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Full Version: Creating A Get-away World
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I was wondering how to, during meditation, create a little world to escape to, like a orchard, garden etc. I have read in books about people doing this to escape stress and the world for a little while.

Thanks =D
i have a whole walled palace for myself, built over many many years, with a couple of temples, pastures, gardens, portals, etc, and every so often i open up the public sections and have parties - since 1996 on valentine's day i set up a beating, flashing heartlight in the woodsy part of the pasture for tantrics, and i have a walled spiritual retreat elsewhere on the grounds for visitors and entities that wish to hang out, have intelligent conversations and raise tolerance through communication - all of my palace is protected, isolated and enclosed by severe magick, and some very stong entities that owe me a favor are serving as guards

the sacred magic folks have a astral temple that looks like a south american pyramid! - its really nice too, and more open than my place, like on a mesa as opposed to being in a valley - it is a good place for rituals and initiations, plus it is present time where most of mine is phased out of time and that can be problem when trying to meet up with folks

here are some posts:

and then there is my 'telepathic party (oh lookie, lookie...walnuts!!!):

enjoy - hey, the search engine really works!

oh, and remember, always start out your journey there by becoming as still as possible, then begin daydreaming about it while letting your mind focus on it, and if you get disconnected by worldly crap, then just reconnect
What's often easier is creating that world in front of you instead of it being a mindscape. If I were you I'd start with a blank world: in your meditations, create a body. Make sure that you are completely invested in this body, and then from there, (you should be in first person by then), shape the garden as you would shape energy. Create anything and everything, follow prompts, follow your instincts, change it when you're not happy, create anything that emanates saftey to you.

The next step would be to anchor it in this world; take an object with you to this dream world, and bring it back; focus upon a flowerpot somewhere or something and so it's an integral part of this world, so that when you come down, there's an anchor in this world to it, that you can see. From there, try to see things similar to this object, that emanate the same energy throughout the world; simply observe it, and realize that the world around you is that very garden that you'res seeking in your mind.
Greetings GreenChase1!
I can't recall the small number of books/authors that I've read that described just this technique..

Passages - A Guide for Pilgrims of the Mind (Journey for Authenticity, Personal Integration and Self-Awareness) (Paperback)
~ Marianne S. Andersen (Author), Louis M. Savary (Author)
Passages, a probing and photographic stroll through the mind's eye, suggests that ordinary consciousness is a limited experience, a two-dimensional flatland, while the altered state of consciousness - a three-dimensional space - is, in fact, the consciousness intended for mankind. The exercises in Passages provide a natural means of mind expansion and teach you to explore at will the hidden spaces of the subconscious. Passages is a development program to evolve skills ranging from how to stop smoking, to interpersonal relations, to becoming aware of the infinite. Each exercise is illuminated by a photograph designed to push open the door to an altered state of consciousness as well as by several selections of prose and poetry which encourage you to move freely into your new energy perspectives and reservoirs of possibility.

This is a FANTASTIC book! I cannot begin to tell you just how wonderful it is! It is, sadly, out-of-print but still available thru the Amazon marketplace...
RUN & Buy it!
One of its many mental exercises is to build a 'Sanctuary' in your mind/on the astral. A safe haven and a magical workspace. You'll need to learn how to enter light-medium depth trance state and learn, strongly, the self-discipline of concentration. You will be entering the still space and build yourself a sanctuary, metaphoric brick by brick! You'll use this space to retreat to get away from lifes travails and/or perform magic on the astral plane(s). Oh! It is so worth while!!!
The book goes much further into teaching you perceptional changes and mind states that are all important in magical work! I CANNOT EMPHASIZE THIS ENOUGH!
W.E. Butler and Dion Fortune and Melita Denning also have done work with this...
anchors are more than anchors, just as beliefs are more than beliefs

it may also help to think of this physical world as 3d, which it is, and where you are building is in the 4th dimension, the astral plane

lots of people have different ideas about the 4th dimension, but you can think of it as just an extension of the 3rd dimension, just as the 3rd dimension is an extension of the 2d flatland, and there is a 5d extension to the 4th, etc

a page in a book is like a flatland, the book is made of many pages which is 3d, and there are many books on the shelf which is 4d, and many shelves which is 5d, etc - we live in this particular 3d book here, so go to the next book over, which is a nice blank journal, all waiting for your construction, and everything you build there will be available anytime as long as there is a linkage back to our book here, and the quickest way through that linkage is to daydream your way through it

you can also think of the worlds as bricks, or vacant lots, and you are building your safe and happy place in the brick next over from ours, or the vacant lot next door, but don't forget to give yourself a safe and private way into that other world next door - a door that only allows the you that is the eternal you to pass htrough it is a good start, don't just rely on a passord or secret phrase

also be aware that there are invisible people all over the place in both this world and all the other worlds - just like humans, some are good and some are bad and some a neutral and just don't care and won't even talk - by developing that other body, and you can make it anything, it doesn't have to look exactly like the physical you that's here now, you can meet and get to know and even hang out with these others

some even say that the worlds aren't really separated, but exist together, at the same time, like built on top of one other, no more different in location than a house in a city in a state - coaxially - only humans divide things up into here and there, not nature, and all these worlds are totally natural and have been there as long as this one we can see has

some of this may be too advanced for you, but take what you can and maybe somebody else will get something out of it - above all else, enjoy! - if this physical world get too much (especially starts to get to you once you are out of it) just try to remember that we are only here in the physical to get experience and level up so we can better handle our real existence

Pay attention!

I call my place 'Sanctuary' but you must do as you do. YOU are in charge of this place....only YOU!
Hugs! Listen to Es.
Thank you everyone for the great advice! When I finally get a chance to relax I would like to begin to work on it =D Spring cleaning and yard work gotta hate it =p
Ethereal Sight
QUOTE(GreenChase1 @ Apr 18 2010, 10:58 PM) *

I was wondering how to, during meditation, create a little world to escape to, like a orchard, garden etc. I have read in books about people doing this to escape stress and the world for a little while.

Thanks =D

Go onto iTunes and look up "the Meditation Podcast" and download episode seven, your Sacred Space. I tend to follow the directions until it leads me to this "sacred space" and then do my own thing. That's my two cents. I have created many different getaway spaces over the years, however, usually based off of a television show or video game I'm watching (cut me some slack, I've been 14 or less my whole life) - right now it's a green wilderness full of strange wildlife similar to Gran Pulse from Final Fantasy XIII (although I invented this one before getting the game).
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