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Full Version: Daemonic Gods And Invocation
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Who are the daemonic gods? What do they look like?

Would using the ZD sigil from OFS demonolatry and a demonic enns be safe to summon demon.
I have a lot of experience with astral projection and astral sight, relative to entities & energy. But I tend to regard all of this as 'interpretive' rather than literal.
strictly speaking, an incorporeal entity does not necessarily have a 'shape' or 'color' or anything of that sort. They may project such, or the person perceiving them may interpret them through such sensations, but in an existence such as theirs, form and place and time are much more abstract than in our physical experience of reality.

QUOTE(asimon2008 @ Dec 24 2009, 04:44 PM) *

Who are the daemonic gods? What do they look like?

There are... a lot of them lol. There are also several 'pantheons' or 'hierarchies' of Demons, so it depends on what you mean by 'who are they'. The two most well known hierarchies are the Goetia and the Dukante Demons. Personally, I work with the Goetic Demons, though not in the ways that are recommended in Goetic texts. The OFS and most of those on the forum tend to work primarily with Dukante Demons. Many Demons are Underworld entities that exist solely in the Demonic pantheons. Some can be traced back to earlier entities from different cultures if you do enough digging. Some are quite clearly cthonic, war, trickster, or adversary deities from known pantheons... for example Nergal, who is a Sumerian god of war and pestilence (and consort of Ereshkigal) is commonly considered to be a Demon. Astarte is also commonly listed as a Demon. As is Lucifer, Set, Loki, Sekhmet, Kali, Hecate etc.

As far as what they look like goes... that depends on the Demon and who they are appearing too. Just as any other deity, they generally appear to you in a way that will resonate with you. If you ask ten Demonolators what Belial looks like, you'll likely get at least six different answers. For example, Glasya-Labolas appears to me as a sleek, graceful winged dog that is something of a cross between a greyhound and a doberman. Halphas appears to me as a man in armor. Barbatos appears to me as a man in plain clothes. Sabnach appears as a gryphon... there's a lot of variation in how they appear to me. This is because, as Kath said, they don't have a physical, corporeal existence, which means that any way that they appear to us must be filtered through our own psyche in order for us to 'see' a recognisable image.

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Would using the ZD sigil from OFS demonolatry and a demonic enns be safe to summon demon.

This depends on what you mean by 'summon'. Generally, it's never 'safe' to forcibly summon a Demon. No matter how strong you think you are, you wouldn't forcibly summon Zeus or Odin or Set, would you? Forcibly summoning a Demon is likely to get you treated with hostility at the very least. They tend to treat you in a similar manner as what you treat them. If you treat them with respect and clear intentions then they'll generally do the same for you. If you slap chains on them and force them into a space and boss them around like your personal slave, then they're not likely to be very nice to you.

The ZD symbol and enns are suitable ways to call a Demon to you. Whether it's 'safe' or not depends entirely on the reason you want to do this, the way that you go about it, and the attitude that you have when you do it. The ZD symbol does have links to the Nine Divinities though, which are Dukante Demons, not Goetic, so you might find that it's not as appropriate to use when working with Demons outside of the Dukante Hierarchy. Plus the enns are mostly just for Dukante Demons obviously. If you read properly through the OFS main site or forum (or even Steph's books) you'll notice that the OFS don't advocate forcibly summoning Demons either. You'll find a mixed bag of opinions as to what the Demons even are on the forum. Just be careful too about taking what the OFS site and Steph's books say about Demonolatry as gospel... they are the most well known and accessible Demonolatry source on the internet, but they aren't the only one, and what they teach isn't the only way to do things.

Their main site does has a comprehensive list of Demons though, if you want to see some names. It's incomplete and not so great for the 'purposes' and areas of influence though (which to their credit they do say in the disclaimer at the top):

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Im going to agree with Kath entities tend to project themselves in different forms and alot of the time what you are seeing is just how you have interpretated the entitie. I have seen entitie that look like large blobs of energy and entities that are in black robes and you cant see there face as such.

So when people talk about seeing angels and demons me personally im abit unsure about the termonlogy is what you are seeing are angels/demons or are you just interpretating the entitie as an angel or demon?
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