I have the ability to create Staffs and wands imbuned with certain magickal properties.

All you have to do is choose a wood, staff, or wand, and tell me primarily what it would be used for, and if you want anything burned on to the wood.

make sure to include the leagth of your item!

shiping anywhere within the mortal relm (no exceptions)

Usual price for staff $20 US add $5 for burned imiges/ sigils- name ingraving is free for up to 8 characters

(wood in the southeastern US is only about $15 US for normal wood) exotic wood - Price may vary

I also make Rings and braclets of diffrent sizes- Normal wood(Pine, Oak, Ceder,) cost about $10 US (includes burning of name and inscription of you choice)

If you want a ring or braclet with exotic wood (outside of continental US) include name of wood and price will vary.

We only accept Paypal or Pay by Cash.