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Full Version: Custom Tweaks
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+ Kinjo -
This thread is where you can post your custom tweaks request.

When you've reached 250 posts then you can request to change your member name once.

When you've reached 500 posts, then you can request to have a custom pips once to replace your current pips along with custom group of your choice ie: instead of Group: Members - you may choose title from member groups title available (see poll)

If you've supported Sacred-Magick.Com (please do) by making purchases from links originated from our site for over $100 (excluding shipping) - accumulated within 30 days - then you can request custom pips - and - change of member name once. Post or PM me with your purchase details (date of purchases + items) to confirm with our amazon stats. Purchasing from our links do not raise price and we receive a small 5,25% commisions from these sales to help pay the costs associated with maintaining Sacred-Magick.Com.

Pips details and designs will be added on this thread.

You may also submit your custom pips.
Where's Wizzard? 33.gif
+ Kinjo -
There you go smile.gif
Rats,I accidently voided it. sad.gif
Wheres Ceremonial Witch?
+ Kinjo -
There is Ceremonial Witch? lol - not equal Ceremonial Magician?
Not in my book... Not all the Magick I practice is High Magick (my definition Ceremonial), plus I mix alot of ecclectic Lower Magick in my practices...

So I wouldnt so much go strictly by the term Ceremonial Magician as it doesnt quite encompass all I am about (at least by me definitions)...
+ Kinjo -
There you go.
What about Psion smile.gif
What about the mixtures? Chaote-Necromancer-Postmodern Satanist laugh.gif just kidding, I'll go with a Chaote or something...
+ Kinjo -
Oh man, I think we got enough already and I can't keep going adding anymore lol
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