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Full Version: Summoning Lucifer
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+ Kinjo -
Out of curiosity, anyone ever tried summoning Lucifer would like to share their experience?
Why would you want to? fie.gif
+ Kinjo -
That'll be one of my questions too laugh.gif
Uni Reflections
I couldn't... not that I tried... He visited me and I started beating up on him... (Seriously, no joke...)

But then I started to lose and Jesus came in... So as the purest of light and dark... they agreed to let me be...

(I am honest to God not lying here... it really happened in a LD...)

"lucid" (not lurid) dream - LD, ... right?

words fail me...
Uni Reflections
Yea... thats it... I guess it was because I have found ways to united all of the religions in the world.... as well as intergrate science into each...
Radiant Star
Looks like no-one lived to tell the tale


Well I'm sort of on friendly terms with Lucifer. I've "talked" to him quite a few times and find him interesting. I also rememebr being "friends" with him in a distant past life as well. I do wish to speak with him again...I've missed him very much with the others...still surprised to find people afraid of him. *shrugs*

But of course this isn't the same as evoking him. Though it's similar to me.
Uni Reflections
If you're such good friends with him... could you ask him why he jumped me... Please? If he's so friendly... then maybe they're no need to fight with him...
Well from what I've noticed, everyone's experience with him is different. So just go and TRY asking him. *shrugs* I don't know WHY he would do that but he is quite disillusional...has been for some time.
Uni Reflections
Well I did try and talk with him...

All I can say is that He, being the purest of darkness, is less worried about me than the purest of light...

We tried to negosiate a deal to keep the physical universe at a eternal balance... but he still got a guy here whose going to throw it ot hell and back...

Damn Bobby Muncy...
Ohh well just TRY "making" him talk, from my experiences with him you have to keep pushing whatever it is you want till you get what you want. But in my opinion, he's not the purest of darkness, rather the opposite of that. The purest of darkness is reserved for something else that is "darker" than him. I only see him as light, but you can believe that if you want.
Why else would he be called "Light-bringer/bearer"?
Uni Reflections
Actually... Lucifer WAS supposed to be the purest of light, but he got too impatient and took part of God's power away from him... (As you could probably guess... it was darkness...)

Since God saw that Lucifer was better with darkness than light, God banashed him into his own little realm for him to rule with his power... Although this put the Creator and his creation at conflict at time... God had to find a way to restore balance and limit His role to Creation...

Thus came the purest of light...
Forget the archetypal image of the anticipated Lucifer ... that of the fire touting 'head' fallen angel ... that is the disinformation fed to mankind by a certain religion to take mankind off the trail .....

Lucifer was once the light bringer .... the good guy (he still is) ......

Pushing the images of the fiery pits of hell to one side ... wandering through in a meditative state .... will lead to a very light, very peaceful realm where the TRUE Lucifer waits ..... a very gentle angelic presence with absolutely no malice only compassion and enlightenment .....

Lucifer is one of the most maligned entities of them all!!! From Lucifer comes truth and understanding and an insight of mankind and the history of the physical realms completely different to what is spoken about in magic circles .....

One thing for sure .... the real Lucifer is no dark side wanderer .....!!!!!

Anyone else contacted the true Lucifer????????????????
The are as many 'real' or 'true' Lucifers as there are mages who choose to summon him.
Lucifer, God, Buddha, Allah, Osiris, Zeus...these are all a canvas for us to project our own hopes and fears and prejudices and dreams and ideas.

To talk of a 'true' or 'real' Lucifer is, imho, folly.
I would also like to add that from what I've seen, each person interacts with an entity differently. For instance, I talk to Lucifer as a "friend" since I've known him for some time. For someone else, that experience with him will be different or TOTALLY different.
Radiant Star
You have got me interested... how do you do it? confused012.gif
Me? Well my personality is very...friendly to all when I choose to, even things that some wouldn't want to be friends with. I'm also very playful like as well and can be easily amused, though some find it weird as I find it really funny and amusing when I "beat" the living crap out of an entity anime style.

