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Full Version: Visions In The Tattwa Cards
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hey guys i was using the tattwa cards recommended by konstantinos in his book to aid ones astral vision where u are supposed to look at the particulat tattwa for a few minutes then go project its image and try travellin into its realm,the thing was before i could do any of the projecting thingee i was staring at a particular tattwa(blue circle and meditating on the particular gods name Shaddai-el-chai,what happened was amazing..after awhile the blue circle started swirling like a whirlpool of sorts and i started seeing a few images,blur but they were clearly there(such as a huge figure sitting on a kings throne and also a big fat armed figure,like a protector..anyone experienced this before?
Did you went any further?
Sometimes visualization is all we need in order to travel this realms.

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The use of tarot,the i-ching,mandalas,crystals even and many others are used to travel astrally. Keep going dont stop just as it gets

Ill have to check these tattwa cards out. Good luck
Each tattwa cycle takes approximately two hours to transit over a given spot. Each complete tattwa flow itself occupies 24 minutes transit time. Each complete tattwa is divided into five sub tattwum and these each take about 4 minutes and 48 seconds to transit a given spot.

The 'astral' forms of the Tattwa elements and equivalent in Western terms:

Tattwa Symbol Element
Akasha black vesica pisces / black egg Spirit
Tejas red equilateral triangle Fire
Vayu blue circle Air
Apas purple half circle / silver crescent Water
Prithivi yellow square Earth

Their use is to aid with the development of the faculty of astral clairvoyance. It is considered one of the easiest, fastest and most effective methods of exercising and enhancing the clairvoyant factor

Tattwa Vision
IMPORTANT: Before attempting this exercise read the following set of instructions in entirety, preferably 2-3 times, to ensure you have a good understanding of it.

Form on the astral has a symbolic appearance, meaning, and intention, which in the physical universe is largely obscured.

An elemental life-form may masquerade for a time in 'alien' garb but its true form, clothing, colouring, adornments, and the energy it radiates are consistent with its element and its character.

It is recommended that you select the astral current which is currently in course. Various methods exist for determining this, e.g. the use of an tattwa tide clock

Alternatively, work with the element with which you are most in sympathy, i.e. either the element which rules your birth sign or that Element which is most prominent in your natal chart.

Place yourself in an easy and comfortable position facing either East or the direction attributed to the element with which you wish to deal.

It is recommended that you start and end the session in some ritualised manner, to properly open and close the session. For instance say some simple 'prayer' which is to your liking.

We desire to perceive the astral with the interior eye. Our first step of tattwa vision is to impress upon our mind, both conscious and sub-conscious, the particular element in which we desire to work. The method we use is to make a symbol of a given shape and colour, and gaze at it fixedly until it is thoroughly assimilated.

Gaze/meditate upon the card of the tattwa selected. 'Soak' yourself in it until you can feel its qualities and sensations.

Lay aside the material symbol and close your eyes. Project and enlarge that symbol before you, seeing it as a gateway through which you are to pass.

On passing through the gateway observe the nature of the landscape around you. Do not be in a hurry. On initial excursions merely allow yourself to observe and perceive the surroundings and return, until you can pass through without effort.

MOST IMPORTANT: Record carefully every detail in a journal. This is essential for improving your skills, correcting problems, and gaining some insights into certain symbols and events which occur during a session.

If in initial sessions the vision does not come spontaneously, use constructive imagination and picture the landscape. Remember that it must be in harmony with the element.

Summon a Guide and watch for its appearance (NOTE: In Golden Dawn tradition before summoning a guide an invocation of the highest magical names in connection with the element was used, to ensure a benevolent guide. If you want to do this either obtain a copy of The Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie, or do a search on the Internet. Also in the Golden Dawn tradition a guide was tested with the elemental degree signs as a test as to the Guide's claims and rank).

Follow the Guide, asking questions that may occur and observing especially all that eventuates.

On returning to Earth ask your guide to return you to the tattwa gate. Thank and say goodbye to your Guide for all that it has done for you. Step backwards through the gateway and when ready close your session with a closing prayer or adoration.

Note: It is also possible for tattwa vision to be done as a guided meditation. If there are 2 or more people interested in working together (in person) on this then it may do well to (on occasion) get together and have one person act as an external 'guide' to ask questions. Having an external person to ask questions is often of great benefit as initially it can be difficult to think 'logically' while in the astral, and sometimes golden opportunities to ask something specific are missed. With an external person they may well seen things from a more logical standpoint.

Note: It is possible to use more complex symbols such as tarot cards, glyphs, runes, etc.

For other information on tattwas and tattwa vision see the following links:

An Introduction to Tattwas

What Tattwas Are & Uses for the Aspirant in Developing Psychic Energy

Spirit Akasha Black Vesica Pisces
Spirit Akasha Black Egg
Water Apas Purple Half Circle
Water Apas Silver Crescent
Earth Prithivi Yellow Square
Fire Tejas Red Equilateral Triangle
Air Vayu Blue Circle


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The nice thing about this site is that it has tattwa pictures to use for meditation until you buy a deck.
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