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Full Version: Buying Tarot Cards?
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Ok so i know this probably should'nt be on here but i was looking to purchase a tarot card deck but i cant go to ebay. One is because i am only 16 and cant purchase a credit card i need to pay preferably with a money order. Does anyone know were i could get a deck with money order, check ?? help.gif
Can't you just go to bookstores/occult stores and get one?

check out Llewellyn's official website :
I'm pretty sure you can order by mail and cash.
Umm, you live in the US so Borders and Barnes and Noble are your friends. They keep their Tarot decks in sealed showcases mainly to prevent them from getting hit by the old five-finger discount thing. They have a great many decks, and while they have binders with a few representative cards from each to show off some of the art, the best thing to do is find a tarot site where you can view images of each card in the decks you're interested in, then go to the bookshop and buy it. If they don't have the one that you like both B&N and Borders do special orders. You won't have to pay until your merchandise comes in.
Cool thank you all i kinda live like an hour away from everything so i was just wondering but B&N is an option so thank you. smile.gif
Yep, B&N is always an option. So is Borders, Waldenbooks, Books A Million and most bookstores in fact. Many metaphysical shops often carry them (though not always). Some eBay sellers take MOs, and you can always talk to your parents about getting a PayPal account as well...
and there are a lot of internet sites with pictures of the cards and you could always do what we did back in the day, and that is to draw them out on blank index cards that you had to get 'for school' - there are always ways around physical limitations, and really the drawn cards being 'yours' are indeed more powerful than anything you could ever buy, plus you learn the tarot in a way you will never understand if you just buy the cards - and of course its not the pictures on the cards that have the power, it is your mind that gives them the power
That makes sense thanks esoterica i might have to try that saves mooney to and i am always happy with that. dance2.gif
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