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Full Version: Water Scrying
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I've researched that you can do scrying with water in a bowl or a black mirror (I've seen other tools you can scry with also) But I'm more interested in Scrying with a bowl of water.
So Im just curious if anyone has ever did Scrying with water in a bowl. If so, what kind of bowl and water did you use?
I'm asking this since, looking on the internet, some websites say to use rain water, water dyed black, or use a dark-colored bowl. And wanted to know the tools members here used for water scrying.
Use anything that you feel comfortable with....
People often advise a dark bowl as this gives a clearer 'picture' with black matrix TV'sd, a dark background does yeild a decent backdrop...but, conversely, a mirrored backdrop or a clear glass backdrop will also work! Use any water. Yes, there are many different OPINIONS about, as I said before, use what you feel most comfortable with. Setyour mood. Don't have glaring lights shining up into your face.

Enjoy! Research some of the reasons WHY water is used (as opposed to ketchup....) Though you can scry with most anything...the actual talent lies within YOU not the bowl nor the water. But don't rely on my blurb here...research, learn, PRACTICE and feel good about it! laugh.gif
Thank you bym, for the info:3
I never really thought Why water is used for scrying. I'll go start researching about it.
I actually have a creek (although it's still, unless it's windy) right by my sacred space out in the woods that I use to scry, and it works very well. I also scry in the lake when I'm on a boat ride with my granparents. boat.gif
I would have a reflective bowl with water and used black indian ink to dye the water. This is my own method though.
The water is simply the medium in which the final product is made.

You provide the task force.

It sounds cliche but it's an art form. Just like any art some people use paint and others use clay... Whatever helps them get the message across clearest.

Scrying is a lot like this. Experiment and get a feel for what works and gets the best results for you. There really is no set formula.
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