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Okay, Psionics isn't a study to which I devote much of my time to though I've come across a wandering stitch in my ideology of the area as of late. The notion that psionics could potentially be a fault in human behavior in anyway one would think of it, such as karma, balance, good or evil practice.. "Sin", has been brought to my attention. It's natural for one who follows a life of relative goodness through their God, to question their every action and decide whether or not what they do now,does or does not conflict with the nature of their following. In this case, one who generates and becomes able to manipulate enough energy to move objects through the use of telekinetic's is forced to ask themselves... "What am I "really" doing.?"

As an example to compare to my questions on psionics...

Take a person who holds no spiritual or paranormal aspect in their lives, a business man. A man whose only abilities *and* interests are bringing more wealth and success to his bosses business. One can say this person may be ignorant of many things this forum discusses, therefore we can establish he probably holds no value towards the sexual virginity of a human being. His first sexual encounter meant nothing to him in regards to not being a virgin any longer, he does not find any importance to keep it.

No matter what your beliefs are towards the example, humor me. He doesn't believe he has lost anything or even the time to consider it.

Now the question that has been brought to me can be compared to psionics. Can this practice be at all considered... "bad"?

My personal beliefs towards the subject is psionics is but a mere tool. Used in good or bad ways as the user sees fit and that is where judgment should be placed, in what the tool is used *for*. Though this explanation has not satisfied the depth of question.

Your views, SM?
Ah, is there no one who'd like to express their ideas on the subject? Surely everyone must have and take some certain perspective of the matter, I'd like to hear many of them and compare. thanks in advance~
Like anything in the universe, it depends on how you use it and what your reasoning is behind using it. If you master Micro-PK and use it to win the lottery, you're cheating and using it for selfish purposes. This would be bad, and of course bad karma. If you're using telekinesis because you want to expand your horizons and learn more about yourself, this is pretty neutral. You're doing nothing good or bad. Now, if you were to use psionics to heal your injured neighbor, maybe without them even knowing, you're using psionics to help others without thinking about what you will get out of it. This would be a good deed, and you will be indirectly rewarded for it. Using psionics is no different than using your hand. You can use your hand to injure someone and to light fires to destroy things, or you could use it to wrap bandages and help the fallen get up. Using your hand for everyday tasks is not bad, and it's not bad to use psionics the same way.
Vagrant Dreamer
I second that. Psionics is a tool. And really, I think anything you would ask God for is fair game for magic or psionics. If you would pray to win the lottery, use psionics to win the lottery. Will you be punished? Depends on your perspective on those things. Karma is not all universal - some karma is semi-universal, which is to say that everyone will accrue karma for certain actions/thoughts. Realistically, however, the desire for material things ultimately accrues karma, because the individual is not 'getting the message' about the non-importance of material possessions. But, I digress.

The primary moral dilemma in developing our potential as humans always lies in how we use that potential once it is unlocked. If we are virtuous people 'as we are' - unevolved beyond our template existence - then we should not be corrupted by the awakening of our potential. There is always that danger, of course, but the universe has a way of balancing such things out. Thus the responsibility that everyone says comes with power - responsibility to be responsible with it, and recognize the positive impact we are able to make by utilizing that potential towards 'virtuous' ends.

But, this is all coming from someone who believes 'good' and 'evil' are mortal conceptions based on a comparative, limited scope of awareness. So...

Other then below I have to agree with most everything.

I was not going to through in my 2 cents as I know nothing of the subject. My Mom has been working on the Lotto for years, she comes from a tradition that basically has not rules. No, she hasn't stuck it big.

My teachers all of them were old school, as I am getting on myself. I find a disturbing trend. I don't mean to offend, but over the years I have seen a trend that goes against my training and that of my teachers.

"if you were to use psionics to heal your injured neighbor, maybe without them even knowing, you're using psionics to help others without thinking about what you will get out of it."

First let me explain that I am pretty much a ethics Nazi, more so then my teachers perhaps. It has become difficult to argue this point, I have lost students over this point.

Just about everything is or involves Karma. Illness is no different. I would seem a good thing to go about healing all and everyone, with or with out permission. However, have you ever asked to help and got turned down. I have, by a person that knows my ability. Why, in this case, ego. He would not want anyone to know someone else did something he could not. I didn't have to ask. I could have done it after finding out he was ill. In this case it would have been very wrong.
I would have interfered with his karma. I could have made thing worse for him, and certainly would have not won browine points for myself. I, no one, has the right to do that. I suffering is what they want then they should have it, as there is a reason. It doesn't have to be a good one. Doing so would take the act from helping to interference. From altruistic to ego.

