I think from a fundamental point of view, the important "practical" element of the "journey of the hero) in the Tarot (cards 1-21, which is the journey of 0, the Almighty Fool) is that it is really the "stages" mathematically as well as visually expressed of the Alchemists mission and work. The journey of the fool also forms the basis of most msytical, epic or literary journeys (not that I'd call my novel The Last Troubadour "literary", but it is epic, and is based on the journey of the Fool from 1-22 in the trumps, or more correctly, the Alchemy of fiction.). But the practical hands-on aspect of this is the alignment with the trumps. (Please note, I work both systems but Campbell's archetypal journey ONLY works with Justice as 8 and Strength as 11):

(P.S. .. as mapped below, these perfectly match most Greek epics, Dante's Paradise Lost... The Last Troubadour (smile)):

The entire journey is the Fool. The Daytime Arc of the Sun (path of Consciousness) is specifically Magician, Priestess, Empress, Emperor, Hierophant, Lovers. This is roughly the journey from EAST to NW. There is a whole symbology built around this journey, per Jung and Campbell that is applicable to East and Western Occult paths.

The Maturation path (development and overcoming of EGO) is Chariot, Justice, Hermit, Wheel of Fortune, Strength.... NW to SW

The HANGED MAN is the GREAT CRISIS (right on the cusp of the Nightly Arc of the Sun (the path through the Depths) and is the TRANSFORMING EVENT in alchemical terms (or Tantric)

Then the Nightly Arc (the Initiation, is DEATH (change!) Temperance, Devil, Star, Moon... WORLD Is the culmination.

These also relate to (in both books and occult practice) to:
- Magician -- Heavenly Father
- Priestess Heavenly Mother
- Empress Earthly Mother
- Emperor Earthly Father

The second cycle begins with:
- Chariot - Departure
- Justice - Maturation
- Hermit - One's True Nature.
- Wheel of Fortune - The Calling
- Strength - Helpful animals or sidekicks

ENDING IN THE CRISIS - The hangled man

Then on to:
- Death (in Greek myth, the descent into the undnerworld, everywhere else, whatever metaphorically fits)
-Temperance (the GUIDE)
- Devil (realm of the shadow)
- Tower (usually the major climax -- Dramatic liberation)
- The Star (the fountain of youth)
- The Moon (the Dangerous return.

You could align these also with The Lord of the Rings... Tolkien was very conscious of it... The Tower -- the ring thrown into the fires really ended the dramatic events (this is why some people (not me!) found the third book and third movie a trifle drawn out because Tolkien literally took us through The Star (rejuvination) and The Moon (the very dangerous return) and then The World.

In Occult terms, this aligns with most alchemical practice and there's a very complex mathematical equation that meshes as well. All very cool. Best,