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Full Version: Spells, Charms And Talismans To Battle Addiction?
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I am wondering if anyone has any spells or amulets/talismans to aid someone who is battling addiction(weed)??

Any help will be greatly appreciated i_triangle.gif

Have you tried tailoring a general uncrossing or banishing type spell for this? Breaking an addiction would be very close to removing either a curse or banishing unwanted influences. Or you can just cover all your bases and do both.

Good luck...
i have used a large crystal of amethyst to help with a friends cocaine addiction and for myself with environmental toxins.
I attuned the crystal with myself and then introduced the crystals energies into9 my friends energy patterns and then looked for differences in the energy flows. As you may have ascertained, I am NOT a healer! The crystal can be used by a healer far more efficiently! Amethyst has been the antidote for/against intoxicants for millenia! Good luck!
PS I wasn't aware that weed was addicting. Psychologically maybe but not physically (like heroin, cocaine, caffeine, morphine, alcohol, etc.)
as usual, the problem is more with the habit than the drug - the drug takes 2 days to get over, but the habit takes much longer, and all sorts of things will remind you of it - what you need is a habit breaker, and the simplest way to do that is shock therapy, followed by positive reinforcement

i used a cigarette with the filter end dipped in capsaicin oil, and waited for the habit to kick in and me to light up, especially without me thinking about it - there was much screaming but no smoking that day, but the next day after that the craving was back, and i did a piece of nicotine gum, but it didn;t fix it cause it was the habit not the drug - i wanted to light up - video games helped, but only for a little bit, and that nasty craving was still there eating at me

i used as much of the energy from the craving as i could to get things done, but it was only getting worse, and i asked around what to do - i was told that it takes a minimum of 21 days to break a habit, just as it takes a minimum of 21 days to start one, and i was instructed to go to wal-mart and buy a calendar and some gold stickers, and to put a gold star sticker every day on the calendar that i made it through without one - sounds corny and dumb, but it reaches the subconscious where the habit lives, and it seems to work well so far

magic is fine for busting the drug withdrawal and backing up the shock therapy and for reinforcement on weaknesses within the 21 days, but it just doesn't wipe the habit out with a headshot like a magic bullet, it will still be there
I agree that you should attempt a banishing spell and or use an amethyst stone which you could charge and where everyday as a talisman to help control your urges. biggrin.gif
Amythest is a Good receptive stone,good specially for healing and reducing harmful radiation and energy,as it absorbs the negative energy(placing an amythest over the T.V or Computer monitor can reduce the harmfull radiations dramatically,Good for clearing Chakras as well,some people ascociated amythest with the third eye,maybe because of the purple color.
Clearing and banishing as darkmage suggested is a good option,also Esoterica's method of capsaicin oil is intresting,using shock therapy would be a good scientific method and it gives a good results as the craving is linked with a shock (every time the addict wants to take a shot,he gets electrified).I dont know Esoterica if that what you meant or no,but this method would have a clear pavolv effect about it.
I dont have much to add here,but i think you can direct the energy of the craving against itself,that is to link your craving with kicking the habit mentally ,therefore the more craving you get the more you will be ammune to it.but this theory havent been tested,I dont use hard core drugs such as heroin or cocaine,but I use (consciousness expanding drugs) sometimes not very often,I have friends that kicked Heroin habits by means of willpower alone.

I hope you find a cure soon ,for good.
You can, even though it isn't really a talisman, make a water of gemstones. You should use the stones: malachite and red jasper. But be careful, the malachite shouldn't have contact to the water, because it may be toxic then. You can put the stone under the glass, beneath, over or in a safe package and then into the water. Then the water should be drunken with little swallows the day long.
thank you all for your replies smile.gif

i'm defo gonna try out the amethyst theory

thank you again


Skye x
Weed is not an addiction LOL it was used by witches for scrying and trance work hahaha it is a very powerful herb there are to types of marijuana sativa and indica. satvia is cerebral and good for creativity indica relaxes the body and is good for meditations or astral projection and pain relief:D

Just coz society says it wrong doesn't stop me. I dont listen to everything I'm told.
it less dangerous to your health than tobacco or alcohol and makes a great stress reliever

If your a good gardener there are many strain that have different properties when used in magic.
marijuana is a super weed imao. God made it with so many uses. Man made it illegal laugh.gif

peace out, dont stress to much dude, this post will probably be removed shortly LOL
When I quit smoking (regular tobacco, not weed), I tried & failed many times. I would often try to 'cut back' or i'd quit and then i'd have a stressful day and i'd relapse.

one time when I was 'cutting back' I didn't have any ciggies, so I asked a friend at work for one at the end of my shift. he was a nice guy generally, but he did have grumpy spells, and this was one of those times. He got me a ciggie from out in his car, but he also said "bleep bleeping bleep Kate, if you're gonna quit just bleep bleep bleeping quit, and stop bleeping around about it. bleep." (i'll leave the bleeping to your imagination)

anyway, while I smoked that cigarette, I pondered his words. was it really that simple? maybe it was.