With that in mind, I talk to entites with the intent to be friends as I just LOVE to make friends of anything. I even go out of my way to thank the food I'm eating for giving me energy that I need as if my food IS an entity. So with Lucifer I've known him in a few past lives I've lived. He's quite an interesting character as he makes me laugh quite a bit with his personality and way of thinking, even though he is quite insane. I even mental "beat" him in a fun way.

It's actually been some time since I've spoke with him though...feel sorry for him right now as he's wandering around the lands of the earth at this very moment and for some time. I would go and call him and talk with him but I'm very busy with school nowadays. Once I have time I'll talk with him again...I miss him very much with my other friends I've accumulated over the lives I've lived on this planet. laugh.gif
Uni Reflections
???? Wiseone... not to sound Funtimental... but you scare me...

Well, at least you give him a chance... I don't mind him... so long as this universe Becomes the perfect balance that I have been destined to bring...

Another story... Don't worry about it...
uglyhammer.gif Yes I seem to do that to people sometimes when I talk of things like this to others! *shrugs and smiles* That's just who I am I guess!
I should like to share a small anecdote with you(all). At the very naive age of 16 I decided that it was time to try some grand gesture of magic. Nothing short of the best for me! The evocation of Lucifer was the aim. For months I wrestled with the preparations. (You just didn't buy frankincense or lignum aloes conveniently) The day arrived (actually it took 3 days) for the Grand Conjuration. It was a Saturday in June. The weather was a perfect cloudless day, about 68 degrees. My room had been meticulously transformed into the perfect Room of the Art. My circle was drawn carefully and all was in readiance. The Wards were set, the incense smoke hovered in the air like the tops of the clouds seen from an aeroplane. I commanded the first then the second Conjuration. The air thickened and a presence filled the air. I readied the Blasting Rod and began the Curse of Chains. My hands went sweaty and my skin prickled all over. His Arrival was iminent! I started on the Grand Conjiration and was half-way through when there was this AWFUL flash of blinding light and a thunder crack that shook the house and me. A voice, as clear and precise as to etch stone said."Do Not This Thing!" I passed out. Awakened perhaps seconds later I had the foresight to stumble through the dismissal. My knees felt like rubber. I put away my tools. I left the room and house and took a long ride on my bike. I've never felt like that before. I had practicly peed my pants! I have never tried to Evoke Lucifer again. ever. There was no defying that voice. Whether or not it was Lucifer, God or my Guardian Angel, it doesn't matter. I'm very grateful something pulled my ass out of the fire that day. *sigh* Since then, I've made up for lost time in any number of other ways.
Does that answer the initial question, Kinjo? As to why, it was for money and knowledge. I got one half of my request. goodnight.gif
+ Kinjo -
Wow! thanks for sharing Bym smile.gif
Uni Reflections
I would say it was the Son of God... He always interfers in crap like that... People experianceing OBE's have encountered Him as well...
lol - can't have the Son of God interfering with you summoning the "big bad guy of the universe"... I mean, that's just evil, sadistic and wrong. Nasty meddler!
rolleyes.gif rofl_2.gif tomato.gif
LOL! I figured youall would get a chortle over my post...hence the hesitancy of posting it to begin with! I doubt that it was the Son of God...I've had decades to think about that day and am somewhat convinced it was my guardian or an angel.
(Note: Lucifer is an angel also)
But an interesting point should be made here... You younger, invincible ones have become inured to violence and horror with every step in your short lives. My world (back then) wasn't nearly as complex or close. The occult was something that most people never heard about let alone dabbled in. Rod Steiger interviewed me about "the new Witchcraft movement" back in the early sixties for material on a book he was writing. Nowadays you can pick up almost anything about the occult at the corner bookstore or library. (It shows too!) These topics are now approached with cavalier smugness and even disdain, practitioners allowing themselves to be sold a bill of goods by unscrupulous vendors and wannabe's. The great newage (rhymes with sewage) movement with the "magickal" homogenization of knowledge. Now everyone can cast a circle and wrestle with angels/demons or befriend unicorns & dragons. *sigh* The ranting whines of an old bet! Thank goodness that half of you out there get little to no results except an occassional dream or two! It's easy to skip over the work and go straight for the goodies but you miss out in the end because the journey is what makes the trip worthwhile! I wish you (all) success and much knowledge in your journeys and hope, that just once, you have the shit scared out of you, just to give you perspective. 5.gif
Uni Reflections
Yea... but I think all of this "new avalbile knowlegde" has caused much conflict in the divine...

