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+ Kinjo -
Hi everyone,
I never used Ouija board before - well - I never was interested in magick or supranatural until recently.

Some questions on the Ouija, why does it suggested to have a minimum of 3 operator? If I ever gonna try it, I'd likely do it alone - tips and tricks pls?

Anything "bad" ever happen to you when using Ouija? I get the impression that Ouija, only deals with spirits of the dead - and not demons and other unborn entities. Is this so?
Ouija can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing with it but as long as you are mentally prepared and follow some basic steps there is no reason why you canít do it alone.

Ouija does in fact deal with spirits of the dead but you also have to remember that you even though you do have a choice of whom you summon spirits can be deceitful. You may think you are talking to your grandmother when in fact you are communicating with an axe murderer. Many People also have Internal demons and these can also manifest themselves.

This brings us onto the subject of possession:

If you do not banish the spirit from the board they are still present and have been known to create havoc when not checked. This incorporates everything from destruction of property to actual possession of the body.

I would conclude that the main reason for having 3 operators is that it is easier to clean up the mess if you have some help!!
Pretty Good Year
I use a Spirit Board by myself, performing LBRP's before and after is my personal thing so I feel it's safe. The only problem I've come across is the Board talking backwards, in German, or a random series of words. I really should try it with a few more people though... laugh.gif

Blessed Be.

A word of warning about the Ouija Board ... be very, very, very wary of any contact you gain through .... AND NEVER ASK FOR PHYSICAL PROOF ....

I dabbled with a home made Ouija board using Lexicon cards and an upturned tumbler ... as a 12 year old .... the entities we contacted ranged from informative to downright dangerous:-

We connected with a psychotic killer who murdered himself after killing his victim ....

We made contact with a negative entity while outside in the street ... I asked for proof ... the proof being to knock a passing cyclist off his bike; instantly from nowhere the bike was upended and the cyclist sent tumbling to the ground ...

I took it to high school and three of us made contact with a spirit claiming to be a Prince William ... linked to Oliver Cromwell ... we asked for proof and wrote down many historical facts ... we took the information to our History teacher ... he came back to us about a week later and wanted to know where we got the information from ... he'd had to search the University Of Manchester's library for the information ... we couldn't possibly have had access to the information as first years ... we told him it was via a ouija board and nearly got expelled!

In another instance we were in a classroom and one of us demanded physical proof ... instantly a dark shadow appeared in the corner of the room and banged a window shut!!!!

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THE PROBLEM WITH THE OUIJA LIKE I SAY IS YOU KNOW NOT WHO IT IS AT THE OTHER END AND EVEN WHEN AN ENTITY GIVES A NAME THEY CAN BE LYING ... ASKING FOR PHYSICAL PROOF WILL SUMMON AN ENTITY AND ONCE SUMMONED THEY ARE VERY, VERY DIFFICULT TO SEND BACK .... I suffered the backdraft of the summoning over 27 years ago .... it took me until 30 when I had knowledge of ridding exercises to get rid of it!!!!

+ Kinjo -
Care to share the ridding exercise you mentioned about please? LBRP?
Simply speaking ... it is tracing the entity which had been pulled through ... summoning it into the bounds of a highly charged circle .... encircled with unconditional love ....

The entity is then appealed to by showing it is no longer the stronger energy in the connection .... essentially I had to convince the entity I loved it with no condition ... I showed I was compassionate and totally forgiving for the chaos it had reaped ...

It was then sent back to whence it came ... and its link broken ...

I wish not to be reminded of the situation lest I reconnect the link and it comes back!!!

Needless to say the summoning and 'the trial' occurred on a higher vibration ... I wasn't alone in the meditation.

I learned too that 'as on earth, so in spirit' .... a important lesson to learn .... just because a soul has left behind the earth plane it doesn't make it able to instantly apply for angel status!!!

The darkly entity I linked with had appealed to my darker nature in years past; it was in a personal turmoil of its own and took the link with a naive but curious earthling as a chance to offload its darkest side in an attempt to move up the inter-dimensional planes ...

I was its unfortunate victim ... and it had literally compelled me to summon it!

fie.gif You learn from your mistakes in magic ... especially in the non-structured world of chaos magic!
By the way, how do you call the spirits themselves?? Is there some sort of ritual for that?

Will LBRP be sufficient before and after calling the spirit?

Is a circle needed for this? well i have heard of something similar to a quija board but a simpler version which consists of a 3 legged table... normally 3 people have their hands laid flat on it withg the thumbs crossed... After some moments of concentrations that spirits are going to come, you are supposed to ask the spirits to lift any one of the tables leg.

Lifting once may represent yes and twice can be no...