So his words became a mantra for me. Whenever I would even for a moment think about smoking, I would repeat my coworker's phrase to myself. It was a weighty statement which was convicting and forceful in tone. I repeated it over and over to myself. I was relentless with it. The cigarette that coworker bummed me ended up being the last one I ever smoked. My friend who created my mantra for me, ironically still smokes.

so, you might try a mantra, instead of a talisman or something. It worked for me.
oh yeah stopping smoking is so simple for me. I don't buy a pack on payday. If I want one I will ask a friend. and Im usually broke so I cant afford it. usually if Ive been smoking alot like the day after a party I will feel the craving again but I dont have cigarettes so It goes away. after a couple days its completely gone again.

If I have a pack of cigarettes next to me. If I feel the craving I cant help it and Ill go and smoke. and smoke some more coz Im bored. then the next day I will need to smoke the same amount. endless cycle.

Only time I smoke is socially when Im drinking or to mix with weed. im gonna stop smoking socially and plan to get a vapor bong and I will be completely tobacco free.

Just coz I already have small amount of emphysema and I cant push it any further without having serious health problems

Kath your co-worker sounds like a lunatic. no reason to swear that much. it just waste air.
hehe, aren't all coworkers 'lunatics'?
I thought that was a rule 13.gif

anyway, the swearing added a sense of dramatic impact to the mantra, in my opinion it made it a better mantra.
I know that a drop of liquid clove under the tongue battles cigarette addiction (the type you can get at vitamin world). But, weed addiction? Can't say. I'm not sure if this remedies the tobbacco addiction, or the need to feel smoke go through your system. I suggest it, out of ambiguity and curiosity to see which may work, really.
Marijuana is not physically addictive. Psychologically yes, physically no. Tobacco usage with cannabis can synergistically enhance each other as will any of the nightshade family.
No worries about the thread being editted. I'm from the old school where you just didn't start waving flags about drug usage...especially on public forums that allow under age participation. The 'powers-that-be' take a dim view of what they consider to be drug promotion. Need I say more? Big Brother will save us all from ourselves given half the chance!

I've heard that a high vitamin C blast will bring down the effects of cannabis. They're not certain why people get the munchies after smoking. My take is that it fools the bodies Leptin cycle into thinking that it is suffering from low blood sugar...tripping your response to ingest food to make this bloodsugar surfeit cease. The vitamin C usually comes in the form of fruit or berries (sweet stuff - like OJ).But, not all cannabis reacts the same way in our systems. Some give you the ravenous munchies, others no munchies at all! (if anyone knows of a testing site, please let me know! I have a bag already packed! LOL! Amsterdam is too far for this old cripple!)

Addiction, to me, is really easy to deal with. I don't get addicted. I once smoked tobacco...I started after heartattack #1-age 32...(yes, stupid, spare me the lecture) my body said, "**@&**!!!!>?" and I stopped. period. What I did say was "I choose not to smoke today..." That continued until I didn't think of it anymore! Saying you're going to quit and then FAILING is a hard blow to your self-esteem! Who needs that? My method allows anything I beating up on yourself! Low self-esteem = FAIL! Take charge of you. Love yourself. Be Happy!

GAK! enough goodness! Makes me itch! *grin* Besides, pot is the great De-motivator! Great for a vacation but don't abuse it! btw...some pot strains have different turpene levels in them that can, amongst certain people, cause mild to severe panic attacks! I'm not sure if it is interfering with your serotonin levels. People who have strong reactions like this are best not indulging at all! Drug usage may facilitate various mental states that synch with magic use...don't end up relying on drugs to get you where you need to be! Reduce the quantity of your drug until you are using homeopathic concentrations to trigger the springboard effect when using the foreign substance that 'helps' you get to the state you want. It's a short hop from there to then just imaging or using a picture of the drug instead of actually ingesting it! Your mind is all you need! Happy Journey!
I don't wanna promote drug usage. But I find the joys of growing your own plants is magic in itself. much better than going out and doing illegal things. The process puts me in touch with nature on a huge level and I also enjoy the fruits of my labor as well and It keeps me out of trouble and saves money.

It the end of winter here so the sun is really bright I might get some veggies going as well. I got a hyrdoponic tent for all year round growing but I don't use that with the veggies
you can cook with the green stuff leaf. but hash is better and it doesn't give you such a out of it feeling and the drowsiness isn't so bad. it takes a while to kick in but it works. It does relax the body tremendously. very useful for meditation and OBE. But drinking herbal tea. I love mugwort. is just as usefull. ofcourse you don't need them but thy do help alot.