I realize with the new age thinking this concept has been lost. It sounds hard, and not very compassionate. Unless one is into doing a minor Jesus act and taking it on for themselves. As I said I have lost students because of this, I'd rather have done that then become part of that chain of Karma. I take it to the point that is some one was dying in front of me and could not speak, I could not help. In shamanism we can ask the spirits, HIS spirits if we can intervene, ours would have to agree (since they are doing the work). I am just coming around to this idea. It would mean clearing ourselves out of the way to be objective enough, this can be very difficult and open to self deception.

I know this is hardcore but it is the law. I think even Franz Bardon writes that he gets permission first. The Buddhist Lamas say the same.

One can argue that healing the neighbor with out them knowing is not an act of ego as they do not know. Even if no one knew it still serves the ego.

It can be the camels nose in the tent. Soon the entire camel is in the tent, the only way to get him out, with out him wanting is to take down the whole tent.

Let me put it the way one of my teachers would have put it.

If they don't want it or you don't know then you HAVE NO RIGHT to interfere. You don't know the lesson they are learning. Their higherself does and if they are refusing or can't give permission then you can not presume to know.

No offence is meant here, just want to generate some deeper thinking on this, presenting a different point of view.

Having said all that I believe one can send energy, that is energy WITHOUT intention, this way they can use it as is fitting to the individual. The KEY is energy with out intention. Healing on a group of people, city, country, planet, which is NOT directed to an individual is OK also.

Well something to think about, for what it is worth.

Simple answer: Any "good" you do could be "bad" for someone and "good" for someone else at the same time. No matter what you do even if you find a cure for cancer, there will be someone who was hurt by your actions or the way you got your results etc etc... so this is a rather blank discussion. In my opinion at least.

Further more i mean this to the full extent and not only constricting my response to the topic of the thread but as in life and every action we take in general.

If you ever catch yourself thinking whether something is good or bad just slap yourself, then point your attention to whether it is benefitial to you or not and let that be the deciding vote to guide your efforts. Let everyone else take care of themselves and dont be one of those people that says no to a promotion at work just because they think their friend deserves it more then they do.

I would also like to add that if you have tools and capabilities others dont have, its THERE OWN PROBLEM for not having them. Not yours(!). You should never not use a plus or a bonus you have just because of what others think of it(if its negative that is) or because you pitty them for not having it as well. Some people cant cook, does that mean that all sheff's around the world just learn for the sake of learning so they dont accidently remind others of their lack of ability? plus i chose "cooking" on purpose since its something very simple that to some degree anyone can do.... but some people dont want to learn and again thats their own fault. 13.gif

Let me finish by telling you a bit about "karma" and its the greatest scamm ever invented replacing god for those that dont believe in him or his punishments and instead telling you that the universe will make you pay for your crimes. lol I can tell you for certain that there is no monster out there called "karma" recording everyone evil deeds so it could pay you back later just like there is no santa doing the same thing and considering which gifts to gift you for your behavior. Just like "good" and "bad" those are ways for society to try and force our hand into helping one another and relying on others instead of being strong for ourselves. It doesnt mean you cant help someone but at the same time you shouldnt fear some invisible persecution that will follow an act that not all may agree with. Exploitation of our guilt is such a simple matter after feeding us this crap on television and in books and games and what not(and of course through religion). Making us all emotionaly retarted and unable to make simple choices simply because we may benefit from them and instead get stuck thinking about all this unimportant stuff that at the end of the day didnt make us smarter or better or anything, has it? In the end even if someone gets somewhat hurt or unhappy with what youve done, but your happy with it... then they have no other choice but go whine about it somewhere else. All there is to it. Unless your murdering people to get some sort of twisted feeling of joy, I think your good. smile.gif

Just my opinions of course. smile.gif
There is an interference pattern
created by our actions and radiating
through time and space.

It reflects off the actions of our present, our past , and our future.
It reflects off the actions of our ancestors and descendants.

We most often sense the ripples.
Sometimes the waves.
Once in a while a tsunami.
"Bombardier it's your karma"
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