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This was posted on another subforum but i thought it would be appropriate here:


Ok,things have been going not well with me and my Gf,I did a ritual in june that worked for a while then everything went wrong,she left home now,and since i find it hard to emotionally detach from the matter,i request a seer to answer a question i have,If you are intrested about the ceremony
,I invoked a spirit from the goetia,
and charged a pink quartz with the spirit's energy ,
and gave the stone to her.
After this she became madly in love with me,she even moved in to live with me.after some time a month or more, (think the spell started to wear off),we had a big fight and she moved back at her family's house.

Please If you are a good seer,contact me as soon as possible.
Also i would appreciate it if someone tells me what went wrong.

Thank you

The question is :
will she move back in?
Do you see us having a child anytime soon?
QUOTE(azareth @ Aug 6 2009, 04:52 AM) *

The question is :
will she move back in?
Do you see us having a child anytime soon?

I won't serve as seer, but...

I Ching is usually VERY good at giving specific answers to these types of questions. It's very easy. Try it.

Here's one method:

Take three coins -three pennies- and toss them.

Each time you toss three coins, you will create a line, bottom to top, to a total of 6 lines.

If you get three heads, you draw a single horizontal line, "yang."

If you get three tales, you draw a dashed line, "yin."

If you get two tales and one head, draw a horizontal line.

If you get two heads and one tale, draw a dashed line.

AND, if you get three heads or three tales, that's called a moving line. Every time you get a moving line, draw a circle or X by it, and especially read the descriptions of those lines. These descriptions will often times give you the precise answer to the question at hand.

Also: look to the hexagrams that are created by changing the moving lines to their opposites.If you draw a hexagram that is yin, yin, yin, yin, yin, yang (moving line)...that would change to yin, yin, yin, yin, yin, yin, The hexagram that the original hexagram has "evolved towards" often times gives key insight into where the energy is flowing in a given situation.

Don't have an I Ching book? It's all free online:

hey man, she already loves you, just let her know why. shes not an object to be wished upon, neither are you,..even the most humble of lovers do not spend every waking moment together, sometimes you must let go, hold on, chase, run away...dont write the story i just play the part.

nice y-jing monkman!


back to the slaving over these herbs
Why would you evoke a spirit from the Goetia to intervene in such a case? hmm.gif

Without delving into the implications of calling upon these potentially very dangerous entities, I would venture that it did not work out because you are interfering with free will here. It is never a good idea to use magic to control and affect another's will without anticipating some form of repercussion. May I ask which spirit you evoked? Did you see or feel anything?

I hope it all works out for you.
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