Wouldn't use any thing else rather than plain pot. not hallucinogens or chemicals. Its not natural and it is very dangerous. its like taking poison.
I have some herbs from mexicao called zacci zacatachi that help give me lucid dreams in amazing detail. I ordered some seeds from s shaman Australia botanical but I lost them somewere sad.gif

All you wiccans out there what is the most useful magic herbs I should be growing in the back yard. Im gonna be bussy this month in the garden coz of the session.
I wanna see if I can get some mugwort plants.
Like in Macrobiotic cooking/consuming, use what grows naturally around you. With my use of shamanism I have cultivated various allies from what grows/lives in my backdoor yard.
Beware using pot to form lasting bonds...but, will find out! Getting high doesn't mean that you are experiencing an OOBE! Sometimes, it's just daydreaming!
Lucky you! Spring is upon you whereas I'm on Winters doorstep! *sigh* Happy Spring to you! laugh.gif
All you wiccans out there what is the most useful magic herbs I should be growing in the back yard. Im gonna be bussy this month in the garden coz of the session.


will basically have you covered in all areas of herbal witchcraft, and these herbs are very multi-purpose. And these are easy to acquire, plus you can germinate them in egg cartons over the winter indoors. My garden reflects the types of spells I generally do, but above there is a good list. Things like ginger, cinnamon, anise, etc. can be picked up cheap at the store. You can collect roses (from the neighbors), pine, blackberries, dandelions, daisies and thistle and such as they grow everywhere. And if you know your locale, you may even be able to get bay, st. john's wort, yarrow, hemlock, poppies, kinnikinnick, willow, oakmoss, etc... that's growing wild.

As for battling the addiction, I wouldn't banish the addiction outright. I would banish its appeal, especially if the connection is psychological. Of course, now it's a waxing moon so you don't want to banish at all. A better option would be to draw something that lessens the desire for it instead, or replaces the trigger for its craving. Magickal English. wink.gif
Thanks for the great reply's everyone. That a long and complex list I don't have hardly as much But Ive got a few of these already. Fortunate I know were to find roses of every variety and lavender and lemons and things.

I know spells the require lemon and rose thorns and petals and lavender so Its great. really interesting stuff here guys. thanks very much.
Hey Demon, all of those herbs are very common and can be picked up as seedlings for about .75-.80 cents a piece... or usually a $1.29 or so as baby plants at the grocery store, if not the nearest gardening center. smile.gif
The main 'magic' for quitting any habit or addiction is being ready to quit. You have to be at the point where you really want to quit rather than because others want you to. You might want to write a list of reasons to continue on one side and reasons to quit on the other. This may clarify things in your head. Any spells, charms or talismans are just icing on the cake. Mostly it is just being ready.
Ok i might be of some good help here because i myself have done all kinds of drugs shrooms,exctacy,weed,pills,exctacy with heroin in it. So as to say i know what it is like to do all this it is not good for the body for one it cost alot and can ruin your life. If you have friends that are doing it try removing yourself from them if that is an option its not easy to do i lost a best frend this way. Another method in magic is to maybe make a sigil to try and help with breaking the addiction. Hope this helped some. i_triangle.gif
I'm going to be corny here and say the best way to quit is not to start groan.gif

Anyway, everyone has already pointed out the "it's not a physical addiction." But I am well aware that it can become a very strong mental addiction. I'll agree with the others in referring to it as "a habit." It's funny how in a thread where you're trying to kick the habit some posters have been talking it up. Marijuana can be very bad for you if you have any history of schitzophrenia in your family as it can give it that little key to open the door to let any dormant signs of the psycological disorder barge right on it. The reason it makes you feel good? It does this awesome thing where it restricts the blood vessles in your brain (hence why most get vertigo and tiredness) much in the same way alcohol does except it's worse as it goes directly to the lungs and is absorbed via the airsacs in your lungs quicker than alcohol going into your stomach as there is thicker tissue and less mass area that alcohol can wiggle into your system from whereas weed has millions of airsacs which are made of a very thin and delicate tissue.

The best way to kick the habit will be to do something visually and symbolic rather than replacing the habit with another habit.

Try mixing salt and lavender/lavender oil into some water (or lavender/lavender oil into sea water.) Grab an orange chord and cleanse it with the water, saying out loud what you want to achieve (or as Kat suggested, create a mantra for yourself might be more effective.) then let the chord dry. Once it's dry carry it around in your pocket (or some place you won't always see it. Don't use it as a bracelet or on a necklace as you will see it, which will then remind you of what it's for... which might then bring back some cravings! ) You'll soon forget you are carrying it with you, however when you feel the craving coming on and you need to gather some strength simply reach into your pocket, grab the chord and repeat your mantra or what you want to achieve.

I suggest orange chord as orange is well known to be used to revitalise and reenergise. The lavender and salt are for purification and the water is to cleanse and wash away the bad energy of the addiction in which you are consumed.

Hope I helped!
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