Can't Good and Evil STOP fighting???

When I accolmpish Unification.... I'm either going to Kick both Lusy's and Jesus's Ass or Make them be the best of friends...

Even if one is "good" and the other is "evil"... they still need to stop....
Dualistic philosophies can be a real pain in the ass! LOL!
There is another angle to consider - just to be a pain angel.gif - the ancients may well have seen the planet/comet Venus in the skies as the 'Light-Bringer' .... Lucifer ....!!!

The early Chaldeans deemed Venus as 'a bright torch in the sky' which illuminates like the sun.

Around 5000BC a huge planetary body (now called Jupiter) careered through the solar system. This threw the outer planets into disarray. Jupiter crashed into a planet which once orbited between where Mars & Jupiter are today and the debris from this planet may well be the unexplainable asteroid belt which occupies the same space in the solar system.

In later Atlantean times (10500BC) Mars was in very close orbit to earth (the realm of the ASGARD in Nordic mythology - the realm above earth - the place where the Nordic Gods resided?) .... Mars had been knocked out of its orbit at one time ... Earth was once where Mars is now and vice versa. First humanoids on earth would have been Negroid to cope with sun that time. White Nordic races lived on Mars and later colonised Earth after a major war on Mars.... digression!!!

A collision had occurred between a moon of the Planet Nibiru and the planet orbitting between Jupiter and Mars. The debris known as the Sumerian 'The Great Band Bracelet'.

More than likely a fragment of Jupiter broke away from a similar collision ... this planetary mass will have what we now call Venus .... It will have projected towards Mars .... destroying its atmosphere and life on its surface ... after devastating Mars, the Venus 'COMET' was caught in the gravitational field of the earth ..... AND WILL HAVE BEEN SEEN IN THE SKY AS A BRIGHT LIGHT ... THE LIGHTBRINGER .....!!!!!! Tales of Lucifer could have been created by bastard religions are the time ... warnings of evil from the heavenly body in the sky as some of the lesser evolved earth ancient races would give names to the heavenly bodies!!!!

Venus will have made many orbits of Earth causing tidal waves and devastation .... goodbye Atlantis and all that .... here will have been the Ice Age ... an INSTANT freezing when the ice which surrounded the head of the Venus Comet would have been pulled from the rocky mass and sent by magnetic attraction to the poles of the Earth .... I say instant because there is sufficient evidence to prove that the likes of Mammoths were instantly frozen by ice while still eating ... the ice age not a build up over thousands of years ....

Mankind was on the planet when this happened .... so the Lightbringer will have been deemed as the cause of this devastation .... MR NICE GUY BECOMES MR NASTY ... Lucifer becomes the fallen angel and the bringer of evil

black eye.gif JUST ANOTHER ANGLE ON THIS SUBJECT blush2.gif

Just to keep the debate alive ... if this was true then who the f**k have we all been linking with over the years ..... certaintly ain't Venus eh???

Uni Reflections
Sorry Meriln... I don't see the science in your post.... But you do make some valid points about the heavenly bodies...

And by the way... all of the debris put together in the asteroid belt would only form a planet about 1/10 the size of Mercury....

Not only that but Jupiter is a gas it not? I've heard about the theory that Venus was equated with Lucifer but I didn't find it plausible. Oh, well... egypt1.gif

Let me dig out the supporting research I have for the Venus theoy of Venus and the collision with Jupiter ....


I'll get back to you ...

One of the sources is Immanuel Velikovsky ... another is a Brian Desborough ...


One of Velikovsky's books is Worlds In Collision (Pocket Books Simon & Shuster New York 1950) and Earth In Upheaval (Dell Publishing Ltd New York 1955) ...

The only notable publication by Brian Desborough is The Great Pyramid Mystery, Tomb, Occult Initiation Ceremony or What? (source unknown) ....

