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Full Version: Online I Ching Vs Original Book
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It seems to me that with the development of technology comes the increase of database usage. Most respectable companies count on a database and web-page for their marketing, financial, and all other business needs. Now, will the time come when all of us (in a future not too far from now) laugh at the original occult/esoteric books that gave us we all laugh at eight-tracks while fiddling around with our mp3 players? Will that dreaded time come when we depend on algoriths instead of flipping coins and listening to the whispers of the winds against our ears? Is it around the corner? I understand that perhaps I need to know...just need to know...perhaps the day will come when I need to know...something...and I will find myself in front of a cyber-cafe and across the street will be a book store. What to do? Should I go for the I Ching online or should I get a hold of an original book? Would you, my revered brothers and sisters...say a these readings are the same...enough to base my heart upon them?
Galdr Nidsson
Good question!

Maybe if you can use cards or coins as tools to get your answers, the computer could be such a tool as well, but I think that no one can give the answer for you. If it is true, that the computer can be a toll just as the coins, then you have to chose from two ways with the same value. Both of them can be usefull, or useless, it depends on your personality, on your experiences etc.

I'm not so familiar with the tarot, so it happened that I used online readings and I found them mostly usefull, but I can't imagine using Online I Ching... it wouldn't be the same. For me the I Ching is like a personal master and using some online readings would kill that relationship.

So I vote for the original book.
Galdr Nidsson
I found this online I Ching Oracle:

My vote still goes on the original book.
I think that a text is a text no matter if you read it on the internet or in a book, so it should not mean no difference. However a good book that you have used for this many time might both help whit the mood and it might store Energies that will help future divinations, so no I don't think it i just the same to use the internet, but it should be fully workable to do so. Depends a bit on the individual to.
Have used internet divinations before but don't think it offers that feeling you get when casting, ''manually'' as it were. The Yi Ching has fast become my favorite tool for divination it has a way of becoming really personal building questions based on past responses to open up the topic is really fun, the internet oracle just doesn't have that feel to it, no elemental factors involved and its not always possible to log onto a computer just to use it, especially when you can pick up three coins and go at it when the need arises.

There are some things you just can't improve on, especially when they're tangible. MP3's will never out do Vinyl or CD's... google.books and .PDF files will never see good old fashioned books or libraries out and net oracles/divinations will never see cards and coins out. No matter what people like to hold onto what they've got and when value comes into it something thats intangible (MP3's .PDF's and so on) will never have the worth of their tangible counterparts... theres no such thing as a rare MP3 file as there is rare vinyl or CD and as handy as they are when a book is out of print and too expensive to purchase a .PDF file will never have any real value, talking investment here. As far as sentimental value goes they can be duplicated and obtained at will so theres no attachment there, nothing to wrap your energies around as it were.

The net is more than useful but its a tool unto itself and won't see out what it attempts to emulate in the real world.

Use; when I do use the net for a quick divination.
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