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confused012.gif I have a numbered edition of the first printing of Simons Necronomicon...and I'm entertaining ideas of selling it. I have only a limited idea as to its worth. I will post photos of the title page and number alittle later on. It is in excellent condition. For now, just curious!
The original hard-cover printing of the Necronomicon is a collector's item. That should be a good start on how valuable it is. But why do you want to sell it? I mean why? It's a collector's item! I'll admit though that for the last month or so I was having wishful thinking about getting one of the original hard-covers of the Necronomicon, but it would be a slight chance to ever even find one.
I'm poor.
I'm also much closer to death and need to divest myself of some worldly goods. Healthcare/prescription costs are exhorbitant, so some finely orchestrated sell-offs of my library should help pay for the necessary things needed in my decline.
Imperial Arts
If someone were to conjure Barashakushu and free you of the need for one or more of your prescriptions, would you give it to that one for free?

I have seen these for sale for $300, but I don't know of any standard values for them. Does it have the blue leather cover with silver imprints?
bym, why are you poor? There are numerous spirits you can evoke to help you with this...

Imperial Arts, you're cleaver, or rather, sneaky. Humph.
Thanks Imperial Arts but no thanks!
Slayden, I'm not comfortable discussing my infirmities, both physical or fiduciary, with someone I don't know. Suffice that my library is extensive and if I wish to sell a book then I will. The subject of my poverty is not the issue. I have a secure dwelling place, good food, fantastic music, art and literature at my beck and call and great friends! When money is needed, it usually comes. And that is that.

I have heard it(the book) auctioning off on ebay for close to $1,000 dollars (personally, I find this ludecrous). It is bound in black leather with silver embossed cover and silvered leaves(pages). It has the limited edition number on the inside page. I ordered it directly through Herman Slater of the Magickal Childe bookstore in the early seventies...I was in one of three test groups that did some initial work with the Fifty Names. I've met Simon (real name withheld) through Herman. When I get my digital camera set up I will take and opload some pictures.
I was not aware that there are ANY blue-bound books of the first edition made....ever!
Imperial Arts
QUOTE(bym @ Aug 17 2007, 06:57 AM) *
Thanks Imperial Arts but no thanks!

I was in one of three test groups that did some initial work with the Fifty Names. I've met Simon (real name withheld) through Herman.

I was not aware that there are ANY blue-bound books of the first edition made....ever!

Just to clarify, I wasn't offering, but it does seem a fair trade and I am curious as to why you would refuse if whoever did this were to succeed.

As far as I am aware, the book was released in a limited edition of 666 copies. I saw this edition years ago and for some reason remember it as blue, but the binding looked secure. By way of comparison the 500 copy limited edition hardcover I.G.O.S. titles are poorly bound and printed by photocopy for $75.

Isn't Simon actually Peter Levenda? I think he posts here sometimes. Why is his identity a secret?

The Real History of the Necronomicon
Yes Simon=Peter. I use Simon as he has refused to use his other name and I will extend him that courtesy.
The article you sited was mostly correct save for some of the dates involved. I knew Herman and Ed from the Warlock Shoppe days on Henry street. They moved to Manhattan in '70-'71. I joined the festivities through the Society for Creative Anachronism and a Wiccan group. I had the good fortune to have enrolled in Simons Enochian classes and a small study/research group that played around with the Nec's Fifty Names of Marduk.

I have some very finely tuned magical wardings that prohibit dealing with certain spiritual entities. I will, however, accept large amounts of cash. Hopefully this will end further debate as to my personal motives/machinations...they are personal.

Other possible selling items include numbered editions of Austin Osman Spares books/art. Again, I will include a list and photos later...this is all speculation. egypt1.gif
may you get load of money for that. i feel one good reason is that you want to value the book and wish it go to one who really would respect it when you would no longer be here (The lords bless you a healthy life).

Still hope the book is part of making ur finance better for your prescriptions. Its in a way showing that the nec helps :-)
Fio Praeter Humanus
Missed this or would have responded sooner.

I have seen 1st edition Nec's sell at specialty stores online for around $900 to $1,000. I believe Abe Books used to have one for sale for a grand.

Generally on ebay they tend to go for the $300 to $400 range. I sold mine for a little over $400 dollars but if you looked around hard enough you could probably get the price up a little bit. If I may, you might want to see if Wiser Antiquarian would be interested in purchasing it. A reputable dealer should pay more than the public I would assume.

Got any Crowley you wish to unload?
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