I always thought that Velikovsky was a bit of a flim-flam man fie.gif

"The less one knows about science, the more plausible Velikovsky's scenario appears...." --Leroy Ellenberger

"Velikovsky is certainly ingenious. His explanations of parallels among ancient myths are very entertaining, interesting and apparently plausible. His explanation of universal collective amnesia of these worlds in collision is highly amusing and equally improbable. Imagine we're on earth 3,500 years ago when an object about the same size as our planet is coming at us from outer space! It whacks us a couple of times, spins our planet around so that its rotation stops and starts again, creates great heat and upheavals from within the planet and yet the most anyone can remember about these catastrophes are things like "....and the sun stood still" [Joshua 10: 12-13] and other stories of darkness, storms, upheavals, plagues, floods, snakes and bulls in the sky, etc. No one in ancient times mentions an object the size of earth colliding with us. You'd think someone amongst these ancient peoples, who all loved to tell stories, would have told their grandchildren about it. Someone would have passed it on. But no one on earth seems to remember such an event."

Flim Flam seems as good a description as any. It amazes me that people believe this stuff despite the evidence at hand. The universe is a very interesting place, there really is no need to make up this kind of rubbish.
but he is quite disillusional...has been for some time.

For a very long time I think, isen't that why he was cast down in the first place ?. 7.gif LOL.

Can't Good and Evil STOP fighting???

Is it not possible that if you achieve your purpose and destroy the dulistic
nature of the multiverse, that we shall all disapear in a puff of never, never land smoke,?

without the dark how can the light exist, without evil [so called] how is good
recognised?, it is true to say that out of many good deeds much evil is achieved,
and out of some terrible deeds great benifits appear. As one progresses along the
magickal path, one realises that to embrace both dark and light equally is desirable.

Luciifer, God/Godesses, these are symbols humans create, and useful as tools of work, as are all our entites, who are as real or unreal as we ourselves like to make them.
Uni Reflections
Well of course I know all about that... I've spend two tyears researching the conflict!!!

And yet... people fail to relize there's a way to be both light and dark... They cant conceive it, NOR DO THEY CLICK ON MY LINKS!!!

banghead.gif censored.gif angry_pissed_off_emoticon.gif

I have witnessed all the reactions to me, 'he of the sweeping statements' and feel joyful at the diversity of the opinions cast .... duality alive at its best ...

I do not truly dismiss anything anyone has said about these matters ... even flim flam ... I merely come to my own conclusion and my viewpoint is that something monstrous occured that changed the earth forever ... I will find supporting evidence about the mammoths which died instantly etc ... and put them forward ....

I love duality and controversy ... but through it I come to my own conclusions ...

My experience of Lucifer still stands ... I have met with no malovolence only benevolence ...


I agree that duality is ESSENTIAL for any magician worth his or her salt ... it is necessary (from personal experience) to link with entities of both the left path and the right path ....

Both are necessary tools for what is a magic of the higher mind ...

I am happy with what I know to be true ... and truth ... and what has been earned through painstaking trial and error ... but I will not begrudge he or she who does not find my way the way for them ....

There are so many pathways and so many roads to the truth .... which is the wonder of this field we are all part of ...

More sweeping statements will come on this subject I promise .... rolleyes.gif
Well something HUGE did happen back than, something that many...were killed by, I'm not talking about the Ice Age or anything. But this is only from testimonials from other entites that I've spoken with and my dragon.*shrugs* Who knows really?
Well ... we both can agree on that one then ... for I've been told too about a monumental event ... they type source you cannot present as un-deniable fact sadly ....


But like you say who knows?

I have a theory and it is something which is feasible in my eyes ... something I can accept.

But one where Lucifer WASN'T Venus ... Lucifer I'm darn sure is something far more significant ... like a highly evolved being ... and something which was the original point of the thread ...

So ...


Sorry I did not realize this was an essential requirement of your debate rolleyes.gif

: There is a link binding the religions of the earth

So I clicked, and now see why we [you and I that is] cannot take this debate
further, I am totally irreligious and do not subscribe to your basic premise at all.

but good luck to you and brightest blessing on your path
Uni Reflections
You don't need religion... you just need believe... The religon is for the Funtimetals, but it still means the same with or without it...
shok.gif When all beliefs and religions are broken down into their most basic components they are all the same anyway!
Uni Reflections
Yep... Problem is... the world doesn't see it that way...

