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Full Version: Islamic Taweez/talismans Needed
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Hi there, i only joined this site 2day

i was wondering if any1 had some information on Islamic taweez/talismans/magic square

i found a site

but i cant get on to the talismans for the info on how to use them and i have tried contacting the site but no reply

if any1 could help me i would be really greatful, im really looking for a nice collection of magic talismans/spells used within islam with instructions in english

IPB Image

it requires a payment - just nut up and pay up - why does everybody want work done for free?

if you asked a carpenter to build you a table, you'd pay for that, right?

in my world, ripping off the material makes it lose its maat, and you yours
Scroll Back Up Lady,

Where did i say i want it for free???!!!!! i have paid

what i said is that i neeed info On How To USE THEM, read things before u post comments!
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