Before the universes were created,
There was The holy secret.
The secret of creation,
Erupting from our sexuality.
To the infinite universe.

From the eternal phallus,o'Geb
Sprung rivers,plants,mountains
Seas and vast skies.O'Geb
Variations of elegant beauty
From the ancient athame we all came.

From the eternal womb,o'Nut
Life manifested,
You gave birth to the holy,
Divine and pure,O'Nut
From the ancient chalice we all came.

So ancient Gods of eternity,
WE are your offsprings
Under the Sacred Sun,
Under the blissful moon,
We Rejoice In our nakedness

Copulating,in endless orgasms.
Celebrating the new coming age.
With no shame of our sexuality
With no fear of death.
We vibrate in sacred ecstasy.

With the touch of your tongue.
with the bliss dripping from my athame
Into your tender chalice,let us rejoice
Let the song birds of heaven hear our moans
Let us desolve into each other,and celebrate the miracle of life.
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