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Hello all is it poosible for anyone here to give me some insight into where i could find texts or vids on k yoga? Your help is greatly appreciated.
Path Notes of an American Ninja Master by Glen Morris. It's not a yoga book but the main point of the book revolves around merging with the Kundalini. Check it out one of my favs on the subject. smile.gif

"The Kundalini Workbook" by John Mumford
"Kundalini Yoga for the Western Mind" by Swami Sivananda Radha

Also, there is a big chunk of "The Yoga Tradition" by Georg Feuerstien (the best book on yoga, imo).

Light In Extension
Depends if you're looking for one based on practice or 'theory'... have found that a lot are filled with the standard talk and focus little on actual practice and if they do aren't clear on it at all.

If you want to practice Yoga in general I'd reccomend a DVD, its easier following given examples as you would in a class. For Kundalini its best, to join a class rather than practice at home. A dvd or book dosen't react well to an overoaded chakra and neither advise well in regards to feelings or emotions picked up during practice as a teacher would.

Cool name btw. lol
Kundalini yoga is a good form of yoga. I think all yogas help you with that.
Practicing Pranayama helps too.

I've already had an awakening about 3 years ago. It had risen to my crown already.
I don't practice yoga but I trance and visualize a lot.
Generally in asian cultures they hide the principles and theoretical framework behind flowery language. They figure that you should do the practical work first for some time, then when you re-read the classical literature on kundalini yoga or whatever discipline it will make sense to you because you have the background. You find this a lot in Chinese disciplines in any case and I think it is the same with Indian disciplines. The way that they teach it is difficult for us westerners to learn unless we have the personal discipline and perseverance to continue on with the practice and daily grind until we have an epiphany. It isn't something that provides you with instant gratification and can't be packaged into short New Age weekend workshops. I figure that people here realize that, but it bears repeating.
I've studied, practiced and Kundalini yoga and phenomenology for several years before turning my attention to Western occultism. A myriad practices go by the name of Kundalini Yoga, though. Although I didn't go in for the sometimes goofy indoctrination and reasoning, I thought 3HO (Yogi Bhajan's) Kundalini Yoga program was a great starting point. The physical exercises, breathing techniques and what-not strengthen the immune and nervous system for more esoteric forms of Kundalini meditation and arousal. There are lots of books and DVDs out there by 3HO Kundalini yoga instructors and many yoga studios have a Kundalini yoga teacher among them. I recommend that a person start with a physical yoga exercise program before they jump into esoteric chakra meditation and visualization.

The techniques of 3HO can be found in more authentic and less "marketed" yogic systems such as that related to Tibetan yogas (look into a small exercise book called The Five Tibetans) and Bihar School Yoga. I would highly recommend looking into Bihar School Yoga--there are very few centers in the world. though, and the organization isn't into PR. As yoga mysticism goes, they are the real deal. I recommend the book Kundalini Tantra by Swami Satyananda Saraswati. It is very comprehensive and includes a chakra sadhana section. I know they had a Web site that had a wealth of info., I am not sure if it is still up.

Also, there are lots of "gurus" running around who will take your money or your soul and give you "shaktipat" in exchange (they will give you a kundailini type experience). Proceed with caution.

QUOTE(dondadda43 @ May 17 2007, 12:25 PM) *

Hello all is it poosible for anyone here to give me some insight into where i could find texts or vids on k yoga? Your help is greatly appreciated.

Here is a site with a few texts on yogas.
Hi there.
Here is the link of the video that I think the best free Kundalini Yoga video on the web.
Also this is not a free video but Kundalini Yoga With Gurmukh is the excellent DVD.
Gurmukh is a very good Kundalini yogi.
I agree with SororZSD23 that 3HO is a great starting point.
As a matter of fact, I am practicing Kundali yoga from one of their branches.
Although I do practice Kundalini yoga every morning by myself, I found it very helpful in a unique way to practice Kundalini yoga in a group setting as well.
The studio is getting filled up with energy when the class is going well and that energy is very unique, let me tell you.
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