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Full Version: Scrying?
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Last night I was with my friends out in the backyard - fire going, guitars being played softly - a nice, comforting, earthing experience. My friend, "D", wanted his tarot read because last time I did it for him it amazed him and was dead on, so he now has faith in the cards. He wanted to know about some relationship stuff. I didn't worry about the cards until after all this happened:

D and my other buddy walked inside for a bit. I looked up at the trees and began to look through the branches and leaves as if it were a realm with depth and endlessness. Classical music began to play and the night became bright and uplifting. I began to see everything that lead to "D"'s current situation and how it was happening - he went from what i enjoyed, went searching for more, got lost, decided to head back, and he'll get back to that high point in his life. This all happened because a "snake" (as represented to me - as if in the garden of eden) came out from a tree and began to devise a plan. Help began to rejoice because it knew what was going to happen, they went to "D" to inform him.

I told him about this as I watched the fire. He was stunned - awe struck by the accuracy of everything I saw.

I began to get very cold - past the point of mere discomfort. I was shaking violently. (I've discovered that when I meditate I get very cold very fast and the fact that it was a cool evening last night didn't help). So instead of reading his cards in the moonlight I sat by the fire again to warm myself. I watched the fire intently and began to meditate more on his situation (which I had not previously been informed of as the question at hand). I saw him being freed by something he cherished (portrayed as a puppy/kitten - cute, loved creature/being), and that would lead him out of the confinement he currently faces. He will be alone for a bit, but something will drag him right back in to the fight and he'll do so with ingenuity (dwarf)*, strength and cunning (wolf)*, and knowledge (owl)*. I can't remember the battle or how he wins, but I remember he does win.

I told him of all this, only to confirm my vision with the cards - easy 4 card spread. That didnt satisfy him as to conciseness, so i told him to shuffle. I watched and a card, The Lovers, had been turned upside down so that the card showed when the backs of everything else were up. I told him that was his card (it literally began to force its way out once it saw a little bit of the world (not the other cards)). The card fit amazingly well to the situation, and was another confirmation that change was in the works and he had to make a decision - there were only two alternatives.

* -- What I saw as characteristics of him that gave me the impressions of said characteristic.

What form of divination would this be? Scrying?

Also: Does it seem as if I could have been walking through his mind? Because he was asking me a question while I was walking around "in the trees", and when he asked I began to turn a corner and saw a large spider web. I answered him and it fell away. And the music I heard fit him perfectly - he's real in to classical orchestra - Mozart, Bethooven, etc. etc.

Any comments, tips, advice, questions, etc: please ask/state. Thanks
Radiant Star
You appear to be using clairvoyant abilities to see (scry) or make known things for the purpose of divination, which is to look into the world beyond our five senses. Focussing on or through the trees alters your vibration enough to link into another frequency where the information lies.

We tend to use the word ‘scrying’ for divination which uses tools to get to where we want or need to be, like a crysal ball, or the tools in ritual because they help us to focus and move from our usual state to the clairvoyant state - clairvoyance is a general term which would often includes telepathy, psychicism, second sight, scrying, prophetic dreams and so on.

This seems to be what you are doing, that is, altering your state of consciousness to pick up information from auras and tuning into different vibrations around you.

Awesome. I'm glad to know that what's been inside me is starting to come out in useful ways. Thanks for clarification. Someone else said my medium was fire - what's that mean, persay? Just simple that I NEED fire, or that Fire aids in the tuning? A fascination with fire's always been present within me, but I figured I was just a little pyro 13.gif
Radiant Star
I think you would need to explore the element of fire, using your clairvoyant skills in fact and things associated with that element like the Archangel Michael, colours, willpower, crystals and so on.

It is a powerful element and it would be good to keep it in balance with the other three since it can be a destructive element.
A friend of mine (much more skilled in the arts than I) noted that my seeing red in another friend's aura as well as other places was something special - that it's a rare color. I have trouble understanding this because it's not rare to me - I see reds in a lot of things. I seem to particularly drawn to people who love the color itself.

Keeping it in balance - i think I might have that under control because I surround myself with greens (I associate greens with growth and creation even though my little QUaker Parrot's destroying my hand as I type! rolleyes.gif ), in colors, people, art... broccli! 13.gif

Lemme know if that sounds off the wall. But go exploring for fire and its relations, eh? Sounds like a plan! Will do smile.gif Thanks for the input! flame.gif
I'd have to agree with Radiant Star on this one. Also, many people find that they have a tendency to feel cold when they meditate. This is due to the fact that your brain enters an alpha state which lowers your blood pressure. So that's nothing to worry about.

You do have knack for reading people! Just a word of advice, don't offer your services to people when ever they ask for it. It's fine for friends and such but other people should at least talk to you first about an appoinment prior to the reading. I'm talking from a personal experience where I had given a reading to a friend and it was quite accurate. She ended up calling me at odd hours of the night and staying at my house begging for readings. It had gotten to the point where I just asked her to leave and not come back for a while. LOL. I'm not saying you're going to go out and make money with it. I just had some bad experiences with being overwhelmed with demanding and dependent people where it left me drained and unable to function properly. I wouldn't want to see that happen to another diviner.
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