Till now i have not used this technique or only tried it unsuccessfully ou of curiosity but some people i know have reported to have successs with it...

Is the above method know to anyone?
also is the a quick means to call the spirits coz i have heard that it may take days or weeks of practice to be successful?
I use to use one all the time when I was eleven. I once pissed off a "demon" so much it threw my garbage bag acrossed the room and scrached "god sucks" on the window. The spirt was very bevis and butthead like and got pissed when I said any christian prayers. If the poltergist activity was caused by my subconcious or the others using the board is up for debate. If you are a good cermonial magican I doubt there is any danger, but as for worthwhile spirts showing up I wouldn't hold my breath.
I used to question the board with my grandmother (no magick user) when I was little. It worked very well between us and nothing "unusual" ever happened.
haha cool experiences..My friend's mom tried a ouija board with a friend when they were younger, and after asking a question, the planchette went flying and hit the wall, but she wont tell anyone what question she asked huh.gif
I must be old school. I do not think its a good idea.

You do not know what spirit you are talking to and have done nothing to force it to tell you the truth. So its obviously gonna have pretty random results depending on the type spirit who either decides to help you or laugh at you and tell you lies.

Perhaps if you did it during an elaborate ritual calling of a specific spirit and then used the board to scry that could have nice results.

I would ask Ashnook he is a good scryer.
I used the board and never really had any big problems. If they are a good spirit then they shouldn't lie to you. That is not to say they can't lie. I will tell you though, you must ask the right questions. Don't ask a vague question and just assume they will answer in the manner you intended!
I haven't used one in a long long time was thinking of picking one up this week for a experiment. Didn't Yeats write a whole book based on talking to a spirit through one?
uh uh ouija hehe nice.
Well, once, i made a home made ouija with a friend (this was before i knew anything about CM or the Occult) and it scared me like nothing ever has haha. Looking back at it, I wanna remember how it we made the ouija. All i remember is it had some symbols on a piece of paper, the alphabet, numbers and yes no and we used a coin.

About the safety of the ouija, i agree that you never know who you are REALLY speaking with. Spirits have been known to play pranks and decieve hahaha laugh.gif . I have an idea of how to make it safer though clapping.gif I thought about puting under the board some solomonic symbols of protection. Maybe the spiritual activity will decrese but i guess you will have more certainty as to whom you are speaking with and know that they are not evil entities. I dont know, Ive yet to try it. Let me know if anyone does.

What will happen if I ask the spirit to manifest itself? did anyone ever try that and get a visual or see the ghost?

ANyone know any reliable spirits that can tell lottery numbers or something real?
QUOTE(gafurjg @ Dec 31 2006, 09:44 PM) *
What will happen if I ask the spirit to manifest itself? did anyone ever try that and get a visual or see the ghost?

ANyone know any reliable spirits that can tell lottery numbers or something real?

The best advice I can offer on using the ouija board is this. When you use it only use it as a tool for communicating with guides and deceased friends or family. Otherwise it's just like going up to a stranger on the street, hauling them to your place, and demanding they tell you the future.

Treat it also as if someone is knocking on your door whom you don't know. Keep the door locked and look out the window to see who it is. Don't answer the door for strangers.

Use skills of sensing for entities, knowledge or portals, and protection magick.

I bought my ouija at a garage sale for a buck about two years ago. The people were giving it away because they were having bad experiences that they refused to talk about. So I bought it and took it home. Immediately I flowers, , quartz, and sage in a lovely circlular pattern across the board. Then sprinkled it with salt. I visualized closing any gateways that were in the board and wiping it's energy clean. I then focused on recharging the board. I let it sit this way for about three days and haven't had any problems with it.

One thing that interests me when I play with other people is that we'll hear in our minds the spirits thoughts before the platon moves. Also, I've had spirits who manifest in the room complain that they can't read the board so we have to move it around to where they can see better. Their spelling greatly improved. smile.gif

Oh, and it is possible to communicate with the living. I was doing a meditation once many years ago and ended up in a room with two teenage girls using a board. I was quite irrate.
With a ouija board and also a seance is be very carefull, using incence and be a good way to enchance your experiance and can also help to ward of any particulary malevelent spirits/energies such asfrankincense and sandalwood also burn mugwort and keep it burning during then after, step over it, this will deture spirits from following you.
other protection charms like that should be set up to ward of malevelent spirits/energies but if the spirit/energy is truely benevolent then these shouldnt hinder it.

One thing also is i very much disagree with these tv shows meddeling like most haunted, where they take a group of people to a place for instance a house where a psycotic man tourtured and killed people then himself, the group then try and contact someone for the sake of a cheap thrill. SERIOUSLY GIVE THESE A MISS.
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