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Full Version: Divination Ethics, Tarot, And Greatness?
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Hi, I'm new here but I have a couple of questions that have been bothering me, and thought maybe someone more experienced than myself could answer them. Now, I'm not particularly interested in occult practice or divination, I consider myself to be "about" spirituality, and esoteric knowledge is just one small part of that. In any case, I recently decided to go to a psychic just to give it a try, and there are some things that happened at the reading that I'd appreciate an educated perspective on. Oh yes, and this woman is well-respected, and came with glowing referrals from some friends. She used a Rider-Waite deck as well, not sure if that makes any difference.

1. I went to the appointment with the idea in my head that the only reason people go to psychics is to be told they have some "great destiny" in store for them. How often do you think that people are actually told that in practice? I could see unscrupulous psychics saying this to many clients to give them a more positive impression of the reading. If she said that I will leave a great mark on the world, and have something huge in store for me, should I make anything of that? I realize how ridiculous it sounds to even ask, but for all I know it could be something people are often told by bad psychics (though from what I saw and heard from others, she is good).

2. During my reading she asked me to shuffle the tarot deck, after she already did an initial layout, this time with the intent of finding out my highest calling or my career I suppose. After drawing several three card layouts, she eventually drew The Tower, The Moon, and a wands card which I can't remember, though it was a number (not a face card) and one in which there is at least one person in the face either 7, 3, 9 (not very specific, I know). She pointed to these cards, indicating they were the answer, but then moved on without elaborating. I didn't think to ask her to elaborate at the time, but I wonder if she avoided telling me because it was something unpleasant she saw. Do you think that's a possibility? I know both the moon and the tower have negative connotations, but I'm not sure how they function together, or what the implication of the wands card (whichever it was) might be. So I guess my last question is: What would the Moon and Tower card indicate when seen together? And what could the suggestion have been in terms of "career" or "highest calling"?
Greetings 'Sisyphus' ,

Welcome to Sacred Magick!

I agree the Moon and Tower combined are not pretty. I would interpret the Moon as lying and Deception and the Tower to say that I needed to escape from that deception.

Now the trumps have a lot of meanings. Also the surrounding cards are very important to discover which meaning.

A free piece of advice. Do not waste your money with psychics. Most of them are as full of crap as a Christmas turkey.

I strongly dislike the RIder Waite deck. I feel as if it is Tarot for Dummies. However I am sure that there are a ton of people on this forum that might strongly disagree with me. It is a very popular deck.

I recommend that you purchase The Deck Of Thoth.

U am interested to hear what Mezu will say on your post. He is very good with Tarot.

Dear Sisyphus

The best "diviner" is always yourself. I know some people make a living reading for others, but the Tarot is really a VERY effective "self divining" method... the awesomely powerful archetypes connect with your own subconscious. So, to me, unless she was truly, truly psychic (in other words her subconscious was "connecting" to your subconscious), then ONLY the second read where you shuffled meant anything. At least in my opinion.

The tarot is a very nearly infallible tool for self divining It's quite hit and miss for reading others. Rider Waite's a bit of a waste of time, although it is easy to interpret (no references required, it's a "picture book" of basic meanings). Thoth Tarot is the only truly serious deck, although there are some others. But, for true exploration, Thoth is it.

The cards in Rider Waite are interpreted differently, since many of the deeper symbols and elemental images are "missing." A book of definitions (a la recipe-book astrology or I Ching) for Rider Waite won't mean anything in a Thoth Deck. You have to interpret yourself, really, letting your deeper mind intuit the meanings.

BUT -- here's my take on those cards...

THERE are several three card reads, though, so this may be off. The most typical is PAST-PRESENT-FUTURE (left to right), but some read as INNER-OUTER-INFLUENCES and others as "YIN-NEUTRAL-YANG" (passive, neutral, active), and others use three cards as verifiers -- near future, likely future, possible future, and some even use three cards as simple YES/NO verifyers.

I'll guess past-present-future (or, sometimes FOUNDATION, SITUATION, OUTCOME). Without knowing the order, you gave us TOWER, MOON and an unknown WAND. If this was the order, the WAND was in the outcome position. So, THE TOWER is foundation, MOON is present situation, and the wand is outcome.

If Tower is foundaiton, it indicates you are probably undergoing changes already.. a very powerful card, also called THE EYE OF GOD. Its a "SETTING THE SPIRIT FREE" card. (overcoming self) It tends to indicate that the SECURITY we've built around our life is crumbling... (for better or worse, it's neutral that way) If this is FOUNDATION card (left card) then the worst is probably behind you (changes already happened). If in outcome position, yet to come. In a business context this could be a form of collapse, major change (new change)... I try to see the positives in all cards, but this is an earth shattering card for good or bad. It can indeed be good change.. depends on the outcome cards. How can this be positive? It generally indicates old and outdated concepts are passing away. Hence security is crumbling. We all build walls of safety, but sometimes they prevent growth.

If the second (middle) card was the MOON, then this is likely SITUATION or PRESENT, indicating an INTUITIVE SOLUTION . This card aligns with 29 K'an in the I CHING "THE PERILOUS PIT" All growth is perilous and takes some risk. Depending on your situation, though, this can either mean you need to spend a lot of time THINKING about a solution OR, that solutions will come from within. In the PRESENT situation sense this can indicate INSECURITY and WORRY... which aligns with the TOWER's collapse of "secure situations". BUT REMEMBER, this inner journey is truly the HERO's JOURNEY. It takes courage, but it can be heroic and with a great outcome in the end. The danger, too, is OVERTHINKING the situation.

The outcome would be the last card. If this is the WAND card, this could infact be a great card. A lot of people ignore Minor Arcana. This is a mistake. Minor Arcana are elemental cards. Wands are fire and power cards, and many are quite positive. But without knowing which one, the outcome's a bit unclear. There are more positive wand cards than negative. For example, the ACE of Wands indicates DECISIVE ACTION and COURAGE and Creative force. BUT, Five of Wands is a dispute card. It's a shame you don't remember which one.

Change is indicated, but it can be good. It is what you make of it. Free will can always change outcomes. SO, I suggest you do your own reading, preferrably with THOTH cards. Handle the cards, imprint them, learn them, do sefveral readings in a row on the same subject, and see what shows up. Calculate your LIFE card or DESTINY card (see my other post on this) instead of a significator, and see if it turns up in your reading. If it does, pay attention. And really, really pay attention to the elemental cards (MINORS). I believe them to be MORE important to outcomes than MAJORS. Majors are more influences and advice. If you can, try to learn Thoth. It's mirculous.
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