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Full Version: The Aura Of The Moon
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Has anyone ever noticed that the aura of the moon is very bright and vivid blue why is this aura so easy to see vs human aura? I sat outside for like 20 minutes just staring at it its breathtaking i was just curious why it is that the moons aura is so much brighter than humans or plants animals etc. any thoughts? Nature is astounding i have been still training to see auras after almost a year i have come pretty far in this but i have always noticed the moon is the easiset aura to spot.
mmmmm, she does have a lovely aura doesn't she, and look at those power waves coming off her lamp!

less taste, more filling lololol

edit: - here's an excerpt from 'katie and the cosmic signal' for those that haven't been assaulted with it in awhile

"She resettled herself into the big chair, put her feet up and relaxed to the waves of sound mixing with waves of water and wind and blowing sand.
As she slipped into a light sleep, she realized the sound was out of phase with the visual, then the sound took on a buzzing quality and her eyes closed, her breathing became slow, the long indraw with a fast exhale that purged her lungs of carbon dioxide and facilitated the body’s recovery and rebuilding processes.
She dreamed.
There was someone with black hair in a white robe, it was a girl, young, no, it was a fun-loving middle-aged woman with golden-red-blond-hair and a bright white smile, she was both at the same time, the double-woman beckoned with her finger and Katie flew to her over the tops of the waves, she could feel the spray on her feet.
The double-woman held up her hand and in her palm was a picture, and it changed over time like a slide show, except there was no sound.
The pictures were extraordinarily clear and precise, but they had no meaning, still, Katie looked anyway as it seemed that that was what the double-woman wished her to do.
There was a old oil lamp like a gravy boat with the wick coming out of the spout, and a young blond-haired boy who turned a small stick over and over in smoke rising from a very tiny fire.
Beneath her bare feet in the ocean (she herself was wearing a robe, but her’s was brown and green intermingled), there was a flash and everything went black for a moment, then Katie awoke in her big chair."
Yes she does very delightful and calming.

I enjoyed the story smile.gif it was interesting i heard of a story somewhat like this but it was in an astral projection book i was reading lol.
yeah my stuff gets ripped off all the time
Lol I hear ya thats why i choose to never share any of my poetry over the internet unless with those i trust to read it smile.gif.
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