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Full Version: 999-999-9999 Phone Call Of Death
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Received a phone call, on caller ID: Unknown Name, 999-999-9999.

I've heard of rumors about some people dying from answering this number and other varients 888-888-8888, etc.; something about a shock. Also that this was some sort of Soviet/communist weapon either overhead or in the system targetting some people from the Cold War era. I think its more of a way to hidding telephone numbers. Either ways, I don't do business with anyone whose willing to hide their name and number and usually don't pick up until I check the caller ID.

Any thoughts?
This is a number (as well as 888-888-8888 or 123-456-7890, etc.) that is being used by a person or a company that wishes to mask their real calling number. There are thousands of complaints about these calls. They occur at any time for any reason by unscrupulous people/companies that want to hide their activities. A good rule to use when getting these calls is to ignor them or block them. If you don't recognize the number then don't pick up! Curiosity will just give you frustration in this case! There is no 'supernatural' agency utilizing these numbers. This bit is nothing more than an urban myth! If you have caller ID and this number comes up, ignore it! If you can block it, do so! If you are being contacted by a legitimate business or person then they will not mask their ID! This goes for collection agencies!!! They don't have to reach you by phone...they can use the mail! Resorting to subterfuge and falsity is wrong, on ANY level! Don't play into their hands/jape! Just don't play! laugh.gif
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