listened to the butchered advice of these disgruntled individuals and almost LOST MY LIFE during an evocation to physical manifestation for listening to their made-up, 'feel good and groovy man' rules. Now I CAN say that I learned my lesson and paid a great price for my foolishness. If you want to 'learn' as you say, then you will have to WORK and WORK unmercifully hard to attain your heart's desire. These things do NOT happen overnight as some may have you believe. Oh, you'll get results if you apply these bizzare interpretations of magic based on the 'emotions' of these so-called modern day 'magicians'--but I promise that they will be partial or you will receive nothing at all. I mean to start you off on a good foot--as I have. You see, I am not 'preaching' here. I am teaching. Why? Because those who have DONE teach! I promise that if you OBEY THE RULES that were set in the old Grimoires (or Grammars of Magic) you will be just fine. You have ways to go, but put your stuborness aside and use the part of you that is indeed open (as I perceive) and use it to make that difference in your life that you have always wanted. I receive emails from THIS website because they are ALL complaining about 'why their Magic is not working.' Please exercise caution.

Most Sincerely,

Mr. Curi
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