I was thinking... If there was a purest of light (Jesus...) then there must be a purest of darkness... but that DOES NOT mean Lucifer is it...

But if he isn't... who is???
mmmm ... maybe its a title that can be worn by souls to experience the energy ???? An archetype purely which has never been an actual person ... a thought form projected into the aether ... by ancient magicians who wanted a figurehead or focus for all their darkness ....

smile.gif ?????

Same could therefore be explained for the purest white .... ????

There's been many deities born of a virgin birth with the same story as Christ ... so could the same apply I wonder ... a term of office for souls to experience the collective figurehead of light???

All of existence is after all an experience??? Profound but a ooint worth suggesting ...
as a Demonolator I guess I have different views on Lucifer than most here. Note that Demonolatry(at least as represented by the former First Temple of Demonolatry)is basically an "underground" religion, thus I can't give details on various beliefs, practices, etc. What I'm posting here can be found on other forums, etc. if you look carefully enough.

Anyway, in Demonolatry, we don't really evoke daemons. We see daemons as gods basically, and therefore we don't practice evocations a la the Goetia, etc. We invoke daemons. Therefore we don't use triangles, bindings, etc. Lucifer is one of the Nine Divinities, the main Daemons in Demonolatry. He is from the element Air, the Twin Eagles. When I have invoked Lucifer, I felt a very powerful, beautiful energy. He specializes in knowledge and enlightment, and I have had profound experiences in those regards. I can't really say the rituals and incantations I used, but suffice to say that you should never command a daemon to appear. You don't need to bind them, and use other methods that basically treat them like crap.

Good luck in your practice.

I find this thread interesting, and the one account of the evocation of Lucifer, even though I'm not sure if it was tounge in cheek or not, was coincidently quite accurate. I have evoked to the physical Lucifer on more than one occasion, it's not a good idea, but a very worth while event if you live through it. That's all - Kinjo, mate, why do you want to summon this guy?

Greetings! My Luciferian Tale was very accurate and told here as a cautionary tale....not that it did much good. I don't think Kinjo really wanted to summon Lucifer than to summon posts and discussion. laugh.gif
I have worked with Lucifer MANY times. What I and many other Demonolators have seen is that many who attempt to evoke "demons"(in the Christian sense) such as Lucifer, Satan, Leviathan, Ashtaroth, etc. aren't evoking the actual entities, but more god-forms that have gained power as more believe in them, especially due to the advent of Christianity. Many of these so-called demons(in the Christian sense again) were actually pre-Christian gods and goddesses. For example, Ashtaroth is the demonized form of Astarte. Demon comes from the word daimon, meaning guidance, inspiration, etc. They originally didn't have evil connotations. However, with the advent of Christianity, god-forms have been created. Demonolatry, literally the worship of demons, is a pre-Christian practice, based on the Hermetica, which many date to around 3000 BCE. It is mostly an underground religion, though it did have an internet presence for a few years until about 2001(those that remember,,, etc. know about this). The book Modern Demonolatry also expounds on our beliefs. If you're really interested, you CAN find caches of the mentioned sites, however you can't just google them.( is one if you're interested, however most of the in depth information was never online, such as the invocations we use in the daemonic language).

Anyway, at least in my practice, you don't summon or evoke demons, b/c you really don't and can't have the power to do so in the temporal world, as these are eternal gods and goddesses. You can invoke them, and experience their energies, etc.. However, to each his/her own smile.gif

for more info
First there are many stages of contact. WiseOne can talk to him at a low level stage and find him sweet. But his true nature is gnosis it makes you wise but like the apple kills you. Hence the name light bringer. Then when BYM calls him old school with incense and the like he runs away like a little girl.[sorry about that.]
Mod note - I like 'robust' debate. I DON'T like name calling. Play nice people or you won't be allowed to play at all! I will be keeping a close eye on this thread. - Mediocracy
It is still a large part of the faith of blavestys system that if you have knowledge it will increase karma retribution .In Nepalese Hinduism the worst reincarnations are saved for wayward priests[it's a dog not hell demon]
To put it simply Lucifer is light it can be a laser or it can let you read the Book of Law.
‘I’m just a over sour archangel’ Lucifer
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