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Full Version: Communication Through Scrying..
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Here's a (yet another) random theory my mind has been going over a bit.
Some spells I've seen employ scrying to physically affect whoever is on the other side; carving into water, for instance, among other things. I've been wondering if anyone thinks it would be possible to communicate through scrying methods... using fire or water or crystals or whatever as a mystical telephone of some sort. There have been a number of references in literature about wizards communicating through fire (and yes, I do realize I'm talking about literature, but groove with me). I don't mean, necessarily, talking through a medium like looking through a window... but perhaps conveying thoughts or ideas to the person on the other side, maybe words within your mind if you've got some clairaudience happening. Just some scattered thoughts, any ideas appreciated. Thanks:)
Really? Nothing? sad.gif
On communication through magical ways you might like to read fatherjhons blog on experiments on astral meetings.
well , a while ago i was scrying using a black mirror,my face changed to some one else,the mirror didnt actualy show me something other than the entity's face
I then heard a voice in my head,i was able to communicate and write it down offcourse i will not go into details about the spirit,but he is an ancient egyptian architect called (Gar-rot) he built many temples and pyramids ,he had a long life,and was very religious. and he was also a priest conducting burial & religious ceremonies his face is morphing or mabye that's the nature of the black mirror.
i am satisfied with the experiment,but want to inhance the vision to show places, people in past lives for example.
(its true that the black mirror shows the past very well)
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